Reviews for Queen by Rooturbo222

Niomi (Chapter 6) - Thu 02 Jul 2020

You are just as good at writing action and building drama as character development! This story is becoming more well rounded! I wonder what this new connection between them will bring!! I must say, the setting of this story kind of reminds me of Striking A Deal With The Devil by Smortz, one of my fav stories! Ok, it's totally different but there aren't a lot of stories and writers brave enough to venture off into a different setting and time!! And do it so well. Love it. 

Niomi (Chapter 5) - Wed 01 Jul 2020

Ah! thank you for another incredible update. You really don't spare no details! I love it! This renewed interest that Inuyasha seems to have in Kagome is exciting! I wonder what's going to happen. He surely doesn't think he has a chance, let alone can lay a finger on her again! I love this determined, yet... hm.. elegant Kagome you created. Shes definitely earning her respect! Look forward to more relationship building 

Niomi (Chapter 4) - Fri 26 Jun 2020

I love the dialect of this setting. Although your story is a huge stray from the original world, it is definitely intriguing and well written. Everything is different, unique, except the spark of Kagome and Sesshomaru's characters. You're doing a great job merging their qualities into this world. I was a little taken back from the frequent timeline changes but it was not hard to follow. I feel like I'm watching a show, actually. The first chapter may have moved too fast, but I guess it was needed to introduce the setting. Looking forward to more! Seems like their relationship is taking off on the right path ;) Boy, does Kagome have a lot on her shoulders. I love how strong she is, gotta appreciate a women who can separate her emotions from her responsibilities. Inuyasha is a little BOY, so under deserving of being by her side. I hope Kagome continues to prove her strength! Thanks for the update

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