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Kris (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

I can't wait to see his reaction to being greet by her in the inu way. 

Jean (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

Aww, I was looking forward to the nose bump. Thank you for the update, it was great! Can't wait for more!

Nilee1 (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

Ever time I get an alert that you have updated or given us something new-- all spark joy.

Nilee1 (Chapter 212) - Fri 22 May 2020

Swoon ????

CCR666 (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

I love the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha in this story. It's so flipping sweet! I seriously can't wait to see sesshomaru's reaction though... ????????????

Niomi (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

All caught up! I love how you think ahead with these little clues. I also love the relationship you created between I/K. It is so heart warming. As it should be. Inu is not a terrible guy like some depict him to be. Can't wait for more. thanks for finding time to update!

Niomi (Chapter 110) - Fri 22 May 2020

Omg. Im a big fan of your other stories but I've never really liked snippets. I kinda go into The Sorceress so I thought I'd give this a try. The great thing about starting from the beginning is that I have to many chapters to go, it's pretty much like a full story! Haha. That is until I catch up. 100 more chapters to go. Sounds crazy! But I LOVE IT. I love this so much. Simple, warm and fuzzy feeings. It's feels like puppy love. I love their tender moments. Im so sorry you went through some tough times, that inspired you to start this story. I think you achieved beyond your goal, many are loving this piece and I'm sure you've brought a smile to everyone's face. Thank you!

Young Kagome (Chapter 222) - Fri 22 May 2020

I loooove when you update! It's always in bunches. It makes my day. I wonder how he reacts!! Does it really only mean hello? Lol I wouldn't put it past Inuyasha to leave a bit of info out. Anyways please update soon! Stay safe. 

FayeMegan (Chapter 222) - Thu 21 May 2020

Love the fluff!!

Sessygurl (Chapter 222) - Thu 21 May 2020

Thank you ????  This was most enjoyable and sweet. I cannot wait to see his reaction to her in greeting.  I love that she is trying for him. 

Jean (Chapter 211) - Tue 05 May 2020

Beautifully written, they are so perfect together! Can't wait for the next part. Hope you are staying safe!

hw (Chapter 211) - Sun 03 May 2020

This story makes me swoon all the time. Just love how you write Sesshoumaru and Kagome's developing relationship and portray their feelings. And love how supportive InuYasha and the gang are with everything. 

Ladyg (Chapter 211) - Sat 02 May 2020

You and this story are both an absolute treasure!! 

With every drop you inspire me to reread the story from beginning to start!

I am in love with you characterize of Kagome and Sesshomaru.

This slow burn is everything I needed and so much more.

Your writing is exceptional and you put so much emotion and detail with so few words!!! 

Keep up the great work girl! Can't wait for the next drop :) stay safe and hope all is going well for you ^^ 

CCR666 (Chapter 211) - Fri 01 May 2020

Yay! Thank you for all the updates! I really love this story. ????

ashuhhleey (Chapter 211) - Fri 01 May 2020

Aww, her head almost caught up to her heart. Imagine the moment that actually happens. Sweet updates!


ashuhhleey (Chapter 210) - Fri 01 May 2020

Pffft! Of course she can't!


ashuhhleey (Chapter 209) - Fri 01 May 2020

The merging of their powers together? So the two of them can't hurt each other? I feel it!


Young Kagome (Chapter 211) - Fri 01 May 2020

Aww he accepts her feelings! So sweet. This was such a pleasant surprise! so many in one day it feels like Christmas. Keep up the amazing work! 

Flo (Chapter 211) - Fri 01 May 2020

Hey, love this. 

I had to go back and start from the beginning and I managed to read everything in like half an hour. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next drop ??

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 160) - Fri 01 May 2020

160-I WAS SO CONCENTRATED ON KAGOME'S INSECURITIES THAT I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT SESSHOMARU'S!!! HOWWW???? And you describe it so well. And you remind me so wonderfully that this entire relationship is new to the both of them. And OF COURSE Sesshomaru is going to be insecure. MY OTHER BABY!!

164- WHY ARE THEY LEAVING???! Ahhh, the leaving is so bittersweet. 

And Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha is so precious. I love SessKag stories where Inuyasha's role isn't just tossed out the window. Because they went through hell together and they will always be friends. And you captured it perfectly.  

Inuyasha is a precious baby too. And ahh, Kagome, you have so many people to fix, so many hearts to heal. And that is just so her. To want to repair Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's relationship. And the way Inuyasha feels. SO REALISTIC I CAN'T EVEN- Because yeah, he happy, but he worry, and he also maybe kind of jealous too. But that's okay. That's perfect. 

It's such a fun adventure seeing Sesshomaru and Kagome's relationship progress. Because I'm actually watching them fall in love. I'm reading about their insecurities and them trying to support each other and their insecurities that don't go away just because of a few words. This is like, reading about love blossoming before your very eyes and it's BEAUTIFUL.

THANK YOU for sharing!!!

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