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Koree (Chapter 17) - Fri 28 Aug 2020


anischo (Chapter 17) - Fri 31 Jul 2020

Wow it was a good story, very entertaining to read. Although the ending seems kinda rushed? I don't know why but I feel like there should be more? But all and all this was great! Thank you for writing this! Keep up the good work, Author! 

rini (Chapter 17) - Sat 25 Jul 2020

Hi, I have yet to start reading this story and I was wondering if it was finished. It was under 'complete' tag on so I'm kinda confused since on Dokuga it's under 'incomplete' tag. If it's complete would you please change the tag ? 

FayeMegan (Chapter 17) - Sun 19 Jul 2020

Bravo! Great story, thank you for sharing it with us.

Tisha (Chapter 17) - Wed 15 Jul 2020

All rapped up in a bow. Nice ending ty for not making us wait for a conclusion to ch 16. It also leaves you with an option for a sequel. Ty for posting and I look forward to your next story

Lauren (Chapter 17) - Wed 15 Jul 2020

Cannot believe it is over already. But you gave us a tidy happy ending, with a suprise. Looking forward to your other works. Will they be alt future fics as well?

Stay safe!

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 17) - Tue 14 Jul 2020

Oh, such a terrific conclusion!!! You had me going there for a minute or two! Loved the way you wrapped things up so neatly, with the pregnancy, them getting married, and all the other loose ends tied up neatly. It has always amazed me that authors can keep track of all those threads and bring them all together, believably, at the end of a story. This was a most enjoyable story, and I'm delighted that you find our Sess/Kag world to be supportive... we do try here at Dokuga. Hope you will grace us with more of your writing prowess in the future!



Alison (Chapter 17) - Tue 14 Jul 2020

Aw, I both love and hate when a story ends. I hate that it's over but I love that it had an ending and a happy one at that. Thank you for the fic.

Shastuhh (Chapter 17) - Tue 14 Jul 2020

Beautiful! I love it. 

Libitinaluna (Chapter 17) - Tue 14 Jul 2020


Lauren (Chapter 16) - Sat 11 Jul 2020

Sesshomaru should've known better than to keep following the Lords. The target was either going to be Kagome or her family. But who was with her when they attacked the dojo? And who would blow up a shrine in broad daylight?

Storm (Chapter 16) - Sat 11 Jul 2020

Omg!!! Noooo, why you do dis?!?!

Valasaurus (Chapter 16) - Fri 10 Jul 2020

Such a cliffhanger!!! I truly hope that kagome and mei survived the blast

Kris (Chapter 16) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Oh my freaking god! What happened!  Please don't leave us hanging on too long. 

Inuaddict (Chapter 16) - Thu 09 Jul 2020


Tisha (Chapter 16) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Nooo, wait come back.. Why..... Please post asap this is a great story but please don't leave us hanging to long.

Redleopord (Chapter 16) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

That bear was quacking like a duck! Decoy! Decoy! Decoy! Sesshy fell hook, line and sinker. Big dumb dog! Really like this story!! ;)

Shastuhh (Chapter 16) - Thu 09 Jul 2020

Noooooooooo! What a cliffhanger... but great chapter! 

Lauren (Chapter 15) - Tue 07 Jul 2020

The confrontation and meeting went better than I thought it would. Those two will be an issue later, though. It also seems like someone had been spying on them prior to the meeting, for there to have been rumors floating around.


Looking forward to what's next and this favor.

Koree (Chapter 15) - Sun 05 Jul 2020

That went better than I expected both the meeting & Inuyasha 

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