Shanika (Chapter 5) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

Damn that just messed me up, what he done to her. Despicable piece of shit. 

cassandra (Chapter 5) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

Whooo hooo! Go Kagome! Yes what happened to her was terrible but I loved that she fought through her fear and fought back! As a victim of sexual assault myself, I love it when women are able to take charge and fight back and do some damage to their assaulters even though they are terrified. Sadly there are women out there like me who were too terrified to fight off the attackers. It’s stories like these that encourage women to fight back. Even if it’s just a fanfic. I’m really loving your story.

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 5) - Wed 29 Jan 2020

Ah, yes. Retribution has arrived to compound that of Kagome's efforts. I'm guessing the next chapter might be from our fave Demon Lord's perspective? Of course, when I guess at stuff in stories, I'm usually wrong, so we'll see! I'm glad, though, that Kags got a pound or two of flesh out of the stupid hanyou. I have a very hard time with stories that involve abuse of women without proper retribution for it. Still can't wait to see what Sesshoumaru does!



WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 4) - Sat 25 Jan 2020

Hmmm, let's see... dark rape scene, check. Overly entitled hanyou, check. Major blow up in the offing, check. Yup, I'd say you hit most of the commonly accepted "dark fic" plot devices - now I'll be eagerly looking forward to one stupid, brutish hanyou getting his ass kicked by someone (preferably a pissed off demon lord), and a tad bit more exposition in the next chapter so we can figure out why the heck Kags "can't see," and what else is going on! 



Shanika (Chapter 4) - Sat 25 Jan 2020

Wth? What wrong with inuyasha?  Why did he do that to Kagome? Why isn't she using her power to throw him off her? Sessohomaru is gonna kick inuyasha sss

WiccanMethuselah (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

Well, DANG, son!! Glad to have you back writing again, that's for sure! Not so sure it's a good thing for me, though, since I tend to want my Sess/Kag goodies in one lump sum and have a TERRIBLE time waiting for new chapters, lol. Srsly, though, you haven't lost your touch, not one bit. Still just as intriguing as ever, with almost twice the cliffy power!!!!!! Your loss (of sleep) is our gain, but don't push yourself too badly, or you'll drop this and I'll never find out what happens next. You know that won't work here... I MUST know what happens next!!!!! Good job, m'dear, hope this finds you & the fam doing well!



waterwomen1414 (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

Awesome as always I can't wait for your next update

Shanika (Chapter 3) - Fri 24 Jan 2020

I freaking hate cliff hangers. But how was she able to go through the well again? And I'm assuming that her friends doesn't know that they both are mated?

SammyJams (Chapter 3) - Thu 23 Jan 2020

Together again! Hopefully they can heal each other. 

SammyJams (Chapter 2) - Tue 21 Jan 2020

I enjoyed that you took a chapter away from Kagome being the main speaker, to her mother - it not only gives us a different point of view on how Kagome has been since being back, but gives us a small insight into another characters point of view. Can't wait to read more!

Shanika (Chapter 2) - Tue 21 Jan 2020

I'm confused. What's going on? Where did she go 

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Sun 19 Jan 2020

Poor Kagome - she seems to suffer so much. I like the premise of this story, and I think this first chapter was very well written. I look forward to reading more! 

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

This is a intriguing and slightly confusing story to me thus far, but I am interested in seeing where it goes.

I believe, I may even like this story so keep it going.

Very nice writing...looking forward to future updates.

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