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ashuhhleey (Chapter 190) - Fri 17 Apr 2020

Heh! Yeah Mama really is encouraging it! The new undergarments comment made me snort. But seriously, what was with the open window? That was weird. Was it Sess? Inu? Could of been either one or maybe something else.

Bold of you to tell me not to assume anything since that's all I ever do, lol. ;)

VS (Chapter 190) - Fri 17 Apr 2020

Awh, come on Dross, you are mean. I was looking forward to the discussion Kagome and Inuyasha would have and you just skipped it! :)

I liked how this last 10 chapters started out with rather heavy emotions and turned lighter with humour. Inuyasha was a sweetheart when promising to inform Sesshoumaru of her absence should it rain. He has come a long way. Though his stubbornness still shows here and there. ;)

Hm, the "dream" was nice to read. I wonder if Sesshoumaru had a similar one? I will have to remember the detail with the open window for the next chapters. XD

Looking forward to your next update!

ashuhhleey (Chapter 186) - Fri 17 Apr 2020

Haha it's like Mama is encouraging this!


FayeMegan (Chapter 190) - Fri 17 Apr 2020

Hmmm the dark well thing was kind of ominous, haha

RachelG (Chapter 180) - Thu 16 Apr 2020

This version feels so much truer to character <3 I feel like I'm a teenager again, crying and fretting and twisting myself in knots over my first serious boyfriend when it clicked that we were each other's person. I can feel Inuyasha's brashness, his friendship and yet how worried he is too, in typical tight lipped Inuyasha fashion. I can feel how truly young, hurt and twisted up Kagome is, and how bewilderingly deep Sesshoumaru feels, despite his desire to also maintain his ego, his pride and sense of normalcy. This moves me, definitely a powerful and inspired change to make to the original storyline <3

Redleopord (Chapter 180) - Wed 15 Apr 2020

I have a bad habit of not giving drabbles a chance. I've read some amazing ones but to many times I get into a story and the writing just stops. You haven't done that. Thankyou. I'm so glad to read yours. And it is amazing! Great job!!! ;)

Sessygurl (Chapter 180) - Wed 15 Apr 2020

I love this story so much. I like that Inuyasha us being a true friend and expressing his concerns. However I would like to hear Kagomes biggest concerns about being with Sesshoumaru long term. I wonder if she herself is not ready for such a commitment? Or if she cannot fit into demon society. Also, what about other suitors? Thanks for the updates.

Bonnie (Chapter 180) - Wed 15 Apr 2020

Love these little moments. I love a supportive Inuyasha. They're so sweet together and definitely argue like best friends. 

VS (Chapter 180) - Wed 15 Apr 2020

Perfection, Dross!!! "Perfection" is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about reviewing.

Every drabble is on point!!! You have a way with words that is unique. I never had the chance to read WCTR and I'm so happy I finally did!

You describe their process of falling in love so detailed without being repetitive.  What started out as mere curiosity became friendship and is now crossing the border to love. Every stage was filled with so many emotions, feeling comfortable and safe, trust, intimacy. And I love that you give the characters the chance to take their time and grow as persons. Both are not the same as they have been in the first chapter!

It's still a long way till both can say that they love each other, and it will not be easy. Kagome is already experiencing insecurities and I'm sure Sesshoumaru is confronted with similar feelings/thoughts too. They will have to work hard and I'm looking forward to their first fight.

I love Inuyasha in this one! He is so supportive - in his own way of course. He is the big brother Kagome never had and I'm sure he will help her figure her feelings out while at the same time he will come to know and love his hated half-brother too.

You did more than well, Dross! I'm in love with this fic and I know that I will reread and reread it over the years. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

I'm looking forward to your next update!

Jaken (Chapter 180) - Wed 15 Apr 2020

The hanyou sounds like a baby... Like someone taking his favourite toy. Spoilt brat... Sesshomaru is the true legitimate son. Yet the hanyou makes it like his parents divorce coz of sesshomaru. 

misa (Chapter 165) - Mon 13 Apr 2020

I love your series. I've always favored this particular character pairing but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I'll be falling in love with their process of 'falling in love'. Sesshomaru seems so human-like that I keep forgetting that he's supposed to be a youkai, that there is nothing human about him. Everything he thinks or feels will be processed in an entirely different way but it's quite magical what you did with this series. I never imagined loving a soft, slow buring version sessxkag. 

You are simply an amazing writer. I can heap praises on your style of writing all day! XD 

May god bless you :*

And may you bless us with more chapters ;)

Stay safe. 

Much love from your newest fan. 

Jean (Chapter 165) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

They are soo sweet, love it! Then Inu coming out of no where with the comedy. Just what was needed! Happy Easter!

ashuhhleey (Chapter 165) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

Oh hello there, Inuyasha! Lol

Sweet updates! I'll be honest though, I was hoping for more sexy times. ;)


ashuhhleey (Chapter 160) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

Oops! It looks like he just made his intentions known.


Sessygurl (Chapter 165) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

Thank you! Happy Easter!

Bonnie (Chapter 165) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

Ok ok. This newer version is super sweet and super cute. I guess I can let you continue *wink* 

Seriously, I love it. And Happy Zombie Jesus Day (or Easter if you prefer)

Dee Dee (Chapter 155) - Thu 09 Apr 2020

I absolutely love this story. Just got back into sesshomaru and kagame fanfiction, considering all the time I have now. Its moving at a perfect pace and I love all the interactions with all characters. Keep up the excellent work and look forward to reading more

Silver Moon Inuyoukai (Chapter 72) - Wed 08 Apr 2020

KAGOME: “I did kinda see him naked.”

“Oh gods.” Inuyasha stands. “I’m done.” 

ME:  This slayed me. LOL! 

FayeMegan (Chapter 155) - Sun 05 Apr 2020

I like the changes so far! the perfect amount of fluff I need. I don't know if I commented this in the original, but I want to say that I adore a supportive InuYasha. ♥

Tana_san (Chapter 155) - Thu 02 Apr 2020

Wow.. This whole story is just ..Wow! It tugs at my heartstrings, pulling tightly with each new batch of updates. I can feel their emotions and actions as if they were my own. 

Where do they go to from here? This is the turning point in all relationships...intimacy. For some it's an easy transition, for others it feels like the hardest thing to do. It's in this time you make the decision to not only share your body with this person and accepting theirs, but wanting,needing to know that you are not only sharing your body but your emotions, your being. This is a special gift to many. To be given and received as a step to becoming closer, to becoming one with one another.  

That's where Kagome is and I believe after InuYasha tracked down his brother, spoke to him openly about Kagome (the Kagome he knows her to be)  that Sesshoumaru is desiring the same kind of relationship with Kagome. He doesn't want to hurt her or force her to do anything she isn't ready for, and for a man/youkai to try to cool the flames so to speak... to keep the woman feeling safe and unpressured...he has got to really care for her deeply, perhaps love...he says emotions are a weakness but it's the other way around. Emotions, strong emotions can give us the strength to do almost anything...Love is powerful and He will be powerful with her by his side. An added strength he didn't think he'd ever need or want.

So, yeah, this is my take in this fic. It's beautiful and beautifully written. I hate drabbles but adding so many at one time makes it easier to read and enjoy. It's alright if writing in a shorter amount of words make it easier for the writer, but if it will give us, the readers, a better story, I'm all for that...just please upload a good batch to give us more to read until the next installment.

Thank you for doing your fic this way. I also wanted to add I hope you are feeling better. I know there are many praying for you and I hope you and your family are doing well through this illness crisis we all are in. Much love!


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