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the calling (Chapter 5) - Sun 14 Feb 2016


satuross (Chapter 43) - Sun 29 Sep 2013

thanks for the meal! heh

kimchi759 (Chapter 40) - Sat 02 Mar 2013
I'm terribly sick right now and hating life as I feel it, but this is making my sleepless night so much better. C: Giggling like a madwoman over here.

Alejandra (Chapter 43) - Wed 12 Sep 2012


Monica-Ioana (Chapter 22) - Tue 08 May 2012

Oh My God!!! LOL the last line was priceless!!!! i couldn't stop loughing for about 15 minutes!!!! =))

Kimiko Sakaki (Chapter 37) - Tue 13 Sep 2011

AAAHAHHAHAHA!! she's scared now.

Wolfye P (Chapter 43) - Wed 15 Sep 2010

oh squeee!!!  what a wonderfully happy ending!  i loved this drabble series.  the perfect kind of stuff to make u all warm and fuzzy inside.  grats to you!

Yohko (Chapter 43) - Wed 15 Sep 2010


MissTeak (Chapter 43) - Wed 15 Sep 2010

OMG new drabble series?? So soon??? YOU ARE EFFICIENT. *bounces in excitement* I cannot wait!! XD

Awww. The last installment of Polarity totally gave me the fuzzies, darling!! Soooo adorable, I liked the last part best! The part where he used to despise all humans, and she used to despise him. Beautiful~

MissTeak (Chapter 42) - Wed 15 Sep 2010

Uwaaaa~ I'd miss Polarity soooooo much, darling!!! :( But okay, let's see...chapter 42 was as sweet as a drabble can get!! I absolutely adored the way you described everything, from Kagome's bashfulness and uncertainty to the subtle references as to what was going on between the two. How sweet!! XD

MissTeak (Chapter 41) - Sun 12 Sep 2010

Ahhh~ The sweetness of a first kiss! The way you've described it totally gave me the tingles, my dear! Sesshoumaru can be sooooo sentimental~ *goes into fangasms*

Velvet Sometimes (Chapter 41) - Sat 11 Sep 2010

I love this! i cant wait for the next one!

Azhwi (Chapter 41) - Sat 11 Sep 2010

Oh... That's sweet.

I'd like my first kiss to be like that. 

I really like how the story is going. Well done!

MissTeak (Chapter 40) - Wed 01 Sep 2010

LOL!! Oh dear, poor Miroku! To get threatened by Lord Fluff in such a manner is not fun in the least...I believe we can expect excellent, TOP-NOTCH behavior from Miroku for a long time to come!! XD

KitKat (Chapter 40) - Wed 01 Sep 2010


SilentlyFuming (Chapter 40) - Tue 31 Aug 2010

lol, Miroku's fumbling was funny to read  *^_^*

Black Light Brightness (Chapter 39) - Sun 29 Aug 2010

i love how sesshomaru HAS to have that last word! ^_^ 

Fluffy Lady (Chapter 39) - Sun 29 Aug 2010

XD I was cackling all throughout that one. It was adorable! And I was laughing throughout the entire series! I just love this. Yuppers.

EagleFeathersInMyHair (Chapter 39) - Sun 29 Aug 2010

Haha! Kagome and her dirty mind! Another very cute chapter:) But I don't know why she decided not to grope Sesshoumaru's gorgeous bottom. Seems like good enough of a plan to me! LOL, I can't wait for more:)

MissTeak (Chapter 39) - Sun 29 Aug 2010

LOL OMG the last part totally caught me by surprise!! Whoever knew he would be standing there behind them and pop up of nowhere like some spirit!!!?? Sesshoumaru, gosh, you never fail to surprise!!

And yes, Miroku, if I were you, I'd totally listen to Kagome. Nice one, Maddie dear!! They are definitely making progress, and I can't wait to see Kagome flirt with him for real. XD

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