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SmilingFool (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 Apr 2020

OOooo this is frustrating....  Okay once again..


I loved this chapter, we finally get to see the great Tama escape, or should I say absorbed.  Anyways I feel sorry for Kagome but she should have used common sense before stepping out of Sesshomaru's barrier.  Now Arata knows that Kagome finally found out about her parents.  He never explained that he already knew.  Wonder what Kagome would say to that.  Oh he keeps acusing Kagome of cheating even not directly with Sesshomaru.  Did he marry her just to get back at Sesshomaru for what he did when they were in high school?  Gods I cant wait to see what happens when they find Kagome gone.  Arata will blame Sesshomaru and his bodyguards for not protecting her.  Oh so much fun will happen in the next chapter I can't wait.

Betsy Akins (Chapter 13) - Sun 05 Apr 2020

I have been loving every line of this story, but I am very disappointed in this last chapter. Labeling the foster mom as obese and making her such a vile character only reinforces fatphobia. Fat people have enough discrimination to face without also being portrayed negatively in stories like this. I was really sad to read this in a community which has seemed to be so inclusive and considerate of all people. I hope you will consider changing this.

SmilingFool (Chapter 11) - Wed 01 Apr 2020

Okay second time leaving this review.... I can't wait til the shit hits the fan...  Kagome's coming after you Izayoi and Toga you better have a good explanation than the one you got Kagome's heard that one.  So what will she do with her so called husband knowing he lied about her mother on the wall....  Oh Sesshomaru's gonna love this can't wait to see what he will do.

Maeline CHAREF (Chapter 1) - Wed 01 Apr 2020

I'm crying, i wassim hoping kag knows before Her wedding, because offre à 1st attack and sesshomaru to comme tous Her rescue. After that, they canadienne work their relationship. ????????????

J (Chapter 10) - Tue 31 Mar 2020

Man, this hurts me. Sesshoumaru is so selfless and continually being crushed, at this point I don't think they should be together. For all that Kagome says she's the only one that can read her brother, she is completely ignorant to his sorrow. I'm rooting for Sesshoumaru!

hw (Chapter 9) - Mon 30 Mar 2020

I really feel for Sesshomaru and Kagome...they're both having the hardest time. I hope Kags doesn't go through with the wedding. I know that Kagome thinks she only has a family love for Sesshomaru but it's pretty obvious that she doesn't realize she's in love with him.

I wonder what she'll think whenever she discovers the truth about her parents. Although they're not blood-related...they are still step-brother and step-sister so I'm sure it'll still be a bit weird for them if they got together. I kinda don't care though about that though. They are meant to be. I'm also wondering about Arata... we don't really know much about him except that he's super nice and loving and his mom had similar issues to Kags. But who is he really? 

Pieces of mimi (Chapter 9) - Mon 30 Mar 2020

Omghhhhh! this hurt my soul! I hope Kagome doesnt go through with it and really has cold feet, leaving atara at the alter. As sad as it maybe, its not meant to be. I just wanted to tell you that ive been following this story and keep checking my email through out the day for notifications on updates. It's so cute and I'm truly in love with it. Its Really pulled Me in and is helping me try to step away from all this craziness the pandemic is causing. Thank you for your time, mind and writing. Your work doesn't go unnonoticed and you are truly appreciated. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next update.

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 9) - Mon 30 Mar 2020

Don't mind me while I deal with all of these feelings T_T

Lady Amalthea (Chapter 8) - Mon 30 Mar 2020

By happenstance I read this Chapter (8) listening to Olivia Newton John's I Honestly Love You, puts it in a completely different light...


Maybe I hang around here
A little more than I should
We both know I got somewhere else to go
But I got something to tell you
That I never thought I would
But I believe you really ought to know

I love you
I honestly love you

You don't have to answer
I see it in your eyes
Maybe it was better left unsaid
This is pure and simple
And you should realize
That it's coming from my heart and not my head

I love you
I honestly love you

I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
I'm not trying to make you anything at all
But this feeling doesn't come along everyday
And you shouldn't blow the chance
When you've got the chance to say

I love you
I honestly love you

If we both were born
In another place and time
This moment might be ending in a kiss
But there you are with yours
And here I am with mine
So I guess we'll just be leaving it at this

I honestly love you

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Peter W Allen / Jeff Barry
I Love You, I Honestly Love You lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

SammyJams (Chapter 7) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

I'm crying

T (Chapter 7) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

All the feels - great chapter! 
I like the pacing of the story so far too- excited to see whats next  

Amy (Chapter 7) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

Of course, it made me feel something.

It made me feel a pang to my heart. The angst is almost palpable. Your delivery of Sesshoumaru's feelings and anguish was seriously great.

I have to apologize for being silent for so long. I kept reading your stories, even if not as often as I used to back in time, but life got in the way so many times, I forgot how important every single review is for a writer.

Now we're stuck at home, smart working, due to the spread of the Covid19 and I need to thank you for writing this amazing story which is having the power of making me so caught up with the world you created that I can forget about the awful moment we are currently living.

Again, perhaps I fail to convey how much I am loving this story of yours, due to the circumstance of English not being my first language, but I do hope my message, the meaning behind it, can get to you nonetheless.

So, from your once fellow reader and reviewer from Italy, a long, deep, virtual hug to say thank you for everything you're doing for all of us readers, every day. From the bottom of my heart.

One Love


Toni (Chapter 7) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

Omg  poor seshie 

What's the big deal if she is adopted  

She should be told   

Oh well  let's see how you continue  

Love this story

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 7) - Sun 29 Mar 2020

Omigosh you're tearing me apart! At first I was enjoying the sweet angst, but that last scene punched me in the gut. This is so good, like a delicious cake. 

Anna Grey (Chapter 6) - Fri 27 Mar 2020

I always love this kind of story. So angsty, makes people feel things. 

Your story is so wonderful. I can't wait till your next updates!!!!

Maria (Chapter 5) - Fri 27 Mar 2020

I don't usually leave reviews but I felt like this was too amazing not to leave a review for. Love how the story has progressed and I don't think I would be upset if it ended here. Amazing work!!!


Maeline CHAREF (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 Mar 2020

I love how thé story is progressing ! Thank you 

Maeline CHAREF (Chapter 1) - Fri 27 Mar 2020

I love how thé story is progressing ! Thank you 

Mo (Chapter 5) - Thu 26 Mar 2020

So is this fic going to involve incest, because it was already said Kagome came from Izayo's womb as well as Inuyahsa, her twin.

Tisha (Chapter 5) - Thu 26 Mar 2020

What there is more. I am so excited i thought. This was tue end. Does she find out they are not related what kind of drama are you going to pen for us on lockdown to devour. I am on pins and needles.

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