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inuGoddess (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

I LOVE THIS! I'm glad they both were going to ask the other about their reaction earlier before he saved her though, love the way you are portraying them!

Hallowqueen19 (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

Yes yes yes!!! I am loving this story! Your writing style is just great and the story is moving so nicely! I'm excited to read more!! ????????

Blackberry (Chapter 9) - Fri 25 Oct 2019

Wonderful story!!! I absolutely love the way you slowly mold Sesshomaru into this understanding demon. This is definitely a plot filled story. *tears*  Keep up the great work! 

Anna Grey (Chapter 9) - Thu 24 Oct 2019

It's been a while since I last read a good SessKag story. Yours is definitely one of the best stories I've read so far.

thank you very much and please keep on writing this wonderful work! 

beachvilla (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Oct 2019

Loving this story. Can't wait to see what happens next. 

Mecca (Chapter 9) - Wed 23 Oct 2019

Aaaaah! I love this chapter, thank you for updating! Pretty sure Sesshoumaru will warm up to Kagome like his beast has done.... Now that he knows about her being from the future AND can travel through the well (which I have always loved in every fanfic I've ever read), I'm sure they can get to know each other better so that organic love can flourish between them. I love for the fluff. Also I think we need some Kouga in there somewhere ;) Waiting for your next update with bated breath! 

Nena (Chapter 9) - Tue 22 Oct 2019

I love long chapters! I also love the angst and yearning that this chapter has! You are so awesome!

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Ceysna (Chapter 9) - Tue 22 Oct 2019

*party streamers pop off in the background* YES!!! GO KAGOME!!! *high fives to all* Go Sessh!!! Demon lord removes stick from ass, Hojo may now be a no-go to father hood, and tiny miko grows a spine! AWESOME update!!! Yes, VERY much worth the wait but now I'm super siked for the next one! w00t!

Corina (Chapter 9) - Tue 22 Oct 2019


LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 8) - Sat 19 Oct 2019

Oh this was a fabulous  chapter I kinda kept waiting for Kagome  to say but he will be mad

Cassandra G. (Chapter 8) - Tue 15 Oct 2019

This is a really fun read and I'm enjoying how their relationship is developing - it feels well paced and natural. Really great job!

carrotks (Chapter 8) - Sun 13 Oct 2019

You are doing so great keep up the good work

Julia (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Oct 2019

Oh my lord.

I adore the way you write, it makes my eyes gobble up every last word! The way the story flows is similar and yet not to many others that I absolutely love. Familiar, I suppose? I only get this ravenously anxious to keep reading when the portrayals are spot-on... That's a better way to put it. And right on the spot, they are, indeed! I appreciate the fact that Sesshomarus' beast is half at war with him, he can't always be in control even if he IS controlled, which is pretty interesting. Kagome is an emotional mess but she uses that mess as best she can, ya know, most of the time?


it's way too late and I should have gone to bed hours ago. But I couldn't not say how much I L o v e your work! 


Have an amazing day/weekend!

Hot (Chapter 8) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Wow I like Sesshomaru and his beast

Ryo chan (Chapter 8) - Thu 10 Oct 2019

I adored the appearance of his beast in this chapter cant wait for the next one! =D

Ceysna (Chapter 8) - Wed 09 Oct 2019

*throws popcorn* no! you can't have THAT much 'progess' made, only to kill it and end with a cliffy! You're killing me Smalls!

LadyoftheLemons (Chapter 7) - Mon 07 Oct 2019

I am really really liking the direction you are taking this

Anonymous (Chapter 1) - Tue 01 Oct 2019

Really enjoying this story as well as the frequent updates.  Please keep the writing coming I'm interested to see how Kagome and Sesshomaru progress with the curse.

Ryo chan (Chapter 7) - Mon 30 Sep 2019

And it gets hot and interesting lol also ha Take that naraku. Loved it can't wait to hear what sesshomaru has to say about the hot springs 

Danielle D (Chapter 6) - Thu 26 Sep 2019

Interesting take on the “stuck together” troupe. I like it, I‘d like to see what direction you take with this. Will Sessh have to take Kagome with him to his domain? He is a “prince” after all. Also what is Sessh’s maturity here is he full blown adult or nearing adulthood? will you make this a slow burn fix or will a “switch” be flipped and there’s sexual tension? I can’t wait to continue reading your work! Great start so far!

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