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Project Baby Blues by TamashaToko

Perfect Specimen


The Bone Eater’s Well seemed to be the only land mark of note in the in an otherwise unimportant village, but yet it seemed to be under maintained and rarely visited.  Not much surprised Sesshoumaru anymore, but he found it quite odd he was free to examine the small wooden structure as often as he liked with no one bothering him. There had been times where Jaken demanded to know why his Lord lingered around the well so much, but it only took a couple of cold glares to finally silence the imp.

Being this close to the nameless village Sesshoumaru was sure his scent would become apparent to his half-breed brother, but obviously times had changed for it seemed the two could now be in the same area without clashing blades and making demands of each other.  Though Sesshoumaru still had a hard time accepting the half-breed as his brother there was no longer any reason to fight. He no longer had desires for his father’s fang and since InuYasha’s home was also Rin’s it was best to just ignore his fleeting hatred.

However, it was becoming increasingly hard to ignore certain mysteries Sesshoumaru was unable to solve.

Before the final battle with Naraku there had been many tales of the Bone Eater’s Well that even Sesshoumaru had heard once or twice.  Anything demonic thrown in it would somehow disappear overtime, hence its namesake These tales had been verified by Sesshoumaru himself as every time he came to the village to visit Rin he’d thrown pieces of dead youkai down the well just to discover both flesh and bone were missing on the next visit.

Why a seemingly ordinary looking well had such powers was enough of a mystery on its own, but that wasn’t why it caught Sesshoumaru’s interest in the first place.

Sesshoumaru recalled there being some sort of drama moments after Naraku’s death where the well completely vanished.  That had been before a meido sucked in that miko. Inuyasha, being the idiot that he was, jumped in his own meido to go save the girl like he always did.  While InuYasha’s companions all crowded around the bare dirt after the well’s disappearance, Sesshoumaru had excused himself not really caring about InuYasha’s problems.  All he’d cared about at the time was the confirmation of Naraku’s death, but now Sesshoumaru found himself having regret that he didn’t stay around longer.

Sesshoumaru had heard from Rin that the well returned three days later with InuYasha but no Kagome.  The half-breed checked the well often for three-years before the wench finally returned to him for good.  With this knowledge it became clear that the human, who was now InuYasha’s wife, was not of the world as they knew it and was using the well to travel back and forth.  He should have been able to deduce that long ago as the clothing Kagome wore seemed quite alien to him, but if she really was from a different world why didn’t Tensagia react to her?  After all, his sword could only be used as a weapon when it came to destroying the dead and things not of his world.

Perhaps the biggest mystery was why Sesshoumaru even cared.  If he honestly wanted answers he could just get them out of Kagome herself if she were willing to cooperate, but he didn’t want to lower himself to conversing with InuYasha’s wench.  He cared enough to agonize over the mystery of where the well led to and why it did what it did, but not enough to have a civil conversation with any of InuYasha’s companions.

It didn’t matter anyway.  Last he spoke to Rin she told him Kagome no longer went to the well, which explained why the area seemed so deserted and lifeless nowadays.  All this mystery had become to Sesshoumaru were unanswered questions to fill his mind with as he seemingly had nothing better to do. With Naraku out of the picture and InuYasha keeping to his own Sesshoumaru didn’t feel as though he had any threats to rid himself of or anyone to compete with.  Was this what boredom felt like? He’d lowered himself to being so bored he actually wanted to know where Kagome of all people came from?

“That woman,” Sesshoumaru growled to himself unable to find any traces of her scent around the well showing she hadn’t been around it in quite a while.

Ever since he’d first laid eyes on that wench InuYasha had been protecting her, so it shouldn’t have been surprising that the two were together as husband and wife.  Sesshoumaru didn’t really know much about human customs cept being married was apparently the human equalievent of settling down with one mate, and if InuYasha had to forsake his demon blood for a human at least it was that woman.  Sesshoumaru still regarded Kagome as a loud wench with no regards for her place when in the company of those above her station, but he still gave the woman a measure of respect. He and InuYasha couldn’t have destroyed Naraku without her, he could admit that much and knew that would be the case, which is why he tried to protect her to the best of his ability within Naraku’s body.  It should have been InuYasha’s duty to protect her, but Sesshoumaru could understand that was probably easier said than done. Sesshoumaru had only been protecting her for maybe an hour or two that day and several times she put herself in harm’s way for the sake of others.

Reflecting on his thoughts and feelings on InuYasha’s wife, however, still wasn’t giving him the answers he wanted.  She’d earned a measure of respect, but not enough to have the privilege of knowing he was curious about her origins.

A while ago he told himself it should have no longer interested him if Kagome was indeed unable to use the well for travel anymore, but on his last visit he’d began to notice something odd.  There had been visible footprints near the well. They’d been made at a time the ground was damp and seemed to be leading away away from it as though someone had emerged from it, but it couldn’t have been Kagome.  Her scent, nor the scent of any human, had been present. Only the scent of an unidentified demon. Did that mean a demon could use the well? He’d jumped to the bottom of it once or twice to check on the parts he’d tossed down it, but nothing ever happened.

After all this speculating the only answer Sesshoumaru could arrive at was that he needed to do something better with his time and stop obsessing over something so meaningless.  What if that world produced more humans like Kagome? That was not a place he should have been interested in, unless of course, it was a place that would be easy to conquer. However, if he were in the mood to go on a path of conquest he’d do so in his own world.

Right as he was trying to push away his lingering questions about the well and InuYasha’s wife he was forced to endure the scent of the woman in question as the wind shifted.  He could smell Kagome as well as the demon slayer and the scents only seemed to become stronger as time lingered on. So they were going to approach the well? It would have been best to avoid them and pay Rin a short visit before going on his way, but for curiosity sake Sesshoumaru had decided to instead conceal himself in a patch of nearby overgrown grass where he couldn’t been seen.

Hiding in such a way, especially from humans, felt demeaning, but perhaps he’d either see or overhear something that would satisfy the newfound curiosity.

Kagome dressed fully in miko garb placed her hands on the edge of the well with a gentle smile, “It’s been a long time.”

Sango shook her head, “Still feels like it was yesterday you use to run back to it every time we came back here.  It’s not hard coming back here is it? Feels like you’ve been avoiding this place.”

In truth Kagome had been avoiding coming to the Bone Eater’s Well.  Demon attacks on the village were a rare occurrence with InuYasha around as a permanent resident, but when they did happen she remained in the village while others would discard the body.  When she made the decision to live the remainder of her life in this world with InuYasha she tried to live with few regrets, but just seeing the well overwhelmed her with homesickness. It’d been two years since she made that decision, and a whole year since she’d even seen the well.

“It’s hard,” Kagome admitted letting out a sigh, “since coming back I haven’t even tried.”


“To go back through,” she answered trying to keep it together as she stared into the well’s depths, “I don’t even know if my passage home is sealed or not.  I’m just afraid to try ya know? Afraid that if it did open I couldn’t come back to him. I still don’t even know how I got back here in the first place after it was sealed for three whole years.”

“You miss your family don’t you?” Sango asked stating the obvious to give her friend time to say her peace.

“Of course.  That’s why I’m here.  I told myself I’d come on my mom’s birthday every year to pay my respects and beat myself up.”

“Beat yourself up?”

“I chose InuYasha over them.  That sounds bad doesn’t it? Still that’s what I did.  I want to know if Souta is doing a lot better than me in his studies or if gramps still watching out over them and the shrine, but in a way I shouldn’t be allowed to care right?  I’m the one that abandoned them.”

Sango now understood what Kagome meant by making plans to beat herself up once a year.  The immense guilt she was displaying was something new to Sango. Ever since Kagome and InuYasha had been married she put her all into adjusting to living in their world permanently while rarely reflecting on her past life.  It seemed Kagome was creating a new tradition for herself, suppressing all the guilt from her decision just to let it out at the well once a year. It didn’t seem very healthy.

“Kagome?” Sango shook her head, “it’s okay to feel sad and miss them but I don’t know if feeling guilty is right.  Everyone was happy and healthy when you left right? You want them to be happy and they wanted you to be happy. You know in your heart why the well opened up again.  It’s because this is where you wanted to be. Don’t feel guilty for pursuing what you want. We didn’t endure Naraku’s cruelty for as long as we did just to turn around and deny ourselves what we deserve.”

All Sesshoumaru was learning from this conversation was what he already knew.  Kagome had come from another world using that well and she was either not returning to that world because she couldn’t or it wasn’t worth the risk to try.  When the girl started to cry he considered simply going over there and pushing her down the well to see what would happen, but in the event her neck got broken or she couldn’t come back he didn’t want to hear InuYasha or Rin whine about it.

“I know Sango,” Kagome couldn’t back anymore, “but if it’s okay to be happy than it’s okay to cry.  I just need to do it while I can. If you think I’m being ridiculous you know what InuYasha would think if he saw me like this.  He’d never admit it but he’d blame himself before calling me an idiot for coming back here if I miss them all so much.”

Sango gave a nod understanding where Kagome was coming from.  She was pretty much in the same boat when it came to Kohaku. He rarely checked in with her as he was too busy traveling the countryside slaying demons, and if something were to happen to him there was no guarantee Sango would find out about it.  Still, she had to put her worry to the side and keep strong for Miroku and their children. Kagome was doing the same for InuYasha.

“If you need to cry then cry Kagome,” Sango told her, “just know that wherever they are I doubt they want you to be sad for them for too long.  They probably miss you just as much as you miss them and want you to be strong.”

Kagome took a moment to recover as she wiped away her tears, “I know they understand.  This is my home and InuYasha is my family now.”

However, it was hard to say she had a home because in all actuality she didn’t.  She was basically homeless in her opinion, and that had been what her and InuYasha’s last fight was about.  They didn’t have a roof over their head! InuYasha had his favorite trees that he preferred sleeping in, and though it had been pretty romantic cuddling with him under the stars in the beginning of their marriage things changed when the seasons became rainy or too cold.  Apparently the weather didn’t get to him as easily as it did her so she needed to rely on Miroku and Kaede to give her lodgings when she couldn’t slum it any longer. Many times the villagers had offered to build them their own hut since InuYasha had done more than enough for the village, but he was too damn stubborn to take them up on the offer.

“Stupid,” Kagome didn’t even have to go into detail as she’d already complained to Sango enough times about her current situation, “I know I could just take the offer for a hut on my own but I know how that would go.  He’ll say its a slight against him like I’m too good for what he provides me with and it will just be another fight. When the weather gets nice again and I try to get close to him he’ll tell me to get lost and go back to my hut since I wanted it so bad.  Then when it does turn into a fight he’ll get mad at me for getting upset over something so stupid. It’s not stupid to me. Why doesn’t he get it? I just want a home for both of us. Why is he so against that? Is it a demon thing you think? I bet Sesshoumaru has a home.  Probably a castle since he is Lord Sesshoumaru and all.”

Sesshoumaru almost found Kagome’s assumption amusing.  Him have a castle? What a ridiculous notion. He was no human noble, therefore didn’t require an estate to show off his status.  The girl clearly didn’t understand her place as InuYasha’s woman and had no right criticize InuYasha for living under the stars. When one had the blood of a powerful inu daiyoukai running through veins the world was their castle.

Sango let out a laugh, “You two are definitely married.  Listen to yourself. You’re getting upset about a fight you predict is going to happen.  I already told you that you should go ahead and do whatever you want. Keep letting him get his way just because you don’t want to fight he’ll start thinking he actually has you tamed when we know that’s not true.  I don’t know why you all of a sudden think it’s bad to fight. You two use to go at it all the time in case you’ve forgotten.”

Kagome managed a smile, “I haven’t forgotten.  Maybe I’m just not as strong as I thought I was.  Back then if it got out of hand I could just pout and jump back through the well until one of us realized the other was in the wrong.  I obviously don’t have that luxury anymore, but then again I was young and kind of dumb wasn’t I? Do you and Miroku ever get into arguments now that you’re married?  The kind you had before our lives got peaceful.”

“The difference between you and me Kagome is I don’t have time for those kind of fights anymore.  I’m amazed I’m even getting away from the little ones for this small amount of time. He’s either off cheating a village out of their rice or joining me in chasing after the kids and looking after the home.  When we do fight it's about a whole new set of problems such as putting money aside for new clothes for the kids and if we’re rationing enough food or not. Maybe you’re better of living off the land. There seems to be a bit of freedom in that.”

However, as they were on the subject of family there had been something Sango had been meaning to ask Kagome now that they were alone.

“Kagome,” Sango took on a more serious tone, “you don’t believe you need a hut to be InuYasha’s wife do you?”

Kagome blinked not understanding the question, “What do you mean?  You know we’re married. We don’t need a plot of land to prove that do we?”

“What I mean is are you two actually living a married life?”

“Same as you and Miroku do.  Just without the benefit off of a roof over our head.”

Sango was now getting a bit frustrated as she couldn’t tell if Kagome was being naive or dodging the obvious question.

“I mean are you two together as man and wife?  Doing what a man and wife would do if they had a futon to share.”

A blush spread across Kagome’s face as she finally understood.  She took a moment to consider what answer she should give not wanting to be further embarrassed, but Sango wasn’t the kind who would easily judge her.

“Yeah we do,” Kagome said very quietly before nervously pressing two fingers together, “by that I mean we have.  Just- not as often as you and Miroku okay.”

Kagome had pretty much confirmed Sango’s suspicions with that answer.  Sango had gotten pregnant with the twins fairly quickly after marrying Miroku just to have another baby soon after that and at the moment had another one on the way.  Kagome, on the other hand, showed no signs of pregnancy despite being married to InuYasha for two years. Sango, with her feudal sense of thinking, believed it was either because the two weren’t acting as husband and wife or Kagome was barren.  She really hoped infertility wasn’t the problem as she believed Kagome would make a great mother.

“You have?” Sango asked, “how many times?”

Kagome was suppose to be the one from a more progressive and less patriarchal time, but yet was folding under the pressure of Sango’s questions as though they were just far too personal and intimate.

“Can’t really say,” Kagome frowned, “I mean we consummated if that’s what you’re going for.”

“Kagome I believe what you’re telling me is you and InuYasha have only been together in that way once or haven’t been together for a while.  Are you two not getting along? Or is there other problems? I don’t want to upset you I just want to make sure our hanyou friend isn’t mistreating you.”

InuYasha mistreat her?  That was far from the truth.  All things considered cept for the occasional fight about them being homeless or her spending too much learning from Kaede they were getting along better than they ever had before.

“It’s not what you think,” Kagome confessed, “or whatever you’re thinking.  It’s just awkward sometimes. Kind of like we’re not meant for that sort of thing.  We just spent so long together showing our feelings towards each other in passive aggressive ways sometimes it’s kind of hard to just move further.  Yeah awkward is the word.”

Sango couldn’t figure out what Kagome meant at all.  In her opinion Kagome was just overthinking things, and Sango really wanted to help Kagome get past whatever the problem was thinking that the best solution for her to get over her homesickness would be to truly start a family of her own.  The way she saw it with her feudal sensibilities Kagome was much too old now to have reservations about settling down with her husband.

Sesshoumaru, on the other hand, really regretted being subjected to overhearing their conversation.  He wanted to learn more about the well and the kind of world that was on the other side of it, but all he was getting was things he didn’t need to know about his brother’s intimacy or lack thereof towards Kagome.  He was ready to take his leave to pay Rin a visit not caring if the women spotted him before he heard the light sounds of a sword hilt colliding against its sheath.

“Tensagia?” He didn’t even need to look at his blade to know it was reacting to something.

Was it finally acknowledging Kagome as a threat from another world?  No. There was someone else approaching them. He could pick up the scent of another demon in the wind.  As he focused on the scent he gave a slight smirk for he recognized it as the same scent that had lingered around the well when those odd footprints appeared.  The situation just got a lot more interesting.

“Kagome,” Sango got ready to impart her advice on the girl, “InuYasha and you are no longer just traveling companions bickering about Kouga or jewel shards.  He is your husband now so- Sesshoumaru?”

Kagome’s eyes widened as Sesshoumaru walked past them putting a hand over Tensagia’s hilt, “Sesshoumaru!?”

What was he doing there?  Sesshoumaru often showed up at the village since that’s where Rin lived, but why was he by the well?  More importantly how long had he been among them? Kagome immediately felt embarrassed wondering what he could have heard, but remembered that it was indeed Sesshoumaru so he probably wouldn’t have lowered himself to listening in on such a meaningless conversation.

Sesshoumaru gave them no greeting as he stood in front of the well with his back facing the women.  If there was to be a battle he didn’t want those two interfering as they’d be quite useless. Neither of the women had weapons and were leaving themselves vulnerable to attack.  He wondered if the death of Naraku had somehow given the women some sort of false sense of security that they were living in a safe or world, or perhaps they’d succumbed to relying on their husbands to protect them.

Of course when Sesshoumaru bothered acknowledging Kagome’s presence he couldn’t give the decency to turn and look at her.

“You wear the attire of a miko yet have no arrows?” he asked her sounding quite condescending.

The women having such a lowered guard was both another curiosity to him as well as a disappointment.  Having been thwarted by Kagome’s arrows himself in the past it seemed like quite a waste if she along with the slayer had indeed chosen to live as simple ordinary women.  They’d all witnessed their share of humans that made great sacrifice to their body and soul for the power to be equal in strength to demons whether it be by demonic energy or jewel shards.  Kagome had proven herself to be almost equal without taking short cuts, but yet she was now here unarmed acting like a sheep to slaughter.

Kagome had nothing to say in their defense.  It wasn’t that they were purposely being careless.  They’d just come alone to the well unarmed due to habit.  With InuYasha protecting the village Sango had fully retired from being a slayer while Kagome hadn’t touched a bow since the final battle with Naraku.  It was something both her and InuYasha agreed to thinking it was the for the best if she was to be a miko in the village. When it came to demon attacks he preferred her not to be involved.  It wasn’t become he doubted her strength. It was the opposite. He didn’t want her showing off her strength and having the villagers put all their trust in her for protection. He didn’t want her to become like Kikyo.

However, InuYasha wasn’t here right now.  He’d gone to a nearby village in Miroku’s place to exterminate a demon.  Kagome should have known better than to wonder too far from the village without means to protect herself, but luckily Sesshoumaru was no longer hostile towards them.

“It’s safe here right?” Kagome was trying to ask him if he could smell something off about the place.

Of course he couldn’t just answer her question.  He just ignored her as he kept his eyes narrowed at the stretch of land before him.  It was clear he was waiting for something, but even he was unprepared for what came next.

Sesshoumaru had been expecting a demon to either to reign down on them from the sky or come charging at them in open field, but what he got for his troubles was a large lightning bolt cracking across the sky like a whip greatly irritating his sensitive hearing.  His sense of sight had also been irritated as he barely understand what he was seeing in front of him.

The enemy demon that had arrived in the form of a lighting bolt was a female that looked about Kagome’s age.  She had long unnatural purple hair and wore a thin yet ornate lavender kimono with dark blue circles stitched in, which seemed to shimmer under the sunlight.  What he couldn’t understand was her demonic features. She had pointed dog ears on top of her head similar to InuYasha’s, but on her forehead was a crescent moon marking similar to his own.  The marking that served as a birthmark inherited from his mother. Just exactly who was this creature? It couldn’t have possibly been a relative of his, especially when Tensagia was letting him know this creature was from another world.

“Kagome and Sesshoumaru,” was the first thing she said staring at them with intense blue eyes, “how interesting.  Very interesting.”

The humans took longer than him to recover from the almost deafening sound of the lightning bolt.  Kagome hadn’t even heard the strange visitor say her name.

“You seek this Sesshoumaru?” the taiyoukai asked coldly, “do you wish to challenge me?”

That was the only thing he could assume this creature wanted from him and the only thing he’d be willing to give such a stranger.

“Challenge?” the stranger asked almost as though she were insulted, “No.  There’d be nothing to gain in your death.”

Kagome’s hearing was restored.  Whether or not this strange dog demon wanted a fight Kagome was sure there would be one, especially if this girl was somehow related to Sesshoumaru.  She weighed her options and considered giving Sango the signal to run back to the village. Whatever was going to happen here didn’t involve them and it was best for it to stay that way.

“Assuming you can send me to the grave is a challenge in itself,” Sesshoumaru reached for his Bakusaiga.

“Using a sword against an unarmed woman?” the girl rose raised her arms up almost as though it were a sign of surrender, “am I to be destroyed and rendered a pile of flesh unable to regenerate by the powerful Lord Sesshoumaru and his Bakusaiga?  How thrilling and unpredictable.”

There was something off about the woman’s tone.  She sounded very composed, but in a way that was mocking.  Almost like she was trying to imitate Sesshomaru’s tone of voice badly and on purpose.

“Who are you?” Kagome found herself asking, “are you related to Sesshoumaru and InuYasha?”

The woman laughed in response, “You’d be surprised how many times I’m asked that.  No. Sorry. I can’t even answer that question seriously. This is just so amusing for me.  Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Here in the same place. It’s meant to be.”

If this woman wasn’t here to challenge him then Sesshoumaru saw no point in continuing to linger, however she and the demon that seemed to be using the well were one in the same perhaps he could have some of his questions answered.  He’d question a complete stranger before engaging Kagome in idle chit chat.

“What business do you have with the Bone Eater’s Well?” Sesshoumaru asked still keeping his claws on the hilt of Bakusaiga, “your footprints lead out from the well but not towards.  How do you know of its power as well as that of my sword?”

“She used the well?” Kagome asked inching closer to the confrontation standing behind Sesshoumaru, “does it work?”

“Oh?” the stranger rose an eyebrow and went back to her cold mocking tone, “you’ve been tracking me?  How ironic since I planned to track you. I had a whole grand plan set up where I was going to attack the village to get Kagome before taking Rin hostage to lure you in, but you just had to make things too easy didn’t you?  Honestly I expected more from you Lord Sesshoumaru, but this just means we can skip the formalities of a hopeless situation and begin the experiment.”

Kagome wasn’t surprised to hear Sesshoumaru let out a growl when the woman mentioned kidnapping Rin.  It was obviously the only way someone could get Sesshoumaru to play by their rules, but what was the game?  Kagome was the one who now had curiosity eating away at her.

“What experiment?” Kagome asked, “and why are you targeting only me and Sesshoumaru?”

The inu revealed some sort of very small metal fragment in her hand before lazily flicking it away as though it were a bug.  The piece of metal zoomed right towards Sesshoumaru, but somehow shot right through his shoulder before going into Kagome’s flat stomach.  Unlike Sesshoumaru’s shoulder, however, it didn’t leave her body. Kagome could sense some sort of demonic presence inside of her. She was in shock trying to understand what had just happened.  The shard of metal went right through Sesshoumaru without causing any energy as though he wasn’t a physical barrier of any sorts nor did it tear through Kagome’s flesh when it went inside of her.  It was similar to the time Tsubaki forced deviled jewel shards into Kagome’s body for the purpose of cursing her. The shards had forced themselves into Kagome’s flesh, but yet hadn’t caused injury.

“Glad you asked,” the inu smiled, “you want to know why I’m using you and Sesshoumaru for my experiment?  Well my goal is to create the perfect half-demon specimen, and who better to use than the full fledged dog demon and powerful miko that destroyed Naraku.”

Create the perfect half-demon specimen?  What did she mean by that?

“What did you put in my body!?” Kagome demanded to know, “and that doesn’t answer my question.  We all defeated Naraku by working together. InuYasha-

“Bores me,” the woman demoness interjected, “he’s too boring and predictable for my experiment.  No good at all. Kagome you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. Sesshoumaru hasn’t chimed in because he knows what I’m saying is true.  You two are the ones that defeated Naraku. It wouldn’t have been possible without his Bakusaiga and your arrows. All InuYasha did was the clean up work with that little meido attack of his.”

Sesshoumaru acknowledged this as fact.  After all, that’s why he’d went through such lengths to protect Kagome within Naraku’s body in the first place.  He felt it was up to him to destroy Naraku’s body while only she could take care of the sacred jewel. He could have eliminated Naraku on his own if he hadn’t feed his soul to that damn crystal.

Still he wasn’t going to be mocked by the demoness any longer on account of his previous victory.  Any experiment involving some sort of perfect half-demon specimen was not anything he wanted involved with.  He quickly unsheathed Bakusaiga and sent a strike of brilliant green light towards the enemy.

The demoness responded with a chuckle as the waves of power began to die out around the marvelous barrier she produced around her body.  The shimmering material on her kimono seemed to be glistening without the help of the sunlight as though it were reacting to her power.

“Don’t waste your energy Sesshoumaru,” she shook her head, “you can’t touch me.  Even if your half-breed brother were here he couldn’t take down my barrier. This new ability of mine might be the only barrier in this world immune to the red Tetsusagia.  It can even protect me from Tensagia so don’t bother. Now then let’s continue with the experiment. Sesshoumaru I need you to lend me your DNA please.”

“DNA?” Kagome asked knowing that wasn’t a term anyone from the feudal era would be using, “you did come through the well!”

Before Sesshoumaru could make another attempt to strike the demoness they watched as a blue miasma began to glow from her claws similar to how Sesshoumaru created his poison.  Also similar to him she formed the toxins into some sort of whip, but somehow managed to free it from her body as the now solid whip was sent hurling towards them. One end wrapped around Sesshoumaru’s wrist while the other snuck itself around the entirety of Kagome’s body.

“This is where things get a bit awkward,” the woman smiled to herself, “so forgive me.  Of course there was a more sensual and intimate way to make this happen, but for the sake of time it seems we’ll have to rely on a bit of celestial magic.  Well not really magic per say as this you might find this to be more of a curse.”

“Curse?” Kagome asked before the ‘awkward’ part happened.

The end of the bindings on Sesshoumaru’s wrist somehow forced itself through his flesh and into his veins.  He could begin to feel his demonic energy weakening a small bit as though it were being sapped from him. Kagome got it worse as the end that was wrapped around her painfully stabbed through her white garb right into her belly button forcing her to cry out as it went inside of her.

The demoness just chuckled at the sight.  It almost looked like Sesshoumaru was attached to an umbilical cord of sorts.  That was very fitting.

“The pain won’t last long Kagome,” she shook her head, “not to worry.  That fragment I placed inside of you is simply collecting the DNA from both you and Sesshoumaru to create the perfect specimen I wish to study.  It will make sure the specimen grows inside of you nice and healthy. In other words you’re going to have a child and Sesshoumaru is the lucky donor.”

She was going to have a child and Sesshoumaru was her donor?  If it weren’t for the pain that came with having her flesh violated by the strange blue whip Kagome would assume this were some sort of illusion or dream.  She couldn’t have Sesshoumaru’s child. That wasn’t possible. She was InuYasha’s wife, and if she wasn’t going to give her husband a child she wasn’t going to do it for a man she still considered somewhat of a stranger.

Once the deed was done the blue whip began to vanish, and with it the injuries it had caused.  The power of the stranger’s demonic energy revived their violated flesh as though nothing had ever happened.  All that got destroyed in the process was Kagome’s miko garb that had a hole through the middle of it.

“Enough of this!” Sesshoumaru snarled his eyes beginning to glow red before creating his own miasma, “I will not be apart of your curses or games bitch!”

“This is the part where you try to fight me again needless,” the girl shook her head with a sigh, “you’re beginning to bore me just like InuYasha.  If I get bored I might not be able to see this whole thing through. Alright I know what to do! Just gotta send the boring things away until they learn to behave.  That’s right. Goodbye Lord Sesshoumaru!”

Moving at an incredible speed that even Sesshoumaru couldn’t keep up with the purple haired demoness charged at the taiyoukai.  The force of the collision of one as strong as herself forced him right where she wanted him, his back pinning Kagome right at the edge of the well.

“Kagome didn’t bore me,” she continued, “so it’s not fair I punish her but it’d be a shame to let the perfect specimen grow up without a father.  Away you two go!”

“Kagome!” Sango screamed for her friend as the demoness pushed both Sesshoumaru and Kagome into the depths of the well.

The purple haired inu rubbed her hands together as though she were congratulating herself after completing some some of mundane task while Sango looked down into the well to see nothing.

“Don’t worry,” the woman told Sango, “I sent them to Kagome’s world.  A familiar place with her family as well as more suitable advances in technology and medicine will do wonders for her.  Everyone gets what they want. Your friend will finally become a mother and she can see her loved ones. Well I guess InuYasha and Sesshoumaru get the short end of the stick, but this can be their punishment for being so predictable and boring.  I wonder how Lord Sesshoumaru will do in that world. I can’t wait to see!”

Sango wasn’t going to try and fight the demoness.  She had no weapons and knew she wouldn’t be able to do what Sesshoumaru could not.  Instead all she could do was look down into the depths of the well hoping that Kagome would return.

“Oh I sealed it,” the demoness shrugged, “they can’t come back.  This makes everything much more fun! I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.  Kagome giving birth to Sesshoumaru’s child in a world that is foreign to him.  The possibilities are endless.”









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