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Polarity by Madison


A/N: This isn't inspired by a theme or word; it's just to set up the story.

Sesshomaru, Rin and Jaken had joined their group a little over a week ago, and things had become quite interesting, if she could label it that way.

Since they were going to travel together, and Kagome would have to return home from time to time, she decided to be honest with them, and shared her origin with the Dayoukai.

To her surprise, he hadn't been shocked, perhaps because it explained a lot of her strange behavior, and clothes.

At fist, after the exchange nothing much had been said about the future until one particular day. Kagome had brought her mp3 player with her, and obviously, it had attracted his attention.

Sesshomaru had begun asking questions about not only the future, but also every little object in her bag. At the beginning, she did not mind, since she had done the same with Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Inuyasha, but after a while, it had been overwhelming.

Kagome decided to come up with a little concept that perhaps would not only entertain him, but also keep him from suffocating her.

She had nothing against Sesshomaru, but the intimacy he was created by talking to her was unnaturally unnatural.

Why the sudden interest?


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Rating: K

Word Count: 200 words


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