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A Feline Fiasco by CookieAsylum

The Cat's Meow

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters. The characters are copyrighted to Rumiko Takahashi. I merely follow what my horrible plot bunnies demand I write, in which case that fashion sense is not to be questioned.

Author's Note - This is my new S/K story. It is a product due to listening to too much of The Cat Return's OST. It will be written as a serial using prompts for drabbles and/or one-shots. I'm mostly using this to try to find a better way of writing and not feel so stressed with huge chapters.


The Cat's Meow

Peering from under wide leaves, she frowned at the dark clouds amassing in the sky. The distant rumble of thunder made her delve deeper into the thicket. How she hated storms. the crash of lightning and the roar of rolling clouds made her cower like an injured animal. Black ears lying flat against her skull, she curled into a tiny ball of ebony fur. She buried her nose into her pelt, silently wishing for a long tail to loop over her paws.

Why is it always me? she thought. A whimpered mew slipped past brand new fangs. Kagome was in a bind. Trapped in a form not of her own making, she could only wonder if the others were looking for her. Not that they'd have much luck. They're looking for the human me... And human she was no longer. She assumed it was a product of the latest battle with Naraku. So busy dealing with lower-class youkai, she hadn't noticed that she had gotten separated from the rest of her group. And in the shadows of the night, her human eyes were blind to the black feline stalking her from behind. Only when the sharp bite of claws tearing into her back did she finally take notice of all her surroundings. By then, her vision was fogged by tall grass and mud.

Next, nothing...

She woke hours later, the sun just cresting the treetops. The grass seemed to high, and the mud, so very thick. It had taken her nearly the remainder of the day to reach solid ground. And by then, she was all too keen on what she had become. A tiny, black bobtail stared back at her from a reflection in a shallow pool. Whatever had occurred, transforming into this useless ball of fluff wasn't doing her any favors.

The thunder drew nearer, and Kagome burrowed herself further into the underbrush. And as she stared out, a pair of earth-brown eyes and a child-like smile stared back.

Kagome stilled. 



"Jaken-sama! Look. I found a kitty!" cried the little girl. The child knelt down, smudging her clothes with dirt and grass stains. Holding out her hand, the girl twiddled her fingers just close enough for Kagome to bat at them with her tiny paws. 

"Bah! Silly human! Don't mess with that filthy animal. Sesshoumaru-sama does not approve of felines," the imp squawked.

'Jaken-sama'? 'Sesshoumaru-sama'? It couldn't be! A bubble of hope swelled in her chest. Carefully, Kagome crawled out from within her hiding place, casting a curious look at the pair. That surly imp was waving around that weird staff, trying to usher the girl back into a nearby cave. That checkered kimono never looked so cute.

And while the storm on the horizon had been an ill omen, the smiling face in front of her seemed like a blessing. Play this right and maybe... just maybe... I can fix this. 

Sitting up on her hind paws, she raised one paw to her chest and mewed...



End Note - This drabble was originally posted on ebony_silks on LJ on December 18th, 2009. The theme was Omen. 500 words.


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