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Queen by Rooturbo222

Your Majesty

Authors note:

I want to give some initial information about this story.

Demons life span is about 500 years of age, humans can lengthen their lives through certain actions with great difficulty. This story takes place in a fictional world, with many countries and a war breaking out. There are some similarities to real world events or ways that things are done, so if you think it sounds slightly familiar… it probably is.

Finally, yes Inuyasha is once again the bad guy, relate what you want with King Henry the VIII of England. The time period that this is happening in, women are now more progressive and working on attaining more. This is about women rising in this world.

Character descriptions:

Kagome appears not wholly healthy, kind of skinny at the moment, but not sickly. Kagome is 24 years of age during the current times. In any flashbacks I will try to give an idea of where we are at in her timeline. Kagome's natural hair is more like Padme's in Star Wars Attack of the Clones, when Anakin is woken from a nightmare about his moms death.

Sesshomaru is six foot four inches and 150 years old. He appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties in human years now. He was born to an aristocratic mother in Europa and had to work for everything that he has in his life. Sesshomaru's hair is silver like in the Manga/Anime cut like Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders.

Inuyasha is 26 years old with a buzz cut in the current timeline. He has two aristocratic parents and was the youngest prince of three brothers, with no chance of being King of his own kingdom.


Chapter One

Your Majesty

Kagome viewed herself in the mirror. Where vibrant naive cerulean iris' once shown, a dull glossed over replacement now sat. A knock at the door notified her that her guest was ready. Kagome sighed as she straightened up to leave her room.

"Coming," she replied in a cold voice.


Four years ago

Kagome couldn't be happier; she was on her honeymoon with her first and only love, Inuyasha Taisho.

They had met while she was sixteen, and he was eighteen. He was close to finishing at the Naval Academy of Europa. Inuyasha's mother was the Duchess of Callisto while his father was a demon and Earl by birth who gained his title Duke upon marriage.

Kagome could remember the first time she saw the boyish face of this handsome half demon with silver hanyou ears atop his head. His honey eyes held a glimmer of mischief within them. He was wearing his naval uniform which clung to his lean muscular body showing off his skills as he finished his move with his partner.

Looking away from his friend whom he had just won the spar with, Inuyasha had smelled something delicious, not unlike peaches. Glancing toward the onlookers; their eyes connected in that moment, sending a jolt of excitement through him. Simultaneously seeing a blush form on her cheeks rivaling her perfect tulip colored lips. Putting his sword down, he sauntered his way over to her. She began to feel butterflies throughout her stomach with every step he took.

"Hi there," he said with a smirk on his face pulling to a stop in front of her.

She blushed and nodded in his direction, "How do you do?" She questioned fully intrigued by the male in front of her.

They exchanged small talk and each other's correspondence that day. They both had duties to fulfill and promised to meet with each other once they had time. They made time a week later as they took a stroll around the grounds of her castle. On that night he had learned that she was first in line to rule when her father, the King Tamaki Higurashi passed away. This detail had always been a state of contention for anyone that she considered in courting. His aristocracy and understanding of what was proper attracted her to him all the more.

What started off as wild attraction quickly turned to love as Kagome and Inuyasha found themselves steeling as much time together as possible. His academics were coming to an end, while she was home-schooled and readily able to do mostly what she wanted. Their love was a whirlwind romance, Kagome falling head over heels for this young half-demon.

At first her father had argued against the man who had literally been sniffing around his daughter. Eventually he was inclined to welcome their union and accepted Inuyasha's proposal as inevitable. If there was one thing to be said about the king, he very much loved his family and always made sure that he had plenty of time with them no matter the state of the country. The war had been over for four years now, she was ultimately able to see her father more.

Finally, on Kagome's 18th birthday, the hanyou proposed; Higurashi's little dove was in a state of pure bliss. Life was awarding and nothing could happen to change that. They got married just shy of her 20th birthday to ensure that her grandmother, the former Queen Consort would still be around for it; as she was getting on in age.

Everything ran smoothly and as it should. She got married and had her honeymoon in Ganymede. They originally planned to spend a full month consummating their marriage. Alas, with three glorious weeks spent losing her virginity and making love like rabbits in heat, nothing could have prepared her for what was to come on that fourth week.


A knock at the door caused a messy head of dark locks to lift up from her husband's chest, trying to gain her bearings.

"Yes?" She questioned, stirring her love awake as well.

"I have urgent news from Europa ma'am." The voice replied.

Both sitting up still shaking off the last pulls of sleep, Inuyasha pulled her close for a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I will be right there!" She stated making herself presentable, not really knowing what could be so urgent.

Finally Kagome and her husband made their way down to the living room in their honeymoon suite where a few of her father's most trusted friends and advisors sat. Perplexed as to what in the world they were doing here in Ganymede on her honeymoon she stepped cautiously into the room.

"Advisor Myoga," she acknowledged with a slight nod of her head, "Totosai… what are you doing here?"

Now that they were closer to each other she could see sorrow filling both of their faces. "Kagome…" Myoga trailed off looking to Totosai.

Kagome looked back and forth a couple of times between both men trying to understand just what was going on. And why were there all these extra body guards around.

"Kagome, Your Majesty," Totosai began, "Please, sit down. The news we bring… is… difficult. " he said with dread.

Kagome's heart began racing, as her stomach lifted to tie a knot in her throat, rendering her speechless. He had called her his Majesty, which could only mean one thing...

"Your father…. The king of Europa passed away, a few days ago…" he finished, wiping a tear from his cheek.

Silence followed as Kagome sat back letting go of the breath she didn't realize she was holding. Surely she must have heard wrong. "Come again sir Totosai?" She asked, feeling Inuyasha's hand on her shoulder gripping it tightly. The grip helped her realize this was really happening.

"Your father has passed away, due to a heart attack…" he repeated adding the manor in which her father had gone.

Still in shock Kagome nodded her head. "Thank you…"she trailed off looking to the window just to the side of the chair she occupied. "Thank you for coming all this way to tell me…." She all but whispered, still failing to take in the nature beyond the window.

"Um… Your Majesty?" Myoga questioned as it seemed to not have sunk in just yet.

"Oh right, you need me back home now, we have a funeral to plan." She stated, trying to pull herself together.

"And a coronation Your Majesty," Totosai stated, bowing before pulling at Myoga to let the once Royal Highness, now Majesty, fully digest the information with her spouse. "The ship leaves in two hours, we will await your order." He said closing the door behind them.


Kagome walked down the hall escorted by her butler, passing several open doors and witnessing the normal hustle and bustle of the castle in the day to day. Steeling her resolve to meet with their newly appointed Prime Minister. She had seen him on the television, he was incredibly handsome and had a charisma about him. She rolled her eyes in thought to the entitlement she was sure he felt. Remembering a time when she herself had felt like others viewed her as entitled.


"Hey, Inu…" she said coming up behind her husband. She hugged him from behind hearing him grunt in reply. He was currently reading the newspaper in his lap with a slight frown to his face. "What's wrong?"

He closed the newspaper and turned towards his wife sighing. "You have been Queen for all of a week, and the press already question your ability to lead… They haven't even given you a chance, they also seem to think I am incompetent."

Reaching for the newspaper the title read, Too Young To Rule? Foreign Duke Husband, Drags Down Monarchy. It was as if she was having an out of body experience as she read a small part of the article. Her people were questioning her ability to rule, she had been groomed for this literally all of her life. Knowing when to say yes or no. Understanding when to push and demand, or back off and let someone grow. Politeness and properness were ingrained in her upbringing.

She looked up pausing for a moment before turning towards Inuyasha, "Do you think I am too young to rule?"

"Kagome… Don't be ridiculous, you were born for this role!" he stated before standing up walking to the fireplace. "Why are you even worried about that? They are questioning me!" he stressed, gripping the mantle above the fireplace. "It's me they are lynching in the newspapers!"

Kagome was taken aback by this sudden outburst. He had never shown anger like this before, it was as if he was a different person.

"Inuyasha… They do not know anything that goes on here, they have money to make. The story and headline that sells is questioning us, the young monarchy. The newly married and now rulers of the country."

"This is not just a story for them to make up to sell papers! This is also how your people see us!"

Her lips thinned in anger at his response. Keeping her voice calm, "They are our people, not just my people Husband. We serve and lead the public. That is our job and what we must do in our role."

He scoffed, "They are your people, they see me as the traitor and the outsider, but a lowly duke trying to poison their beloved princess and now queen."

"If you did not read the headline… It very clearly questioned my age and ability to lead this country, what has that got to do with you being a duke?"

Turning around while crossing his arms over his chest in defense, he replied. "Well… If you would make me prince of Europa then we would not have this problem." Is it Prince and not King?

Rolling her eyes, back to this again. This had been the main argument since her fathers' funeral. Her coronation was 45 days after her father was laid to rest, as decreed by documents dating back to the early 1500's.

"I told you, my council and I both agreed that it is not the time to raise your ranking, if you had listened when Totosai laid out the reasons why we cannot do that at the current time. He very clearly stated we need to make more public appearances and connect with the common folk gaining their trust before promoting you to what they view as their beloved monarchy."

"That is complete and utter bullshit and you know it, you are just the one that has her head floating in the cloud thinking that what your 'council' says is golden. You are listening to other people outside of this marriage and not listening to me, your husband who is supposed to be held in higher regards than anyone!"

She stood from her spot on the couch now in complete disbelief. "I am the Queen of the commonwealth! My people and station decree that they come first before anyone in my family, be it you, my mother, or even my father if he were alive! Understand that! Accept that! And move on! We will crown you Prince in due time, be patient, the people will learn to love you the way that I do."

His eyes appeared to be tinging pink at this moment. "I can't even talk to you right now, you just don't get it. I am taking my leave, Your Highness." he ended smartly before slamming the door behind him.

She stood confused as to what happened, she couldn't understand where this anger seemingly came from. She opened the door peering out to the hall, unable to catch a trace of where he left to. Returning to the sitting room she was at a loss. If she had read the paper properly, she was being questioned about her ability to lead. It had already been explained to her husband many times that the promotion to Prince was going to be coming, just at a later date.

She ate dinner alone that night. Which dragged into the whole week; she was constantly pulled into meetings with her council and with the assembly of congress. Kagome was tugged in all directions unable to get a moment to herself.

A full week after their fight he made his way to her room, where he seemingly apologized with his body by making her feel good. Due to this, she thought he was over their argument and they could confide in each other once more.


One month later she had missed her period since the last time they had been physically together. They were getting along slightly better, still a bit of tension over his wanted promotion looming over them. She excitedly looked for him to tell him they were pregnant. When she had found him, he was almost seemingly returning to the prior state of their relationship before her reign. He resumed doting on her and treating her like a precious egg that could crack at any moment.

They witnessed their baby on the monitor as they had an ultrasound done. Holding hands and smiling as they saw their little blob on the monitor. They were 10 weeks along and almost to the point where they could tell others. It was almost back to normal when tragedy struck.

Kagome had been outside tending to the garden when an extreme pain, like none that she had ever felt before seared its way through her stomach. Bending over at the waist she cried out while her handmaiden ran toward her Majesty.

"Your Majesty!" her handmaiden exclaimed. "You're bleeding."

Looking down to her legs she could feel something wet and slimy gliding down her leg as she saw the deep rich red color of the blood. "Quick…" she ground out, "Get Inuyasha."

Kagome had been carted into her room, with her feet lifted up, fearing the worst. Inuyasha quickly rushed to her side holding her hand as they waited for the doctor to find their baby and let them know.

She would never forget her doctor's words, "I'm sorry… the child is lost."

She wallowed for three days after the loss of her first child. Inuyasha had disappeared yet again after the news. She hadn't seen him since, nor did she seek him out. A piece of her felt as if it was missing. She blamed herself, she had done too much and that was the reason she lost it. She withdrew into herself, not bothering to find Inuyasha.

This took another full month, she spent it mourning before she finally sought Inuyasha out. That ended horribly as well; he ended up yelling, she shouted and cried after finally airing out how they both felt. It felt like everything that could go wrong, was going wrong and it was just four and a half months after she had been crowned queen. Her marriage was falling apart, her relationship with the commonwealth was diminishing. She was in a blur just going through the motions.


It wasn't till six months after her rule was established that things really changed. She had still been in a robotic automatic mode for three months now. She wasn't even able to show emotion when her father died. Finally something pushed her over the edge where she was able to feel.

Kagome needed to get Inuyasha for a public outing, to which they had become accustomed too. They were avoided each other in the castle, but when the public called for it they were a united front; they were perfecting their acting skills. She was almost to Inuyasha's room when she heard feminine moans and the sound of flesh meeting flesh.

Her heart caught in her throat, where it stopped beating. She heard a masculine groan and crept closer to his door. It partially open to where she witnessed his firm masculine rear atop sinewy legs, to which she was sure belonged to one of her many handmaidens. Pausing for a moment, she held her breath before she turned and ran down the hall. She came to a stop at the top of the stairs. Viewing the foyer from her position she saw the few servants cleaning and organizing things as life seemed to come rushing to Kagome all at once.

Kagome was livid and heartbroken. In that single moment, her love for Inuyasha disappeared. The carefree, loving young woman she once was, was gone. Her heart had frozen over. Nothing was going right in her young adult life. It seemed the fairytail way of life she had once dreamt it was going to be, was complete fodder.

Feelings, love, happiness was just not possible in her demanding life. She was the Queen of Europa, her sole duty was to her people. Her Majesty's happiness did not matter, all that mattered from this moment forward was her people. From this day on she would fulfill her duty and give her all to the people.


Present Day

Today was just another day, with another formality and charge to uphold. She was escorted to the study that was used to see guests one on one with. The butler opened the door and on the other side a well built young attractive male, with hair that was close cut almost shaved to the side, while having silver hair windswept to the side above piercing golden eyes. This man was obviously demon and incredibly sexy. Her heart stopped as soon as their eyes met and palpable, literal electricity cackled in the air between them. His face showed no sign of emotion to this interaction, which made Kagome's mind stop working.

He came closer to her, towering over her petite frame with his well built chest. He bowed before her, seducing her with his deep rich voice.

"Your majesty."


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