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Rowdys girl (Chapter 7) - Sat 03 Jul 2010

Love it too much, can't stop laughing! Kagome's dad a game show host?????

Rowdys girl (Chapter 6) - Wed 23 Jun 2010

I've loved all the chapters so far, but this one is especially good. I think you caught the real Sesshoumaru in the last paragraph: "The real reason behind his foray into thievery had been more to do with his conviction that he was superior to any human; he’d stolen their treasures and left them elsewhere, in plain sight. A slap in the face. I could’ve, but I didn’t."


Rowdys girl (Chapter 3) - Sat 12 Jun 2010
Oh, how sweet! I am enjoying this story very much. There was one small thing: there was another way out that [lead] led back into the main building,

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 2) - Wed 02 Jun 2010

my what a snarky gardener!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 1) - Wed 02 Jun 2010

>:3 amusement♥ go gardening Sess! i can so see that:

Papa: sess we feel that you kill too much, you need a hobby

Sessmomma: painting?

Papa: no he'll paint bloodNgore

Sessmomma: Hunting?

Papa: no onna! thats just more killing!

Sessmomma: >:l well what then you big fart!

Sesshomaru: -_- *mentally plots paretns death*

Papa: ! I've got it!

Sesshmomma: What?

Papa: Gardening!

Sessmomma: 0o0o0o0o0o

Sesshomaru: *mentally steps of plotting to next level*Glares*

Kukuro (Chapter 2) - Mon 31 May 2010

lol, that was rude XD he didn't even say thanks.

ANyway, continue please!^^


~kukuro [not signed in, lolz]

Hoshi Phoenix (Chapter 1) - Sat 29 May 2010

Wonderful one-shot Aimee! I can so picture Sess as a gardner! Great job! :)

Kukuro-kunami (Chapter 1) - Sat 29 May 2010

It's awesome. ^^ Pweez continue!

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