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Bakery in Bakemono by NoraInu

The Bakery

As always Inuyasha and Its characters belong to the amazing Rumiko Takahashi, who hopefully doesn't mind if I borrow them for a little bit.

I know I just started 'Arranged Opportunities', but this idea came to me suddenly and it felt like it needed to happen lol It also gives me a chance to play with the Bakemono neighborhood that appears in the forementioned story. I love the idea of modern-day Tokyo having this wild neighborhood swimming with demons and oddity shops. And it was easy to see Sesshomaru swallowing his pride to buy Rin a cupcake from a place he'd never otherwise enter and leaving with more than a sweet treat!

This story will be told in 100-word snippets. This type of writing is quickly growing on me! Enjoy! Any feedback is always welcome as it is both encouraging and helpful!

Chapter 1: The Bakery


In the heart of the Bakemono district in Tokyo there was a bakery. The cute shop was at odds with its neighbors, but somehow fit in. Here it always looked like a festival was taking place, a clash of the modern world mixed with the old as shoppers perused wares in traditional kimono or stylish outfits fit for runways. It was a place where yokai lived and shopped. 

And business was good. Demons had grown to appreciate some of the novelties that humans created. 

Kagome was content with this life. Bell chiming, a tall, silver-haired yokai entered. 

She smiled. “Irasshaimase!”


Words: 100

Prompt: N/A


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