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Krisan (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Oct 2019

Oh God, what is that onibaba planning next? 

Dreamer93 (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Oct 2019

Fantastic writing. Can't wait to read more.

Toni (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Oct 2019

So is kagome with child????

Would make it interesting..

Cant wait for more

Ryo chan (Chapter 3) - Fri 18 Oct 2019

Ah you tease, XD can't wait, alsobpoor kagome that would be eating me alive too

Ryo chan (Chapter 2) - Wed 16 Oct 2019

Very interesting, also is she mated to inuyasha?  I wonder whats going to happened next cant wait 

tabitha (Chapter 2) - Tue 15 Oct 2019

Absolutely love and can't wait for more!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

I find this story very interesting and enjoyable.

How did Kagome get mixed up in the witch's plot against Sesshomaru?  Was Kagome specifically targeted?  Did Sesshomaru know it was Kagome before he took her?

Looking forward to more chapters as soon as you post them.

Very nicely written.  Keep up the excellent work!!!


Shanika (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

More please 

Neelixonee (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

For some reason I love Onibaba xD

SammyJams (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

Great chapter - can’t wait to see how this will all unfold!

Nilee1 (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

Great story; I am eager for the next chapter

ashley (Chapter 2) - Mon 14 Oct 2019


love the story so far boo!! it's great to see new work being posted and I do hope you finish because I love it so far. 

thank you!!!


LovemeUsui (Chapter 1) - Mon 14 Oct 2019

Very good! Can't wait for more. 

beachvilla (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Oh, I like how this story is starting out. A husband? Oh no, someone is in trouble. 

Mecca (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Oh myyy! That lay was super heated! *fans self  And her ”husband”??!? Oh dear. I can’t wait to read more!

Neelixonee (Chapter 1) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

Interesting!  I definitely wantbto find out what triggered the witch to do this.  Love the writing style too!

Toni (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

this is great can't wait to see what seshomaru says once he realizes wh she is and what about her husband, where was he?  update soon please

Mary J Dolph (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Good start. Should I feel sorry for Inuyash? Looking forward to another update!

SammyJams (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Love the beginning of this! Can’t wait for more!

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