Goldie Fawn (Chapter 10) - Thu 14 Jan 2021

Oooh, I wonder if he's developing a sweet tooth for her X3

Michele_Lei (Chapter 10) - Thu 14 Jan 2021

Ah, Sess is now obsessed with the bakery- probably attracted to the sweet (Kagome) rather than the sweets in the bakery itself.  Defintely feel like things are coming to a head- probably soon the sweet scent of romance will fill the bakery I'm sure. Thank you for the update!

SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Jan 2021

loved it...

Neelixonee (Chapter 8) - Mon 11 Jan 2021

What a sweet story so far.  I love Rin!  I hope there's more of her!

Michele_Lei (Chapter 7) - Sat 09 Jan 2021

Cutest little story so far!  Love the cute little cupcake names!  Kappa-ccino and Baku- berry surprise!  Delightfully scrumptious names for cupcakes!  Love the wordplay in the title too- Bakery in Bakemono.  I believe 100 word drabbles are so much more conducive to the light playful, serendipitous stories anyway! 

Seichou (Chapter 7) - Fri 08 Jan 2021

I am enjoying this new drabble! Don't feel pressured to work on it, we appreciate the updates when you get to them.

Sora-chan (Chapter 6) - Fri 08 Jan 2021

This story is so good. Super cute so far. I can't wait for you to update

Thanks for sharing this with us, its awesome

ashuhhleey (Chapter 6) - Thu 07 Jan 2021

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Young Kagome (Chapter 5) - Thu 07 Jan 2021

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Young Kagome (Chapter 2) - Mon 04 Jan 2021

This seems like a cute idea. Looking forward to more! 

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