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Child of the Moon by Sesshinu


It was like any other normal day. The birds were chirping and a few clouds in the sky. The gang had returned to the village for a much needed relaxation. Kagome had decided to go home and resupply for the next few weeks ahead. When she had returned to the well she had noticed someone laying at the well. She was afraid at first until she noticed it was a small child, a little girl.
"H-hey, are you okay?" Kagome asked going to her. The child was small and had long silver hair. Kagome had noticed she had a deep blue crescent moon on her forehead and thought of Sesshomaru. She reached down and touched the little girl softly and her little eyes fluttered open.

"" Her tiny voice asked as her eyes looked around. Suddenly she sat up and looked around more as if panicking. "Where am I? Who are you? Mama?" She started crying and Kagome felt her heart sink, "Please don't cry. It's okay, my name is Kagome. What is your name sweetie?" The girl looked up at her with deep blue eyes and sniffled.

"My name?" *hic* "It's Sayuri." Kagome gave her a smile, "It's nice to meet you Sayuri. You are in the forest of Inuyasha. Where is your mother?" Sayuri shook her head and pouted again. "I don't know... We were running then..." She started crying again and Kagome hugged her. "It's okay, I will help you find her. Just stay with me and I'm sure we will find her."
Sayuri nodded and refused to let her go. Kagome stood with the girl and went back to the hut. She would get supplies later, right now she needed to convince the group to let her travel with them. She looked about Shippo's age, but there was something odd about her that she couldn't quite figure out.

When she got to the hut everyone was shocked to see her holding the child. Inuyasha was even more unthrilled that the child was a full demon.

"You will take that brat back where you found her!" Kagome frowned at what he said and sat him instantly. "She will be traveling with us. She is lost and I want to help her." Sango cooed over how cute she was while Miroku placed his chin in his hand, "Perhaps she is related to Lord Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha growled, "I know what you are thinking and we are not going to go see that bastard!" Kagome sat him again, "I was thinking the same thing Miroku. Maybe he will know who she belongs to?"
Much to Inuyasha's protesting everyone agreed to leave in the morning for the west. Sayuri slept cuddled up against Kagome clinging to her. Her whimpered sounds made Inuyasha's ears twitch. He didn't want to admit he felt bad for the little girl. Even though she was a demon he remembered how he felt when he was young and his mother passed away. He hoped her mother was still alive.

Once everyone was fed and ready to go Sayuri grabbed Kagome's hand as they walked. Shippo tried playing games with her as they walked. It started to seem like Sayuri wasn't too worried about missing her mother. It wasn't long until they were stopped at the edge of the Western Lands. The Daiyoukai stood in front of them with his usual emotionless self.
"Why are you on my lands?" It was Kagome to spoke, "Lord Sesshomaru we came to ask you a question."


"I was wondering if this child may be related to you?" She asked and moved to let him see Sayuri who was clinging to his leg. When the girl saw him her eyes grew wide when she sniffed the air.


Everyone was shocked and confused when she said that. Sesshomaru could smell his scent on the pup, but didn't say anything. She ran to him and hugged his leg crying.

"She is your daughter?" Inuyasha asked shocked.
"It would appear so. However I have never fathered any pups."

Now it was very strange and it wasn't sure where the girl had come from. Sesshomaru picked up the girl and inspected her face. She was indeed his, but the scent of the mother didn't make sense. He looked at Kagome before placing Sayuri in his fur.
"Where did you find the pup?"

"I found her by the bone eater's well in the forest." Kagome spoke telling him the truth.
"Hn." I seemed to him that things were making sense, but something wasn't very clear.
"Come, I can explain everything." They followed Sesshomaru to the castle. Once there they went to his study. He sat down with Sayuri sleeping in his fur.

"The pup is of my blood, my first and only born. I believe she arrived here the same way the miko comes and goes."
"So you mean she is from the future?" Kagome asked surprised. "But how can that be? There aren't any demons in my time."
"I do not believe the pup is from your time, but from many years in the future. I have not mated any females to sire any pups."

As Sesshomaru explained Inuyasha was getting annoyed.
"How can you tell she is yours?"
"Has your nose decieved you hanyou? Her scent matches mine. If you smell closer you can smell her mother's scent. It should be familiar to you."

Inuyasha frowned and turned his head, "I refuse to smell that thing."
Sesshomaru had growled slightly at his choice of words. Even if she wasn't from this time it was still his pup. "Surely the Kit knows the scent."

Everyone looked at Shippo who seemed worried, "I can smell it, but I didn't want to believe it." They all looked at him and Kagome spoke, "Tell us Shippo. Who is it?"
He sighed and looked up at Kagome, "Her mother is you Kagome. Your scent is in her blood." Everyone was very shocked and Kagome blushed a deep red.

"WHAT?! Me!? You have to be joking with me! You mean to tell me that I have a baby with Sesshomaru?!"
Inuyasha growled, "As if! Kagome is mine!" Kagome turned to him quickly getting angry, "SIT! I am not yours or anyones!"
It was strange to believe and even Miroku had questions, "Lady Kagome, did the child say anything when you found her?"
She placed a finger to her chin, "All she said was she was running with her mother then it went dark." Kagome must have had the same feeling the others had when the small child whimpered in her sleep. There was danger not far ahead and this child would be involved.


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