Quiet Whisper (Chapter 1) - Mon 22 Feb 2010

omg now that was ROFLicious!!!! And altogether impressive considering it wasn't disturbing and done in a completele... non *cracks up laughing* porn fashion. OMG I'M DYIN OVER HERE!!!!! *rolls on the floor laughing while kicking her heels* Awesome job Walter!!!

autumngold (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
I can't stop laughing! Poor Anno, trying to give an uplifting speech and everyone keeps interupting him. Also, thank you for having everyone's deaths by tenticles be non pornographic! Cute story!

Wolfye P (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
okay, so i've now managed to finish reading this piece without getting canned for over-the-top maniacal laughing during work hours... and mind you, i work in a governement office, so it was REALLY HARD!!!!

bottom line, i recommend this crackfic to all lovers of the spoof! a job well done!

Wolfye P (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009

in a non-porno and gruesome fashion

that's hilarious! and I haven't gotten past the first 3 paragraphs yet! gods, it's so good to see a funny self-insertion fic again. i'm loving it already!

Rowdys girl (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
Did my damned cats slip something into my morning coffee? I feel dizzy, disoriented... The only problem I have is the Spartan's powers should be clothed in light of green and white! Go Spartans!!! (Yeah, I'm an MSU supporter, the only sports team I have interest in.) Kinda weird story, but, somehow, it works. However, the Smittanian, I know for a fact, has some really huge powers! You should see what she has done to Sesshoumaru in the past! Naraku and his evil minions would have had no chance had she dropped those pompoms and assailed his army with them. I feel that you really held back the most powerful warrior at hand. Of course, the rest of them would have had nothing to do except set up a picnic while they watched her. ;>

phishbon3s (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
Oh dear Dokuga. LOL'

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
This was very cute. Hugs and smiles :)

lady_myth (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
Freaking. Awesome.

D.S Anno (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
LMFAO!!! Hell yeah! LOL Its very good Walter cant wait til' the next Adventures of the Dokugateers and the Smittanian!

Smittee (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
Smittee sounds quite feminine. lol. And how did you knows I has the pom poms?!?! Who told you!? *had bought them to be weird one time* And, for some odd reason, that really fit Kirche. That just seemed to fit you all too well too. lol.

Argesh (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Sep 2009
This story is Gesshy approved! 8D

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