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Of Nerds and BarStools by Person

The Cheerleading Exception

            Sesshomaru gazed slight hungrily as the woman danced. Her hips swaying to the beat, and skirt riding ever so slowly. She had no idea he watched her. For he didn’t know her name. Who she is, or what she looks underneath those clothes. But letting his façade drop a tiny bit, he sniffed the air. Eye lids slowly closing, and mouth lightly parting. Looking as if he just needed a breather. But instantly found her delectable rainstorm, and apple cider smell. A tantalizing treat to the nostrils. Opening his amber orbs again, Sesshomaru found the woman of his soon to be fantasies, gone. Leaving him with only the smell. And now vague picture of her in his mind.

     Heartbeat slightly erratic, he slowly descended to the door. This club had been a new one to visit. And he was glad it was here. The bar only served fruit drinks, soda, and virgin martinis. Yes, he was only seventeen. A mere infant in demon years. But almost a man in human. Teen clubs were the hottest thing in Tokyo . Especially to men like Seshomaru.

           He left the club. Demon and Angel, to wander the streets. Hoping to find the woman who has now been on his mind for at least an hour. A feat in itself. Especially with humans. Their use was only good for at least fifteen minutes, twenty max. But something about the way she moved, her flow, her style. It had drawn Seshomaru better than metal, to a magnet. And he wanted to know why.


     Kagome sighed as she left the club. Slightly glad that her fun had to finish. She did have school tomorrow. And it wouldn’t do good to fall asleep in classes. Especially when you are 16, and a senior. Always made fun of because she was smarter. But never actually got out of regular classes till high school.

           Sighing dejectedly, Kagome made her way back to the shrine. Her club nights were always the best. Especially when she got a good grade on a test. You see where I am going, Kagome goes to the club almost every weekend. Except today was an exception, the cheerleader exception. Being 16, she is a teenage girl. And like most, wanted to try out for varsity. But her hopes were crashed when the captain stated she was to young. But when she was departing, distinctively heard, “She looks too much like Kikyo, she’d kill us to let her on!!!”

        And so was the end of her cheerleading days. And the beginning to her outcast ones.


Looking around, Seshomaru gazed heatedly at the door in front of him. Catching small wisps of the tantalizing scent from last night. ‘no’  he thought, ‘of all the places she could be…why HERE?’  

         Four days ago, Seshomaru found himself packing up the last of his belongings. Finally fed up with the way his house worked. If something bad happened, Sesshomaru did it. If he got a good grade, Seshomaru cheated. If he brought a girlfriend home, they were called sluts. All by his half-brother with only half his wits. Sad really. But being 17, Sesshomaru decided that enough is enough.  

        Letting his eyes fall onto the departing van, Sesshomaru took one last look at his house. Seeing his father’s gold eyes meet his own amber ones. The gold ones filled with much sorrow, and slight pride waning through.

Wiping the slight memories away, Seshomaru hastily tried to listen to the instructor introducing him.

“-please make him feel welcome. Now who would like to be his guide?” The teacher, Mrs. Sato, asked the class. Most of the girls’ hands rose in an instant. Except the one he desperately wished did.  

     The girl, her scent proved it was the same person. Who was the reason he awoke with a ‘hard’ morning. Sesshomaru found himself gaining flashes of her movements from the night before.

        Unbeknownst to him, his amber eyes, started to darken. Without his awake knowledge, Seshomaru went forth to the girl at the very back of the room. Picked up the boy that sat next to her by the scruff of his neck, and threw the items on the desk aside. Turning towards the slightly frightened teacher, Sesshomaru looked straight at her, and stated in the most bone chilling voice not even Jack Frost could muster up.

       “I select this one as my guide.” Firmly and proudly stated.


Kagome froze in her spot. This man that had just started no less than ten minutes ago, was already making a fuss. Slightly jerking her head at the start, Kagome rose very slightly just to meet her azure eyes, to his striking amber.


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