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Maternal Instinct by Elastic


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Maternal Instinct Chapter 1 - Routine

“Bye Mom!” Kagome shouted, as she leapt through the front door.

“Kagome! Wait!” Kagome nearly tripped over her feet trying to turn herself around from her previous pace. It had been three years training in the feudal era and her clumsiness could still get the better of her.

“What did you need mom?” They met halfway in the yard. Kagome was anxious to get back as she knew they were near the end of all this, between Naraku and herself the jewel was done. She had gotten the ones back from Kohaku and Koga. She could feel the nerves coming up as she was delayed and pushed down the feeling, trying to keep a level head.

Suddenly, she was gripped tightly by her mother and she felt the air rush out of her lungs.

“Be safe.” She reminded her daughter. Call it maternal instinct but she could tell something big was going to happen on the other side of the well this time. Despite Kagome telling her they had been close to the end for months now, something in her heart told her that things would never be the same for her Kagome after this.

It had taken a lot out of her to come to terms with her daughter’s adventures. She remembered being young and when it had initially started with the back and forth trips, she knew she couldn’t stop Kagome. She understood the responsibility her daughter felt and could not take that away from her. Kagome demonstrated early on how much these trips were making her mature and shaping her into the young woman she was meant to be.

“I know mom. I always am.” She squeezed her mom’s arms and turned her back on her. The tension of this next trip getting to her.

“Come back to me.”

Kagome didn’t hear her mother as she hopped into the well.


Maternal Instinct Chapter One – Routine


“It’s about time you came back.” Inuyasha exasperated to her as he helped pull her out of the well. He always acted like she had left them for a month when she went home. This time was only for one night and Kagome was grateful for the hot shower.

She had grinned to him in response, knowing this was his usual dynamic with her. “Where are the others?”

“Miroku and Sango are in the hut. The kit is mostly likely on his way to greet you as well.”

“He’s growing too fast for me.”

“Keh. That’s what mother’s always say.” They walked together down towards the village. Kagome wondered if Inuyasha would want to start and meet the others this afternoon or finish the night here. Kagome felt like she would still enjoy that night in the village with the friends she considered family, but their group had grown so much. It seemed wrong to her that the others, with the exception of Rin, never felt at home enough in the village to stay there. Sango had once explained it to her as a territory thing between the demons. They wanted to leave the village as Inuyasha’s. Of course, this did not apply to the forest.  As they had their own domain to protect as well, it made sense.

Kagome shook her head out of her thoughts as she saw auburn coming up the hill to her.

“Mama!” Shippo leaped off the ground at her. He hit his target as his arms wrapped around her waist. He had effectively knocked her onto her rear. This was her point that he was getting too big. He was about half her size now and it reminded Kagome that Shippo was a full demon.

He might even get bigger than Inuyasha. Kagome mused, trying to keep the frown off her face, she would never see Shippo as an adult. As the end of this adventure was closing in on her, the shikon jewel was almost complete, Kagome hated to acknowledge her time in the feudal era was ending as well. It was time to truly start her life in the modern era.

“Alright runt, get off.” Inuyasha peeled Shippo off Kagome.

“Did you bring me anything?” Shippo looked to Kagome with eager eyes.

“Just ramen.” Kagome pinched his cheek. She had clearly spoiled him.

They reached Sango and Miroku waiting for them and upon seeing Kagome and Inuyasha, they called Kirara as she prepared to carry them.

“Are you ready Kagome?” Sango beamed at her. Kagome could feel the swell of joy build up in her chest. She cared so much for her friends. Miroku snuck a peek at Sango's backside as she was distracted with Kagome’s arrival and was moving in.  Kagome twirled her finger in the air to let Sango know and a smack echoed through the area. With a now red cheek, Miroku greeted Kagome.

They got ready for their departure as Kagome turned to see Inuyasha knelt down for her to get on his back. “Let’s go Kagome.” And she nodded in anticipation.


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