Reviews for Fluffy Sins by Aimee Blue

swift death (Chapter 8) - Tue 19 Apr 2011

wow, i wonder who will win that round :) that was just flat out funny! the library is no place to laugh. great story by the way, i just hope kagome gets the baby girl she want, after all she could just try, try, and try again :)

winggoddess (Chapter 8) - Thu 23 Dec 2010

Too cute!

Ruriame (Chapter 8) - Sun 14 Feb 2010

You always seem to put interesting turns on things I don't expect. In respect to the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge, this type of story was not what I expected, but in a good way. It was a nice fun little read. I enjoyed the atmosphere :)

Rowdys girl (Chapter 7) - Sat 30 Jan 2010

These are all so cute and funny! I really enjoyed them.

autumngold (Chapter 6) - Sat 09 Jan 2010

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of Kagome and Sesshoumaru's life together.  I just wonder if Kagome will kill Sesshoumaru if there new baby ends up being a boy.  Such a fun read, hope you post more soon!

Jess (Chapter 5) - Thu 31 Dec 2009

Mwhaha >:) Love them so far! I can't wait for lust :P

Jess (Chapter 1) - Wed 30 Dec 2009

Lol funny!

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