Eleven (Chapter 26) - Wed 20 May 2020

I just want to say thank you for reuploading this and for continuing to write. I actually enjoyed this story and was wondering why it disappeared for a while. I'm glad it was updated too! 

Jilliene (Chapter 26) - Thu 14 May 2020

Thank you for the update! Can't wait for the next one!

VS (Chapter 26) - Thu 14 May 2020


it's great to see a new update on PBB! :) I almost forgot how long your chapters are! XD

It was definitely a nice wrapping-up-chapter and while there might not be much plot there is definitely progress and character growth!!!

The seal is a perfect explanation as to why only Kagome was able to pull Tessaiga in Canon. Though the question remains why Sesshoumaru is not able to wield it. We always thought it worked for Inuyasha because he used it to protect Kagome, though the same can be said about Sesshoumaru now with the difference that he can't touch it. There is also the question why Inupapa could use it too when it actually belongs to Kagome but then again the well and InuPapa made sure that Tessaiga found it's way to Kagome.

I guess Sesshoumaru just sucks! LOL

Miyori actually being the mature one is nice to see. I mean she is right, this is no video game where Kagome can choose between paths and love interests. She has to finally get used to the idea that she will stay here whole life in this universe and has to ensure her future and her children's future. I think her living in that shed will be good for all 3 of them.

Just when Kagome seems to accept her growing feelings for Sesshoumaru something has to force her to take a step back. Tama, you are making her life damn hard, though that's part of this story's appeal. XD I'm curious to see whether there will be some point where a letter of Inuyasha won't have her second guessing everything. And if the locket will some day used to form some sort of bond between those two, it will all be Sesshoumaru's fault! Jerk!

Her dream is part of TMoC? Tama you are a genius! And among all the tons of fanfic writers you are the only one that managed to create a TamaVerse! Be proud!

Speaking of uniqueness, you are the only one that has Sesshoumaru staying in the modern Era for a longer period of time. I LOVE all of his reactions. The rain and the souls sucking black box...I thought he liked the suite because he needs one for the day of marriage but then "dress for success" happened. XD I can't get enough of that!

Even though I don't like the way her grandpa went about the shrine business, he is actually nudging her in the right direction. To focus on her future in this universe! Of course the debt will also help her stay out of what-if-I-jumped-in-that-well scenarios since she will probably take yeeeeaaaarrsss to pay everything back. That old and senile geezer is quite cunning. :)

I'm ready for their date, finally! Sesshoumaru needs to understand the world he is living now and of course I'm looking forward to all of his reactions!!!! :P

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