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Neferka (Chapter 10) - Thu 28 May 2020

This is such a great story! I love the plot! Keep up the amazing work!

Niomi (Chapter 10) - Wed 27 May 2020

Aww, what a gentleman Sess is! I love their relationship. It's feels so natural, so easy. I hope it's not coming to an end anytime soon!! I can't get enough. Thank you so much for taking the time to update! can't wait for more

inuwoof (Chapter 10) - Wed 27 May 2020

ch 10

Valasaurus (Chapter 10) - Mon 25 May 2020

I can't wait to hear her answerrrr

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 10) - Mon 25 May 2020

Squeeee!!! Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!!!!! Yes!!!!

Lauren (Chapter 10) - Mon 25 May 2020

Well, Sesshomaru works quickly. LOL I wonder if he took hours because he was divulging his story (at least part of it)? But regardless, Kagome will definnitely need an explanation.

Very nice fan art!

bookgirl813 (Chapter 10) - Sun 24 May 2020

Yay, great update. It's good to see Sesshomaru sharing his work with Kagome not only to see what he's does. But to gage how she handles the duties.  Will she assist him as mate?  It looks that way. I'm curious how the rest of the Youkai react to her.  

Nicki (Chapter 10) - Sun 24 May 2020

This is such a sweet chapter! I love it! Thanks so much for posting!

Kris (Chapter 10) - Sun 24 May 2020

I love where this is going. But I feel like the other shoe is about to fall off because they're falling in love so easily. 

Lauren (Chapter 9) - Tue 19 May 2020

What a180 Sesshomaru has made! Sweet and thinking of himself and his happiness. That guilt needs to dealt with though. No one thinks less of Sesshomaru (or that he is like Inuyasha for losing Rins family for a few generations), but how he will explain Kagome may change things and place Kagome in more danger now. To be so paranoid about a scent to walking it though the building...

Lauren (Chapter 6) - Tue 19 May 2020

I was hesitant of a modern fic, but this is very cute. And I completely understand Sesshomaru’s annoyance with his brother. Inyasha couldn’t keep his word to Kagome and is clearly avoiding her, like a coward. Or did time slip by him? Random how hojo married into Rin’s family.

Valasaurus (Chapter 9) - Mon 18 May 2020

Ugh why do I feel like there's about to be trouble coming soon with sess ruling all the demons. I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what happened next! Keep up the awesome work and stay safe!!

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

Finally! We'll be seeing Kagome giving Sesshomaru advices on polítics and more than polite manners xDD 

FayeMegan (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

*insert heart eye'd emoji here* great chapter!

Koree (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

Lovingggggggg the quick updates, great chap they're getting closer & closer by the minute 

Orotami (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

Absolutley beautiful. Can't wait to read more! 

Niomi (Chapter 1) - Sun 17 May 2020

Oh my goodness! I check almost everyday to see if you updated!! Thank you!! Oh my heart. So so sweet and heart warming. I love their simple, delicate love. Cannot wait to see more. I wonder how his world ie going to feel about Kagome

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

Ah, the feels, THE FEELS! I get them when I read this story. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this and being so accommodating and prompt with your updates. I almost want to read only completed fanfiction but absolutely love when I can find one where the author hasn't abandoned it or take a year or two between updates, it just breaks my heart a little because I get so invested in it. Perhaps that's my bad, but I definitely prefer it when the author is kind and lovely enough to update their awesome stories! 

I just love sweet Sesshoumaru, the whole snuggling with her (huge fan of snuggling) and attempting to cook her breakfast - that's probably his first time trying to cook for someone. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Also thank you for thess generous chapter lengths!  

Nilee1 (Chapter 9) - Sun 17 May 2020

I adore this story. You characters are so wonderfully nuanced. Please update soon... I feel that there must be trouble brewing.

merrrcurius (Chapter 2) - Thu 14 May 2020

ahhh!! this is awesome! i love what you've made of kagome post time-traveling priestess. she is accepting of her "boring" life, not necessarily depressed, but acknowledging that nothing can live up to the adventures she had in the fuedal era. that has been a head-canon of mine, that while content, she is not fulfilled or happy with a regular life anymore. and now she's met sesshou! in dog-form, no less! much excitement ahead!

i love how sesshou picked the closest name to his own as possible, shukun. i like it!

can't wait to read more! thank you!

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