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akane342 (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009

r0o is the master of GM's!!

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009

Very nice one shot r0o!  

Your treatment of Sesshoumaru's character was pleasing to me.  I love how he is dominate but respectful towards his mate!  He wears the pants, but behaves in a loving manner to her.  I really liked your treatment of Kagome as a demoness too.  She had the abilities and instincts, but retained much of her original personality.

Let us NOT forget the lemons!  Ok, can we all say hot?  HAAAAWWWWT!  Very good!  LOL!  The oil massage, while not quite a lemon, was especially erotic!

As a side note, I love any story that treats Inuyasha well.  You kept him in character, but treated him with respect, thank-you for that!

Nobody (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009

R0o I LOVE YOU! And your writing, your style is so your own and now i love you even more keep writing woman because Your amazing.

bell (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009
This was a very good oneshot! Great job, loved it

LC Rose (Chapter 1) - Sat 14 Feb 2009
Oh, rOo!!! Or shall I call you Mistress GB? :-) This story was even better to read all in one piece!!! And you know how I feel about the hawt dog sex scene. RaRr!!!! Of course, you know I'll be back to read it over and over and over again whenever the urge strikes me. LC loves this piece...

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