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Loveyaa (Chapter 15) - Thu 16 Jan 2020

What a life! What a life they've lived. Lovely story. I think I would have liked to see how their kid turns out, but an enjoyable story anyway. I liked how you had Kagome meet Souta at the end. Nice touch.

Anonymous (Chapter 15) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

?(^ - ^)?

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 15) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Beautiful! I loved this story to the very end. Very well written with a believable and interesting plot line. Thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing it with others. ( ??? )?

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 11) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

I know I said it before, but I really do love this story pace.

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 10) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Excellent. I love seeing this story grow!

Anonymous (Chapter 9) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Sixty years seems a little excessive... Six years sounds more about right :-/. A healthy male and female can't ignore each other for so long.

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 8) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Very good chapter. I'm enjoying this story's pace so far.

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 6) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

Tragic! The chapter killed me several times over... Loving it

DawningPrecipice (Chapter 5) - Wed 08 Jan 2020

This story is nice so far. I'd like to see where it goes :) FYI this chapter is labeled chapter 6 when it should be 5.

Nicki (Chapter 15) - Thu 14 Nov 2019

Wow!!! I love this story!!! Please please please do a sequel!!

RebaJean (Chapter 15) - Fri 08 Nov 2019

Enjoyed this story very much. The sedate pace at which Sesshoumaru pursued Kagame was a nice touch. I like the fact you gave her time to deal with her losses. I can totally see the jealous Shippo and the crossover element was great.

kaoruhana (Chapter 15) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

I truly enjoyed reading this story from start to end.  I liked how you portrayed Kagome and Sesshomaru throughout the course of the story, especially highlighting Kagome's pain at having to live while the others around her are dying.  And I absolutely loved the Boshin War sequence.  At one point, I remember thinking "No way, she wouldn't make Shippo into him would she?"  And then you went and did it wonderfully.  

I spent the better part of my morning enjoying this story and look forward to reading more of your work!  

zodiak023 (Chapter 15) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

It's too short what happens to their baby ? Arg really beautiful story wish it was longer

Kreve (Chapter 1) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

its soooooo Good ! Thank you for sharing!

Mecca (Chapter 16) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

This story is amazing! I thought at first how it would be just another story about Kahome turned immortal, but it is so much more than that. I love how it went at a pace that immortals would truly go, as I would imagine it going. Having the luxury of time to wait for years to do any one thing, to develop relationships that fit the characters perfectly. There are some weird chapter repeats, but the story is a solid and sound one. I would've liked to have seen them build a family or catch up to Kagome's time, but this was still a beautiful ending, I'd even just a bit abrupt. Maybe an epilogue is on the horizon? There is a chapter 16 but it is empty. Thank you for sharing!

Natalia (Chapter 16) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

Thanks for posting this! I had a great time reading, enjoining every word. The history included was a bonus. Thx! Adding to favourites!

maru'sningenluvr19 (Chapter 16) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

this is a beautiful story and i'm glad i read it.she lost everyone she loved as family in the feudal era, but she found love and companionship from someone she never thought would be there for her. i had a feeling sessho would be in love with her. the tell was when he said 'i am not nor will i ever be your brother'. i was surprised to see a bit of japanese history included in this story. it added depth and a plot that was new. i was a little sad to see shippou's character that way, but it helped the story along and i was happy to see that he a least survived. your limes were very well written and i hope you keep up the great writing. c'ya'

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 16) - Thu 07 Nov 2019

I told myself I'd only read a few chapters. Nope, had to read it all in one go. It was good and sweet, I even got teary eyed with the ending. I liked the Shinsengumi arc but then again I'm a sucker for Shinsengumi x IY stuff, lol. What I liked most was that InuYasha was not the bad guy and they were able to have a relationship :3 You're very talented on making plots that work well. Hope to read more of your works in the future! :D 

LadyGoshawk (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Nov 2019

This was absolutely beautiful. Shippo's fate made me sad, as did those of the Shinsengumi, but it was all also just perfect. I shall look forward to reading more of your writing!! (I also adore that you turned Shippo into Kenshin/Samurai X. That's amazing!)

LadyGoshawk (Chapter 1) - Wed 06 Nov 2019

This was absolutely beautiful. Shippo's fate made me sad, as did those of the Shinsengumi, but it was all also just perfect. I shall look forward to reading more of your writing!!

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