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Immortals by Dani

Chapter 1

The day had finally come. She had done it. She actually graduated high school. Running up to her mom, Kagome held her diploma tight in her hands. It felt unreal, like a dream. She had struggled so hard just to pass middle school. She wasn't even sure if she was going to get into high school, but now she was done. Her family could be proud; she hadn't dishonored them.

“Kagome!” he friends called, running up to meet her.

“Oh!” Kagome said smiling.

“Congratulations on graduating,” Mrs Higurashi said.

“Everyone was accepting into college,” Kagome told her mother, the smile never leaving her face.

“My, that's wonderful,” Mrs Higurashi beamed.

“I want to be an anchorwoman,” Ayumi said.

“I want to be an announcer,” Yuka added.

“Then you need to become Miss Campus first,” Eri said laughing.

Smiling, Kagome's eyes shifted towards the cloud filled sky. It had been three years since she returned. Three days after the well disappeared on this side, there was a beam of light and the well reappeared. Inuyasha returned her to her family, but then disappeared back into the well. The well hadn't worked since.

Walking home from the campus with her mother and grandfather, this was the last time she would make that walk. It was strange. She felt so accomplished, but this was a chapter closing in her life, and it scared her. What would she do now? Could she really move on and just forget what had happened to her? Could she really find a meaningful life in her era? One without adventure, without danger, without him.

Changing out of her school uniform for the last time, Kagome walked past the Goshinboku to the well house. Stepping lightly down the steps, she approached the dark well. Had it stopped working because of her feelings? When the well disappeared and she was left stranded in the darkness, she was so scared and sad. But, she hadn't realized that she had been in the darkness for three whole days. She had unintentionally made her mom, grandfather, and Sota all feel as scared and sad as she did.

She felt really bad about that, and was so happy to be back home. In her time, with her family. Then the well closed. Inuyasha. She'd been doing a lot of thinking since she had been stuck in her own time. The reason she was sent back to the feudal era, the reason the well stopped working once the Shikon Jewel disappeared, was because her job was done. She'll spend the rest of her life in her own world. A world without him.

Placing a hand on the worn lip of the well, she gazed into the empty depths. Releasing a sigh, she closed her eyes. Inuyasha. She wanted to see him again. Even if only for a moment. Feeling a soft breeze lift her hair away from her face, Kagome's eyes shot open. Staring into the well, she couldn't believe what she was seeing. It couldn't be real, could it? Was she just dreaming again?

“Kagome?” Mrs. Higurashi asked, walking into the well house slowly. Walking down the steps, she asked, “What's wrong?”

Kagome didn't move, afraid that if she looked away, it would disappear. “Mom,” she mumbled shakily.

Walking up behind her daughter, Nodoka Higurashi looked into the well to see blue skies and white clouds staring back. Straightening, Kagome backed into her mother. Placing a comforting hand on her shoulder, Nodoka knew that there was a possibility that this would happen. Although, the more time that had passed, the less likely she thought it would be, but there was always a possibility.

“Mom, I...” Kagome started, her eyes still locked on the well.

Turning her daughter around, Nodoka placed her hands on her shoulders, and smiling said, “It's fine.” It wasn't fine really. She would lose her daughter to a place and time that she couldn't reach. A place full of danger, where her daughter would be alone, without her family. But, Kagome wasn't happy. She tried to smile and fit in, but Nodoka wasn't blind. She could see her daughter was slowly dying. She no longer belonged to his time, but to the past.

Nodding, Kagome held back her tears and hugged her mom. Not willing to take the risk that the well would stay open, Kagome sat on the lip, and looking at her mom, asked, “Can you ...”

Smiling, Nodoka said, “I'll let grandpa and Sota know.”

“Thanks, mom.” Kagome said. “I'll miss you.”

“I'll miss you too, Kagome,” Nodoka said. “I love you, and remember, just do you best.”

Nodding, Kagome smiled and jumped into the well before she could have second thoughts. The familiar blue lights engulfed her body once more and deposited her gently onto the packed ground. Sucking in a deep breath of fresh air, the unobstructed blue sky met her gaze. She was back. Grabbing onto the thick vines, she pulled herself towards the top of the well. Nearing the top, a shadow blocked the sun, and the breath caught in her throat.

Reaching down, a clawed hand hovered above her. Raising her own hand, she gently clasped the outstretched arm. With little effort, Inuyasha pulled her from the well's depths and into his arms. Smiling, Kagome said the first thing that came to her mind, “Inuyasha, sorry, were you waiting on me?”

“Kago-” Inuyasha started, pulling her into a hug. “You idiot. What have you been doing?” Holding onto him like a lifeline, Kagome closed her eyes and took in his scent. It was just like she remembered, but richer, fuller, more alive. Gripping his haori tightly, she couldn't believe that this was real.

Racing up the hill, Sango and Miroku, had followed Inuyasha, with the children and Shippo in tow. Seeing their lost friend, Sango shouted, “Kagome!”

Coming to a stop, Miroku said, “It's been so long, Kagome-sama.”

Pulling away from Inuyasha, Kagome smiled. “Miroku-sama! Sango-chan! Shippo-kun!” she shouted. Scanning the couple, Kagome couldn't believe how much she had missed. Twin girls were perched in Miroku's arms and a small baby was being carried on Sango's back. Unable to hold back any longer, Kagome raced towards her friends. She was back.

After being in the feudal era for only a few days, Kagome realized how much had really changed in the three years she had been gone. Shippo left the village often so he could train to become a full-fledged fox demon. Sango and Miroku were already starting a happy family, and had several new members. Kohaku and Kirara were also away from the village often, training to be a strong slayer and help those troubled by demons. Not to mention that Miroku and Inuyasha were away often as well, helping the local villages with their demon problems. She even heard rumors that Koga and Ayame were married now, and he was officially made the chief of the wolf-demon tribe.

Rin was even living with Kaede now. She had expected Sesshomaru to take her with him, but Kaede had said that she needed to practice living with humans, so she could choose when the time came. He still brought her presents every so often, and the first time she saw him, she yelled to him, calling him big brother. He looked really annoyed by the label, although so did Inuyasha. He said the title just sounded wrong, but she had planned on spending her life with Inuyasha, so that would be his label in reality, wouldn’t it?

She had started wearing the traditional miko garb, her old clothes no longer acceptable or an option. If she was going to live there, she needed to fit the part. Kaede was teaching her what she could and she even was able to get Jenenji to teach her about medicinal herbs as well. She was helping out with making antidotes and performing exorcisms, even though she didn't feel she was ready, or that the latter was even needed at the time. She suspected that the exorcisms were staged, just so she could get practice, even though no one seemed to admit it.

Inuyasha said that she was really focused, but she needed to get used to this world. Her role was going to be different now. She was sure things were going to continue to change, little by little, but she wanted to be prepared for all of it.


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