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D/D Throwdown! by Sp@ceMonkey


Thump thump…

The Inu-tachi fumbled for weapons in the dark as the ground shook. “Whats wrong?” Kagome whispered, pulling Shippo to her.

"Should Sesshomaru-sama not have already heard the disturbance?” Miroku reasoned, glancing around their campsite, suspiciously empty of their impromptu traveling companion.

It was quickly discovered that the thumps were coming from the cold taiyoukai’s small campsite.

“Maybe he’s fighting already…” Sango started to reason as they entered the smaller clearing.

The whole band stopped dead at the sight that greeted them; the huge silver form of InuYasha half-brother, head tilted, scratching with one huge back paw.


Thump thump…


100 words exactly. :)


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