Reviews for Time Changes All by Shastuhh

VS (Chapter 7) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

I don't believe you are too slow, the pacing of the story is just right!

I enjoyed reading about Kagome's observations and thoughts! Sesshoumaru seems to have a lot of sides that he's trying to hide from the rest, and I'm curious to find out what else there is to him! ;)

The background story to other youkai and their whereabouts was nice!

VS (Chapter 4) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

Sesshoumaru enjoyed every minute of Inuyasha's failure, that made me laugh! Though a joking Sesshoumaru? Hilarious! I love how he's paying attention to her mood and tries his best to make her laugh! Such a sweetie. LOL


VS (Chapter 3) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

You portray a very mature Inuyasha here, that's refreshing! And I can see how him living a "domestic" life away from fighting and killing will lead to a lot of flashbacks! And interesting path you chose here! Inuyasha has matured and that he chooses to think of what's best for Kagome says a lot! And I do agree with his last statement. From all the ways Kagome could have reacted, this was the worst. By taking away the beads, she's cutting the last connection they share. Though I get why she would react that way, honestly!

It was super interesting to read Inuyasha POV while he was transforming! I don't remember reading something similar! That was very original and captivating!


VS (Chapter 2) - Thu 18 Jun 2020

Haha, Kagome's respond took me by surprise too! But I guess getting kidnapped only once within a period of one month is indeed a big accomplishment! XD

I liked how Sesshoumaru remembered, that the last time they met had been 3 years ago! That means he payed attention!

Looking forward to his reaction as well as his offer to let her accompany him!

Nice chapter and I enjoyed Sesshoumaru POV.

P.S. I highly suggest that you reread your chapters before posting, there are a few typos and some mistakes in punctuation that can be easily fixed. They are disturbing the reading flow here and there. (Not trying to be mean, just trying to help) <3

VS (Chapter 1) - Thu 18 Jun 2020


the summary sounds promising and piqued my interest!

I think you did well, describing how Kagome would have been able to move forward if she chooses to do so -she had boyfriends after all- but since her mind got stuck to the past she didn't put much effort in it.

The subjects she choosed to study sound really interesting, and I'm curious to find out how helpful they will be, now that she's back in the past.

Good start into the story!

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