Goldie Fawn (Chapter 6) - Mon 12 Aug 2019

Oh dang! Things are getting TENSE and Naraku's plan is extra messed up. I'm glad to see everyone has a conscious and not one note characters. This is addicting and I can't wait for more. :D :D

Orotami (Chapter 3) - Thu 25 Jul 2019

What a beautiful and unique story! I cant wait to see and read more chapters!

Sammyjams (Chapter 3) - Sat 20 Jul 2019

Awesome story so far! 

Goldie Fawn (Chapter 1) - Fri 12 Jul 2019

Ooooh I'm excited for this! So far the set up is really good, but dang it now I'm nervous for Sanyo and Miroku lol. I can't wait for the next chapter! 

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