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Ashley Brown (Chapter 2) - Tue 26 Apr 2011

You story line is a little choppy. Try evening it out a bit.

amy (Chapter 4) - Wed 30 Mar 2011


Rodneya (Chapter 3) - Sat 04 Dec 2010

finish the story pleeeease!!!!! i really love it!!!!

jojo661538 (Chapter 2) - Mon 22 Nov 2010

its a good story keep up the good work ^_^

Kagome~Tashio (Chapter 3) - Mon 25 Oct 2010

well, Ayame is usually nice, so for a change, you could do her..

MomoiroOhiOni (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

I am liking to flow of the storeh so far! ;] i think the main beyotch should be kikyo cuz i dont like her and that's reason enough :D

b17(h (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Oct 2010


Sandreline Moon (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

Ok, these chapters need to be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY longer!!!  I want to know what happens! Come on, come on - update!


Ally (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

Make it Kagura, dammit! I hate Kikyo too, but Kagura definitely fits the role better, because she likes him in the anime.

Kukuro-kunami (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Oct 2010

Great story!

And as for the "beotch", I choose Kagura. Well, Ayame isn't THAT bad, and Kikyo has Inuyasha, right? ;]

Update soon! I really want to continue reading this ^^

inukumaru (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

in real life....kikyo and kagura should be pitied. i think ayame should be the stuck up, kikyo the beauty queen, kagura the girl whoms father abuses her. kikyo should also be cheer captain who is vain. ayame is bitch because she wants sesshomaru for herself. in told i look like kikyo so i would hate for her to be the bitch if you dont mind. love the story keep writing.

Black Light Brightness (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

Kikyou. I don't hate her but the similarity in looks give SO many plot options and room to manover. Kagura would be my second choice because of her and Sesshomaru's chemistry in the series. Ayame last because her character just doesn't fit as bitchy to me.

Haltia (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

Hmmm, can't wait to read the next installment.

And as for the biach, why not be unique? Make Kikyo a good girl for once, and use... say, for example, Kaguya (from the IY movie: Castle beyond the looking glass, I think). Or if it has to be one of those three, Kagura.

Katavia (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

Kikyo as the biggest beotch... And I love your story........

Lisa (Chapter 3) - Sun 17 Oct 2010

ooh haha sess getting down to business kewl! please update ! kikyo should be the beezy kagura and ayame can be neutral

jojo661538 (Chapter 2) - Fri 15 Oct 2010

i wouldnt be able to say they are both bitches how about having them both be rival head bitches or something like that any ways keep up the great work i hope to read more soon ^_^

Lisa (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Oct 2010

kikyo should be the bitch always has and always will be kagura will be good backup for kags shes got a pretty mouth w/ lots of ailor language and shes vicious too fite fire with fire!!

flitterbugz (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Oct 2010

yay!! ive been waiting on you to update forever!!! i love your fanfic so far, please write more soon!! o and i think kikyo should be the bitch maby kagura could be like friend/aquaintance to kagome? i know she  and kagome didnt really interact much in the anime and when they did kagura wasn that fond of her but i think kagura and kagome would get along pretty good. even if kaguras still a bitch i think it would be 1 of the think kagome found amusing about her. not like the annoying hateful bitch i think kikyo id but like a funny hide-my-feelings kinda bitch. i probably sound confusing but you know what im tryin o say right?

p.s.~ the way you wrote sesshy was freakin awsome! so funny when he got to the school ,i loved it

Darkanjel (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Oct 2010

I think maybe Kagura :)

Your FanFic is great by the wayyyy :D

kogazgirl29 (Chapter 2) - Tue 12 Oct 2010

boy kagome was scared! lol great job i cant wait till the next chapter

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