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Fluffy Sins by Aimee Blue



“Inuyasha” Kagome snapped her fingers in front of her brother-in-law's face to make him pay attention to her, for once.

He shooed her hands from his face and re-focused his attention on the television.

She growled at him and placed her hands on her hips; he paid her no mind and continued to stare mindlessly at the television.

“Inuyasha!” she kicked his arm which was dangling off the side of the sofa he was currently sprawled across.

“What, wench?” he muttered, still gazing avidly at the television

“I wanted to ask you if you were still able to look after the twins tonight whilst Sesshoumaru and I go out.”

“Why do you need me?” he grumbled as he absentmindedly swigged some more beer

“Because Sango isn’t available tonight and you never see them. You’re their uncle for pities sake the least you could do is get off your lazy but to see them sometimes,” she ranted as she ran a hand through her ebony tresses in exasperation.

“Keh,” he said, waving as he flicked to a different channel using the remote control.

“Is that a yes or a no?” she asked tapping her foot in irritation and wincing when it stuck to the carpet. She didn’t want to know.

“Whatever.” He waved a hand.

“Very well.” She threw some rubber gloves at him. “You clean up in here and I’ll clean the kitchen, I’d rather my children didn’t come home with diseases.”

He gave her no answer, but she hadn’t been expecting him to.

Three hours of slaving away tirelessly later Kagome had scrubbed, vacuumed, polished and dusted the flat into some semblance of order. She would let her children stay here, it no longer looked like a contaminated Petri dish disguised as a flat.

She walked into the front room and nearly fainted. The Hanyou had barely moved, even then he had only moved to change the television channel.

“I told you to clean!” she barked.

He made a noise of derision and turned the sound up. She screeched and threw her hands into the air; she would have to do it. She would be damned if her children had to squander in filth and there was no other option this late.


Sesshoumaru shut his laptop as his wife walked into their bedroom and began to shed her clothes and fling them, with much more venom than was strictly necessary, into the clothing basket.

“What happened?” he asked as he watched her naked form prowl toward the bathroom

“Your brother is the worst!” she yelled, “he lives in a pig sty!”

“Half brother,” he corrected mildly. A second later he was wearing her bra on his head as she flounced into the bathroom in a rage. It would seem she didn’t want to be corrected on this night.

She came out of her shower in a better mood than when she had gone inside, and for this Sesshoumaru was extremely grateful. She crawled onto the bed behind him and wrapped an arm around his shoulder before leaning her chin on his shoulder.

“I think that if we leave our children with him they might die,” she muttered.

“Then he would die soon after,” he murmured, dropping a kiss on her cheek, “it will be fine.”


Kagome put her sons down in the living room of their uncle. If there was one good thing about Inuyasha’s laziness it was that he hadn’t moved since she’d cleaned, so everything had remained clean.

“Akihiro, Kai, I want you to be good while we go out tonight okay?” she said as she tussled a head of silver hair in each hand.

The boys were nearly five and a force to be reckoned with if they ever got angry or frustrated. Generally nice children, they were still prone to fits of childish temper tantrums every once in a while.

A pair of blue eyes and a pair of gold ones observed her for a moment before the twins nodded their head in agreement.

“Now I want you to listen to your—” she had been about to tell them to listen to Inuyasha, but he was now calling Sesshoumaru an asshole so she was forced to reconsider. “Okay, just make sure you try to ignore him as much as is possible” she corrected herself



“Good babies” se coddled as she hugged them both tightly

“Let’s leave, Kagome.” Sesshoumaru took her arm and patted both sons on the head. “The Hanyou has been warned.”

Kai and Akihiro watched their parents leave and smiled identical evil smiles.


Kagome and Sesshoumaru opened the door to Inuyasha’s house many hours later and stiffened.

“It’s silent,” Kagome muttered darkly, glancing round jumpily, “that’s not natural.”

“Hn,” Sesshoumaru agreed as they cautiously approached the living room.

Once inside however the parents were stunned into silence.

Then it started. It started softly at first until Kagome was clinging onto his arm and laughing so hard tears were falling down her face.

It appeared as though Inuyasha had fallen asleep and the children, bless them, had decided to give him a make over using whipped cream, salad cream, tomato ketchup and possibly honey.

Sesshoumaru smirked “Sloth is a sin dear brother, my children exacted a punishment to befit that sin.” and then he chuckled. Some days his twins were truly brilliant.

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