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Kagome-Miko-207 (Chapter 9) - Sun 18 Apr 2010

this chapter was definitely interesting. Cant wait for more. I love her kitty form.. XD

A little miffed chapters are getting short but i love them nonetheless.

Kagome-Miko-207 (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Apr 2010

I squeled like a little girl when i read this chapter. It was so adorable.

Kagome-Miko-207 (Chapter 6) - Sun 18 Apr 2010

lol this story is too cute. kagomes plight seems hopeless i hope she has better luck next time.

GreyEcho (Chapter 9) - Sun 18 Apr 2010

XD Yay, she might be able to use them after all. I like how they were her protective wall.

Oh, BTW, 'The Mighty Hunter' was extrememly funny.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 9) - Sat 17 Apr 2010

Wonderful tale, a delight for any cat lover. Kagome makes a darling little kitten!

Lexie (Chapter 9) - Sat 17 Apr 2010

awesome! im lovin this story!!

please update!!

Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

very very cute chapter. i LOVED how kagome was trying to talk to sesshomaru through charades could not stop laughing at that

Hesunohana (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

well, I think it's a very good beginning. when will you update ?

Lexie (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

im lovin it!

please update!

GreyEcho (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

Aww! Poor kagome. That was cute though. The picture of her flailing about had me laughing. At least he is kinda on the right track.

Quiet Whisper (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

awe poor Kagome... and Sesshy obviously isn't getting it *sigh* I hope she figures something out soon! Awesome job as always!

majs007 (Chapter 6) - Thu 15 Apr 2010

Wonderful! Just wonderful! I love how you didn't automatically assume that Sesshoumaru autimatically can understand 'feline' (or any other animal other than canine) language, causing Kagome's predicament even more inconvenienced for her! And the fact that you didn't autimatically make her still smell like herself was also a big plus since it make the story much less predicable than before I started reading it (Uh... sort of when I initially assumed that Sesshoumaru would of course understand her and smell her... It was a pleasant surprise that you didn't follow this path).

I am truly looking forward to more chapters and more frustration (and more comical expressions) from Kagome, in her attemps to make her predicament known!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

Wonderful and funny too! This story just gets better with each chapter! I look forward to the next.

Calophi (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

She needs to find some dust to write her name in. :)

Snowfall (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

Possessed!  LOL  That was great.  I think that the only way she'll get through to him is by flairing her powers...strongly!  Just wait until Rin gets into trouble again.  Little sweetheart seems to attract trouble.  ^_^  I sure hope that Kagome gets the chance to show him up!!!  ^_^  Loved the chapter.  ^_^

Seth-the-Inu (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

lol. such a funny chapter!

Cinne (Chapter 5) - Wed 14 Apr 2010

Loved this chapter and the ones before it! A feline Kagome is unsual! Not that that is a bad thing. The only thing I wish that could be changed, is the drabble fic-type. I would probably cry if this was a full-blown chapter fic well into it's 40s. I am definitely a sucker for those.

GreyEcho (Chapter 5) - Fri 09 Apr 2010

I'm glade he realized that she's not a normal cat. lol so does this mean she might shock him in the furture with her powers again. :D I can see it now, a pisdsed off kitty kagome all bristeled and little lighting/sparks jumping off her. >D

Kagome-Miko-207 (Chapter 5) - Thu 08 Apr 2010

God i really love this story!!!!!!!!!! But Im sad that theyre so short. I find ur characterizations on point.

Rowdys girl (Chapter 5) - Thu 08 Apr 2010

I LOVE IT!!!!!! He's curious now! Kagome is as good as saved! Eventually. This is such a good story, I'm as eager as a little kid waiting for each chapter!

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