Miladyknight (Chapter 2) - Fri 29 May 2020

A very intriguing start.  Ah RL!  One thing would be to get your family use to your writing. Make your daily writing 25-100 words chapters if need be, but write at a certain time everyday. The covid crisis has not made anything easy.  You already have your outline but consider a small diversion as your little one imagines stories of how a small child would feel, lost or trudging the countryside with a not/yet mother and papa and a kitsune playmate.  I look forward to reading more of this and or other stories from you (plural) don’t be discouraged.

Mecca (Chapter 2) - Thu 16 Jan 2020

I'm intrigued! Please update soon with longer chapters ;)

Age (Chapter 2) - Wed 15 Jan 2020


Shanika (Chapter 2) - Mon 13 Jan 2020

Holy crap.... that was a little too interesting.  Cannot wait for more to come

KyraTekak (Chapter 2) - Mon 13 Jan 2020

Love the story so far. 

Lauren (Chapter 1) - Sun 12 Jan 2020

This story sounds promising and has a good foundation, but this chapter feels extremely rushed. It reads more like notes than a chapter. Like, in the beginning, we can't tell if Kagome is going to the well, or if she climbed up the well after traveling through from the future. I'm assuming that the hut Kagome walked to is Keade's, but that isn't made clear either. The walk to the West reads as if it takes almost no time, and like Sesshomaru was just standing in the forest at a property line. 


LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 1) - Sun 12 Jan 2020


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