MoxyMikki (Chapter 4) - Fri 19 Nov 2010

The first was my fave. LOL I love Sesshomaru in undignified doggy moments. Its ironic that they have his personality meshed with an INU. I think of him more like a cat... aloof, beautiful but a little scarey to touch (i.e. claws!) anyways - that was just precious. And I liked that 2 and 3 kinda tied in with eachother... I dont know if it was on purpose because it was so subtle, but I thought it was kinda cute that in each one they had to "make due" Although 2 made me think.... are fish amphibians? Its not something I ever thought about before, but they ARE cold blooded so it makes sense. Weird how I should have known that, but until you brought it up I was like "huh...." makes you think. Great job on these. I enjoyed reading them.

Hairann (Chapter 7) - Thu 18 Nov 2010

Very interesting drabbles and I think Lima Beans is my favorte one :).  Gotta love how Sesshoumaru also gives his veggies to his son :).

A word of advice though, space out your words...Oh my god should be spelled like that.  If you really want to do more 'hip' and still equally annoying, you can have the character spell it out..O M G.  But when trying to read something, seeing 'OhmiGod' is not only a turn off for a lot of readers, basically anyone who isn't currently a teen or younger, but it also hurts your eyes to read words smushed like that.  It takes away from the otherwise great drabbles you wrote.

Miss Anna (Chapter 1) - Wed 17 Nov 2010

I agree...I am glad that you didn't stick to the 100 word count for these drabbles!
I have to say that my two favorites were fleas and Wombat, though I really liked the other ones I especially like the titles of the chapters since they fit the drabbles so well. Good job and keep up the good writing!


Ikaru (Chapter 7) - Tue 16 Nov 2010

These were really well done, and I'm glad you didn't stick to the limits of the drabbles 100 words...sometimes you need a little extra to tie everything together, and that is just what you did, very well I might add. Very well done! I'll be looking foreward to more of your work in the future!

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