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Breaking the Rules by SunsetMiko

Breaking the Rules

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Inuyasha & co. belong to the illustrious Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not profit from these fics.

Written for LJ’s Iy_Fanfiction challenge community

Word Count: 250
Prompt: Fabric
Genre: General, Drama…? I suck at genre selection.
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Summary: Sometimes warnings just can’t be heeded.

She’d been warned what could happen if she stayed in the past. She’d been warned and she listened… or at least she tried. She tried to stay in her own time. She tried to leave them all behind once their quest ended; saying goodbye the hardest thing she’d ever done. She tried to heed the warnings but found the task impossible.

She couldn’t stay away. Each and every one of them held a part of her heart and without them her chest was empty, hollow. She couldn’t live without them and eventually she gave in and went back.

She would miss her time, the modern conveniences of indoor plumbing and air conditioning to name just a few. She would miss her family but they understood that she no longer belonged with them, not if she wasn’t happy.

Yes, she’d been warned that bad things could happen. Yes, every single day she wondered if she was being selfish to disregard them. Yes, she worried about the consequences of her actions.

She was supposed to complete her duty as the Shikon Miko and then go home as if all her time in the past had never happened. The depth of her heart and the strength of the bonds she formed were something the Kamis hadn’t planned for. Her continued presence in a time five hundred years before she was even born was breaking the rules.

So she was risking tearing the fabric of time. She would just have to learn to sew.


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