Hairann (Chapter 1) - Fri 01 Oct 2010

I love this drabble, especially the last line.  My only complaint was that too many sentences started with she, it interupted your flow a bit, but other than that it was great :).

Nisou Tenshi (Chapter 1) - Thu 30 Sep 2010

I really loved the symbolism you used with this. It put a whole other layer of depth to it. I wish wasn't a drabble because I want to see what is motivating Kagome's feelings and whatnot. I realise though that this was a response to challenge, too, so I understand. I'm just curious reader. I also loved Kagome's inner conflict because it just made it that more believable. Great job! ;)

Ikaru (Chapter 1) - Wed 29 Sep 2010

Short and sweet and very well written, and I loved the closing line and the message it conveyed. Well done, and keep up the good work!

Dragoness (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 Sep 2010

Short but sweet.  The only thing I would have liked was more details.  What warnings was she given? By whom? Is she now stuck in the past? It was a very nice story but it felt a little unfinished. 

Miss Anna (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Sep 2010

Good job if I do say so myself!
You stuck to the prompt and I would say just through it under General lol it's always my fallback if I don't know what to truly put as the genre lol. Hope to see more!

MoxyMikki (Chapter 1) - Sat 25 Sep 2010

I always appreciate a story/onshot/drabble that shows Kagome as something OTHER than perfect. Seeing her struggle to do something SELFISH for herself, even as simple as bringing herself happiness by staying with her feudal family brings an appreciated depth to her character. I thought your use of the prompt was very clever as it was also a double entendre, when you talked about the "fabric of time" being torn. And her need to learn to "sew" as in the feudal era she'll indeed need to learn to sew to survive, but also to repair the "fabric of time." Very clever!

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