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Time Changes All by Shastuhh

Chapter 1

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It was a quiet night not even the bugs were singing the nights lullaby, She was sitting on the edge of the well pondering when things grew so cold and distant between them. Earlier today they were out fishing for the group dinner that was planned for tonight. Everyone knew that it was the night of the new moon and that Inuyasha wouldn't be in the best of moods since tonight was his human night. However, there was no warning when he suddenly went off and then left them all staring at each other questioning what exactly happened. Since Kagome came back to the feudal era after the Jewel was wished away things between her and Inuyasha felt like a rollercoaster at best. She was pretty sure she had whiplash from this ride. Not even Sango or Miroku seemed to understand what was going on with Inuyasha.

Honestly, she wasn't even sure she wanted to understand anymore at this point she just wanted to let go. Just like she did to the future she let it go to come back to the feudal era where things were magical and she had so much fun traveling with her friends in the past and despite the bad that happened when she was here last time she honestly couldn't have been happier the day she came home from the movies with Hojo and felt a familiar call of magic to her from the good house. She didn't question why the well had reopened after 3 years she only knew she was ready to go down the "rabbit hole" again so to speak.

After sending Hojo on his way home then rushing into the house to pack her bag she ran to the well and took a hopeful jump. Once she felt the embrace of the magic wrapping around her and pulling her to the past like a long lost friend she cried. After trying so many times and failing to get back to her friends, first love and, kit she was forced to leave behind. She didn't feel like she was drowning anymore it felt like the chains that held her under the waters of the past had finally been unlocked she was floating back to where her heart was left.

She knew it would be hard to just pick up where she left off and she didn't expect to either she knew things would have changed. They would have changed, hell she wasn't the same girl she was when she was forced to leave. She had gone to college and was studying metaphysics and ethology. She tried to move on with her life and had a boyfriend here and there but they were short-lived experiences she honestly just wasn't that interested in trying to move forward she was more interested in going back that's why she chose the studies she did. Metaphysics was what she assumed was the equivalent to Miko training in the feudal era and Ethology the study of animal behavior enough said there that would be helpful with all manors of demons however she focused on the canine variety after all Inuyasha was half dog demon and Shippou was a kitsune. However her she was sitting by herself lost in thought on a moonless night wondering why things seemed so distant between Inuyasha and her.


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