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Lee (Chapter 34) - Sat 06 May 2017

Sorry, after re-eeading it for the hundredth time I realized, their reasoning was so stupid I skipped over it.... Lol my bad. This is a good story, I enjoyed it thoroughly

Lee (Chapter 1) - Thu 04 May 2017

Hi, I've read your story quite a few a times already, and I have to say I really like it. Though there is one thing that has always bothered me, or made me curious I should say, why did the gang just suddenly opt to vote her out? While reading it seemed as though they just woke up one day and thought 'kagome is useless so let's get rid of her and join kikyo instead.'

WyrdSmith (Chapter 34) - Wed 05 Oct 2016

Congrats on writing such a comprehensive, involved, no-apologies story. Perhaps that sounds odd, but I 

appreciate that you didn't just wave a fairytale wand and make it all better again. Even though there

were times when I wanted to smack Kagome around and tell her to get over herself, it was the fact that she didn't that

gave credibility to her story.  it was even validated by the fact that the inutachi didn't really have validity for their

choices, didn't truly suffer as much as I wanted them to, and didn't have a big "well, this makes up for all their crap"

moment, and yet they still got their life bumps happily-ish ever after.  You wrote a realistic character study 

in a world of fantasy; and although I am generally not the type to want too much realism (life being quite hard enough,

thank you!), I can appreciate your work and recommend it to others. 


Many thanks for for writing a story that's i don't regret having been unable to finish quickly.

(I bet this review is to you as your story is to me -- reservedly appreciated and reluctantly treasured. That's

what you get for making it real!)



Tessitura (Chapter 34) - Mon 02 Jul 2012

AS my daugther would say.  EPIC story!!

nks (Chapter 34) - Thu 23 Feb 2012

The story is good! I love it. You're wonderful and thanks for writing and sharing it. Although the 'betrayal plot' is already old, this one is a must-read. I love stories about Kagome changing,becoming powerful and kicking ass, this one stayed tuned while the story unfolds until the final battle.  That means reading - 3 years of her life - training wasnt wasted at all. The way Sesshoumaru noticed the change in her, became curious and interested  (not lusting while contemplating to kill her)as to why and what has become of her -that slowly lead to him having romantic feelings towards her was fantastic. I like the way he watches, respect and supported her. Without the usual - she's useful enough to be Rin's nanny and playmate- stuff is just great. On Kagome's part, with Sesshoumaru's attention focus on her, she maintained neutral and without the usual -something pooling between her thighs- whenever they are interacting(LOL). And OH! i couldnt help but grin when Storm's identity was revealed- of course it has to be him! Brilliant! 

Unexplained Circumstance (Chapter 8) - Fri 02 Sep 2011

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 34) - Wed 01 Jun 2011


it didn't feel rushed at all.  In so many of these fic's, they have sess and kag doing the dirty within the first three chapters.  or falling madly for each other in that amount of time.  

They didn't ever do it in this one.  and the courtship isn't going to really start until the squeeequal...  XD

which I am looking foreard to immensely.  

here I go.


Aimee Simmons (Chapter 25) - Wed 01 Jun 2011

oh never mind.  I think I get it.  This site is hosted on the other side of the prime meridian.  :D


Aimee Simmons (Chapter 25) - Wed 01 Jun 2011

huh...  how did I get a wednesday post and a tuesday post when I posted both within an hour of each other and it's only 9pm?

Aimee Simmons (Chapter 25) - Wed 01 Jun 2011

I love long chapters....  XD


Aimee Simmons (Chapter 23) - Tue 31 May 2011

I love it when you are feeling crazy.  your Authors Notes are awesome.  I love your muse...  Squishy...  XD

So far, I am loving this story.  Please understand that I won't be reviewing every chapter as I don't like to stop reading long enough to do so.  I will give short blurts of hilarity when they are total shut downs of my ability to continue reading, but for the most part, I will read through.  XD


Aba (Chapter 8) - Sat 07 May 2011

By chapter seven I want to bitch slap Kagome and tell her to grow the fuck up. Sure her friends were mean to her, they lied to her to 'protect her', lied to her other freinds so they wouldn't go after her, and were generally assholes. Kagome's response? To keep going on and on about how the 'old' Kagome was dead and that they killed her. She alienates herself from her family and blames it on them. She blames everything that happens then onward on everyone esle. The story is well written but the character of Kagome is a HUGE turn off. She's bitch, and whinny while tyring to be 'bad ass' 'cause she can't 'depend on anyone else'. That one character ruins the entire story. I have yet to see the 'betrayal' of the story either. What her freinds did was enough to stop them from being friends but not enough for her to drastically change her entire outlook on life and personality. Nor does the story deserve the tragedy genre the author gave it.

Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 1) - Mon 03 May 2010

I love the kick ass Kagome......she is strong and doesn't take shit!!!!

WhiteRose-Kurama (Chapter 34) - Mon 30 Nov 2009

That was one amazing story. It was such a fitting ending for Kagome and I can't even begin to imagine what the sequel will be like. I look forward to whatever you may have in store for us all. Keep up the good work and update soon :P

Sequoia (Chapter 1) - Mon 30 Nov 2009

I dont know how long ago this story was written, but this.... is the shit.  I'm already hyped just by reading the first chapter. I curse a lot and I've always wanted someone to change Kagome. I been looking for a story like this for a long time. Seriously, I have. Everything is the same with these stories. I can already tell that this story is going to interfer with school, lol. Foreal though.

REDWOLF (Chapter 34) - Sat 28 Nov 2009

I look forward to the sequel!

cbrendible (Chapter 34) - Fri 27 Nov 2009

wow... this was a great story eventhough i found Kagome to be jus a lil too whinny from her original 'bad ass bitch syndrome' in the beginning. don't get me wrong... i liked the way her attitude went from all frilly, innocent girly girl to hardened woman who gets what she wants all the time, but when she started feeling the 'pain of betrayal' more instead of emptiness from before and than started forgiving everyone, she seemed more whinnier than usual. not that our home girl was a whinny baby or nething in the anime. she always gave off the 'just right' attitude if you catch my drift. she was never whinny; she jus had a deeper inner understanding and a big heart to let that understanding flow out. also, she has a greater wisdom in things most her age wouldn't.

cbrendible (Chapter 4) - Fri 27 Nov 2009

i really like this Kagome... it's such a nice change of pace from the usual innocent, girly girl Kagome that's normally protrayed in most fanfics... kinda reminds of SK's DH series (the style you write)

autumngold (Chapter 33) - Fri 27 Nov 2009

I'm so glad that you updated your story, but I had really wished that Kagome's pain was over.  I know, unrealistic, but still it would have been nice.  I just hope that everything will get better for her and that she will learn to trust Sesshoumaru.  Thank you for the new chapter.

TruGemini (Chapter 33) - Fri 27 Nov 2009

So, she needed to face her pain and find herself in order to deal with everything. I like how you wrote it out, having her wander and do what was needed to get right with herself. It's sad this story is ending, but this is one of those great ones to read repeatedly.

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