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Koree (Chapter 29) - Thu 29 Mar 2018

Loveeeeeeee this story , can't wait for a update

Dryft (Chapter 29) - Thu 22 Mar 2018

this story is simply fascinating and a fresh take on how Kagome achieves a form of prolonged life! I can't wait for more! You're writing style is also captivating :)

Saphira17 (Chapter 29) - Sun 18 Mar 2018

Wow! This is definitely a twist I did not see coming! Soooo cool.  Patienty awaiting the next chapters & to see where you take Sesshoumaru & Kagome next

drowningsparrow (Chapter 29) - Sat 03 Mar 2018

"WOW… I am just speechless 


I don't know what to say…

It's toooooo good for words


And your story is addicting


I can' wait to read the next chapter 


I love your Sesshoumaru and Kagome

I like how you make him so Him. He knows what he wants and he goes for it without holding back. I like how at first he tells himself he should not feel for a human but he stayed true to himself and went to her anyways. There was no long dragged out/battling with himself on whatever his feeling may be regarding Kagome. Finally, a fic that stayed away from that tiring angst that usually leads me disliking Sesshoumaru on his treatment of Kagome just because he is too coward to accept his feelings. He is definitely not prejudice at all and to me, this makes him a great ruler, a proud and true leader for his people.

In the beginning, I wasn't sure of Kagome. I was scared she was going to be annoying and ungrateful. Sesshoumaru allowed her to follow him for her safety. So it wasn't necessarily his obligation to tell her where he was going. But I realized I shouldn't be too hard on her. She is' hurt, tired, lost her family, and her Inuyasha. I am glad I did. Because your Kagome was splendid. She had her pain but she was able to handle it well and continue to open her heart and her mind to Sesshoumaru. She can be childish but even with that. I find Kagome is quite mature.

I love their interactions with one another and there trust in one another. "A love that transcends time"



SammyJams (Chapter 29) - Thu 01 Mar 2018

I gobbled this story up! Amazingly written! Can’t wait for more!

Eris (Chapter 29) - Thu 01 Mar 2018

I love the twist!  Excellent chapters, I can not wait for the next update! 

Nilee1 (Chapter 29) - Thu 01 Mar 2018

great chapter

Nilee1 (Chapter 29) - Thu 01 Mar 2018

graet chapter

KyraTekak (Chapter 29) - Wed 28 Feb 2018

Love the story 

Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 28) - Fri 19 Jan 2018

OMG!!! That was one amazing chiffie. What going to happen next?? Please update soon ps loved that kagome won and the hellhound got what she deserved 

Kanda (Chapter 28) - Mon 18 Dec 2017

well, shit. kagome became a hellhound? i actually didn’t see THAT coming. XD i mean, i’m assuming. so like, her reiki combined with the hellhound’s? i can’t wait fer sess’ reaction to that. you simply must come back and update with the next chapter! i came to the end of this one and  was getting ready to tap the. arrow button but sai “dammit!” when it wasn’t there! can’t wait! ^^

also, you write marvelously!

maria (Chapter 28) - Sun 26 Nov 2017

Howled as in cry??? Or as in shewolf....where are you going with this...I need more chapters!!*

Natalia (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Nov 2017

Well it seems like I lost a paragraph or I didn't understand what happened.  What power?  How and why did kagome change?  There was no trigger no? So why? 


Other than that I am glad kagome won!

Anonymous (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Nov 2017

I am glad the witch Is dead, but I must admit I am confused!  What maw? Did kagome change somehow and why? And I am sure youkai do no not know what a train is and as such a train wreck so that description doesn't work there! The last part of the chapter. Just a observation! 

I enjoyed the update thank you! 

critique (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Nov 2017

Oh, cliff hanger! What made kagome kagome power release when it was subdued. It's like I missed an important scene. What is the orange power?! What happened to kagome?! That was great. Keep up the good work.


Annie (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Nov 2017

Awesome fight scene.  Kagome is truly powerful. Hassuru got exactly what she deserved.

Please update soon.

SonataSongbird (Chapter 28) - Fri 24 Nov 2017

Whoa, what?!?!? I did not see that coming. O . O

Alesia (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Nov 2017

Love this must have more

Alesia (Chapter 27) - Mon 20 Nov 2017

I hope there's more please please let there be more

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 27) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

Noooooo hurry please 

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