Reviews for Pandora by Mynameishuman

marianne (Chapter 16) - Mon 16 Nov 2020

im reading it and its really good. i keep trying to imagine it in my head as if it was the anime itself lol

Mecca (Chapter 380) - Wed 11 Nov 2020

I love this so much! I can't wait to see what happens next! Getting Outlander and Vikings vibes over here *swoon*

Sayuri (Chapter 380) - Tue 10 Nov 2020

GAAAAAH!!!! NOOOO!!! Me needs moooooore!! <3 <3 <3 It's so good that I didn't even notice when it was done~ I'm waiting for the next chapter!!!! <3 <3 I love every detail *.* You're amazing!!

Shastuhh (Chapter 380) - Tue 10 Nov 2020

Ohhhh sooo many updates... soooo good! What a cliff hanger. I hope all is well love the.story thanks for all the updates!

Mecca (Chapter 276) - Tue 10 Nov 2020

I love the slight humor in this, it helps break the Uber seriousness of the situation, and Kagome being Kagome, just rolls with it. Their passionate bond is super deep, it's awesome they're helping each other navigate the crazy current  stare of affairs. Love your writing 

The-infamous-one (Chapter 380) - Tue 10 Nov 2020

I may, or may not have, read all 380 chapters in one sitting...... and it may or may not have took me 5 hours.    I regret NOTHING! 


 That being said.  This is a fantastic story and I am hooked. 

Mecca (Chapter 218) - Mon 09 Nov 2020

Dying quietly over here at all these Egyptian lore and references. Loving it all! 

Carrie (Chapter 130) - Wed 04 Nov 2020

I love this concept! 

Shastuhh (Chapter 130) - Tue 03 Nov 2020

I read this so fast... this is really good I love it and I cant wait to see what is next

Demonlordlover (Chapter 126) - Sat 31 Oct 2020

Very sweet!  I am enjoying the little interludes.

Orotami (Chapter 100) - Thu 22 Oct 2020

Truly can't  wait to read more! Brilliantly written and such an exciting story/adventure 

Mecca (Chapter 100) - Wed 21 Oct 2020

This is gonna be epic, I can't wait to read more! I love how sneaky and flirty Sess is being *swoon*

Orotami (Chapter 20) - Sun 11 Oct 2020

Love the flow of this! Please keep up the anazing work! 

Orotami (Chapter 10) - Thu 08 Oct 2020

What a soul wrenching start! Cant wait to read more!

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