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Debra Timson (Chapter 7) - Mon 19 Oct 2009

Please Please Please PLEASE UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jaimesesshy (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Oct 2009

Thanks for the present! It's the best one I've recieved in a long time!

Kayla (Chapter 7) - Sat 17 Oct 2009

This is really good, and i love it... I hope that u update soon....

I would of so died, and went to heaven if he was to fall on me with just a  towel on... Lol

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 7) - Sat 17 Oct 2009

That has got to be one of the best chappie I've ever read soo far that pertains to Sesshou showing emotion. I wish someone would do fanart of the A3 sized proof with Sesshou looking seductive. And I sooo loved how you had him on top of Kagome in such a compromising position... who wouldn't want an almost naked Sesshou on top of them. I'm soo jealous. Could you include more accidental compromising positions in future chappies? I wonder what would happen if the reversed happened? What would Sesshou's reaction be if Kagome was the one in the towel? And what about one of them walking into the bathroom while the other was showering? Or how about a hot springs setting?... Please include one of those cuz this type of fic seems like a good fit for it. What will Inuyasha and Sesshou do when they see Kikyou and Kagome naked in a hotspring? Also, what is the connection between Megumi and their father? Keep up the good work and update soon :P

Ameire (Chapter 7) - Sat 17 Oct 2009

I suppose crying and pouting won't influence the chapter release dates? Pity. 

Were the Sexy Shesshou pics from the shoot where she baited him, or was it a different one? Because I was wondering why she didn't bring that up while he was teasing her. It could have turned the tables in an instant. Heh. 

Even though it was short, I liked this last chapter and I'll be waiting-albeit impatiently (not that that matters though *cries* why? doesn't anybody love me? Doesn't anybody caaare about Sid the sloth?)-for the next one. *puppy dog eyes* That will be a bit longer? 

keren (Chapter 1) - Fri 02 Oct 2009

¨Seems like the younger girl would be testing his self control¨

younger girl...wouldnt that be Rin? Omg...

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 6) - Thu 01 Oct 2009

I really didn't know what to expect... and it wasn't what I was expecting based on the Title of the fic. But it has definitely made my night. And I can't wait for sparks to fly for all parties involved. Keep up the good work and update soon :P

Connie (Chapter 6) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

dayummm, wootwoot ahaha

jaimesesshy (Chapter 6) - Wed 30 Sep 2009

Wow. Best present EVER! Thanks so much! I hope that there will more presents coming my was soon XD.

jaimesesshy (Chapter 5) - Tue 29 Sep 2009

I love this story!!! Please update soon!

Rei (Chapter 5) - Tue 29 Sep 2009

NICE. I wanna see what happens next ;) I'm a little dissapointed though.....I wanted more water fight. Someone definitely needs to get kikyo in the pool. Heh heh heh.

Connie (Chapter 5) - Mon 28 Sep 2009

so cute :]

awwh poor kagome... being teased...

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