Reviews for Maternal Instinct by Elastic

VS (Chapter 5) - Wed 10 Jun 2020


you have set a really nice pace for this story! I love how you don't rush their relationship and at the same time keep every chapter interesting.

Oblivious Kagome is just too funny. XD And your portrayal of Sesshoumaru is nice. I like how he starts developing an interest in her yet is not aggressive in his pursuit. It seems more like he is curious about Kagome and about the feelings she evokes in him. Overprotective Sesshoumaru is a classic and him showing concern is sweet. Though him admitting a mistake (even if it is indirect) is everything. I love it.

You are doing well.

Looking forward to your next update.

Jennifer (Chapter 4) - Thu 04 Jun 2020

Awesome chapter! Update again soon!!!

Jean (Chapter 3) - Fri 29 May 2020

Great story so far. I love the relationships you are developing in the group. Can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Mecca (Chapter 3) - Mon 25 May 2020

I'm hooked! I am liking how very canon and in character everyone is being, how stoic Sess is but slowly coming out of his shell, especially if he's talking to someone he cares about (Kags, of course!). So Naraku is still lurking about? Who has most of the jewel shards? Please update! 

VS (Chapter 1) - Tue 12 May 2020

I truly enjoy fics where Kagome plays the role of a surrogate mother. If hou keep true to the title there lots of mom.moments.

Shippou is her kid no matter who gave birth to him. It surprised me that Inuyasha seems to be so accepting of that bond even giving her the title "mother", but why not?

Both females love with all of their heart, no matter how old Kagome is, her mother will always worry for her. That bonding moment between mother and daughter was heart warming. Unfortunately Kagome never gave her the promise she wanted to hear, but it's probably better that way. If her mother is right, Kagome may as well.not be able to return and that could turn her into a liar.

I didn't get what you meant by Inuyasha's village and the others not feeling comfortable because that was his territory...

Looking forward to your next update.



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