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Artistry (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Jan 2020

This story is really good, and I'm glad I clicked on it! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more!

Lauren (Chapter 14) - Sun 19 Jan 2020

Thank you for not including the details of whatever was in that room because I'm sure it was something nauseating. 

Mecca (Chapter 14) - Sun 19 Jan 2020

What did Kagome see in the window?? I'm dying to know! Having to wait a week is probably going to be bad for my health! 

KAggie (Chapter 14) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

Give in to your love, Sesshoumaru!! And I love that Kagome is giving what for verbally to Fan. He deserves at least that much.


Shanika (Chapter 14) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

For someone who is really smart, sess sure is a stupid jackass. But hey what do I know? If only he mated with her. 

Natalia (Chapter 14) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

Hi. Good story and good chapter. It's probably my misunderstanding, but what country are they exactly in? You mention the mainland, but not specific place. I want to know why you used the name tsering. Thx for the attention! 

Will be waiting for the next chapter. Hope it won't go too dark for kagome. 

Koree (Chapter 14) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

I would say I could only imagine what Kagome saw but I'm pretty sure I have a perfect idea , I hope they can knock Fan of his high horse soon

Toni (Chapter 14) - Sat 18 Jan 2020

just read this chapter  hope kagome fries the brothers ass

looking forward to many more chapters 

hope you update soon

keep up the great work


Lauren (Chapter 13) - Sun 12 Jan 2020

So he went to warn Sesshomaru about the summons and that disgusting dog's tastes, then went right to Edo to kidnap Kagome. I'm assuming they thought Kagome was with Keade and used the feather on her, but she died due to her age. This is ridiculous. Sesshomaru better swallow his pride and team up with Inuyasha to massacre all of those Mainlanders

Jasmine (Chapter 1) - Sun 12 Jan 2020

Loving this story! I hope that Kagome comes back as a strong figure and kicks all their butts 

nicole (Chapter 1) - Sat 11 Jan 2020

Update please let me know

Nilee1 (Chapter 12) - Sun 05 Jan 2020

Wow -- the suspense is killing me. Save me and update soon. Please!

Lauren (Chapter 12) - Sun 05 Jan 2020

Well that was not as confrontational  I or as revealing as I thought it would be. Hopefully, Fan isn't being weirdor nauseating next time we're forced to see him. 


Guessing that Jaken will be taking a message to Inuyasha and Sango and Miroku about the dragon.

Koree (Chapter 11) - Sat 21 Dec 2019

Amazing story 

Lauren (Chapter 11) - Thu 19 Dec 2019

Well this is terrible and interesting. They'll go to war on what battlefield? And to what end? And who was the Lord who was killed? I'm sure Inuyasha will hear about what's happened from the men who fled. 


Happy holidays and happy new year.

Mecca (Chapter 11) - Mon 16 Dec 2019

Thank you for the update! So glad Sesshomaru made the right choice - and I'm kinda dying to see what will come of that choice. Pretty darn cute, his family :) Happy Holidays! See you upon your return! 

KAggie (Chapter 11) - Sun 15 Dec 2019

New reader here! This is a good one! I really like the take of Tsering. Definitely an interesting character. Happy holidays! I can't wait to read more in the new year. :3

Lauren (Chapter 10) - Sun 08 Dec 2019

That went a little better than expected. Thankfully Inuyasha went far enough away tonnkt be disturbed by what happened, but they definitely should've named the baby inside the house.


Did that horrible "woman" put ao collar on her own sister?! What the hell.

Mecca (Chapter 10) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

I kinda hate how I'm such a sucker for the smut and fluff. But this... no regrets! Love they got down for some hanky panky and Sess naming their daughter (*quiet squeal*). I am curious as to how Sess just made up his mind to come in the first place to see Kagome? I thought he was denying himself. And what of his intended? And wonderful name choice, Setsuna is perfect. I'm hooked, dammit! Your writing is impeccable and a work of art! Thank you for sharing!

SammyJams (Chapter 10) - Sat 07 Dec 2019

Awh so happy they finally met!

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