Reviews for Lair, Lair by susie

SHORTFRY (Chapter 1) - Sat 06 Mar 2021

Susie, you're like, one of my favourite writers, you know that? Once again, amazing work! Your stories are always so captivating. I love how you played out the scene to show their initial discomfort, their struggling wills before they finally relinquish control. I knew from the summary that it wasn't going to end up in SessKag "happily ever after" territory  - but the teasing of opportunity near the end is what's so great about this. it keeps me wanting more! I love how you wrote about Sesshomaru's respect for her, and that was his equivalent of love, or as much as he can give it anyway. I hope you never stop writing. P.S. I have yet to leave a review for Only Human - you've left me speechless with that one and I'm just waiting to gather my thoughts and put it into a review that isn't all fangirling gibberish :)

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Feb 2021

Okay....i'm back and have officially finished it. I cringed, I laughed, I oohed and awed.'s excellently written and the support/maturity of everyone (save Narkau) was so deeply appreciated at the end. Also, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to writing. As if the work flowing from you isn't your own, you're just the vessel. And sometimes the source makes you step away and then return at a later time when the story is ready to fall in place. Thanks for another wonderful work of art Susie!

Arc-an Angel (Chapter 1) - Sun 28 Feb 2021 could you do this to me?!??? I am so torn right now. The second hand embarrassment is KILLING me!!!!!!! I haven't even finished reading yet. I had to jump from Sesshomaru's lips on her neck, down to the last two paragraphs, to reviewing!! I'll go back and read the whole middle I just neglected once I muster the gumption. The only thing keeping me together is Naraku's comedy and sass sprinkled throughout. Dear lord, this is sexy and painful all at once!!! And how dare you write it so damn well X_X

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Sat 27 Feb 2021

You see, the thing about your one shots is that I always want to know what happens next! like how the hell is Kagome going to find fulfillment after that display?? That was... well holy hell, I'm sure it was hot for everyone, including Inuyasha. And how simpatico he was with it was just kinda hilarious lol Thank you for sharing! 

Brittany (Chapter 1) - Thu 25 Feb 2021

PLEASE tell me that you'll be adding to this PLEASE!!!! You did a great job!!

Yamagomori (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 Feb 2021

That was soo hard to read and at the same time so hard to put down.  I loved your ending  but can't help but want more lol

Mynameishuman (Chapter 1) - Mon 22 Feb 2021

I really enjoyed it! I loked the idea of a lost chapter as well. And yes! I totally understand what you mean in your AN. I have the same problem. Love an idea then it ends up on a back burner and something else gets done instead. And all the while I'm fairly certain the story is writing itself... lol. Anyway, loved the oneshot!

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