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Human and Demon Relations by Tsuveras

A Perplexing Encounter

A/N: Alright, so just a quick note. This first tiny bit before the scene change is written in the first person and is the 'narrator' of the story. However, it will tie in much, much later. The story is set mostly in the third person though. Also this story is rated M for a reason. There is violence, colorful language and adult situations, so if your below the age of eighteen or that's not your kind of thing, then I would recommend skipping on this story. 


Our story takes place to the west of Edo, about two days of travel to the village on foot or five hours by flight if you had the ability. It was only a few days into autumn and the leaves had yet to crisp. It was three days before the new moon when I had first laid eyes upon her.

At first, I was only curious as to why there were so many unseen deities already watching her, I had stuck around to see why she was of such interest to the others. She was about 5'1, dark raven hair spilled just past her shoulders in a contained mess, her garments were something I had never seen before.

Other than her outlandish appearance, I had thought nothing extraordinary of her, yet with one look into her warm brown eyes and the touch of her aura, I understood why so many other lesser deities had decided to follow her. Her aura was soothing to even those unseen. This human girl could somehow affect even spirits and gods. I could not follow her like the others, but I wanted to know of her story.

She looked so much like one who had once been under me. One that I cherished so. In my mind, I had to wonder, were they somehow related? It only convinced me more that amazing things would come of her.

This is her story that I write, detailing the epic adventures of the girl I had first seen through the mirror of eternity. She had been arguing with a hanyou pup. As I watched her, I had to wonder… Was she the one of which the prophecy was written?

I will tell you all that I have seen with my own eyes along with the other deities who have followed behind her. We have gone so far as to detail the events and accounts of those connected to her so that you may better understand the story.

When I had first looked upon her, she was walking with a group.

There was an inuhanyou pup, only seventeen or so, though I could tell he had been put through a long stasis of some sort. There was a human female, she wore her burgundy-brown hair down, but it was bound at the end to keep it in check. There was another human, a male, whom I could sense some spiritual presence from, but he was far out-shined by the human I was truly interested in. There were also two demons, a two-tailed fire cat and a one-tailed fox demon. The fire cat was wizened with old age, but the fox was but a kit. I had observed their peaceful travel, but the peace hadn't lasted for long.

"Do you think you could bring back some more of that painkiller, Kagome-Sama?" The human male began and that is how I found out her name.


Kagome frowned at her monk friend, but nodded.

"Is it still bugging you?" Kagome asked and Sango eyed the monk secretly, but it was in vain for Miroku could feel her pity-filled glance.

"Just the headaches." Miroku was lying through his teeth and both girls knew it. Sango placed a hand on his shoulder for a second before she blushed and pulled away.

"Of course I can," Kagome answered. Both her and Sango were suspecting that Miroku's wind-tunnel was getting worse. As of late, sometimes when using his hand for day to day tasks, he would freeze up completely and not move for minutes. One look into his eyes and you could see the agonizing pain he was trying his best to hide. He always played it off smoothly too, saying he was lost in thought and it gave him a headache.

However, they didn't press the issue. They knew it was hard enough on his own and they had already told him multiple times that they were available to talk.

"Wait a second, more painkiller-? You're saying we're going back so you can go home!?" Inuyasha spat as he turned around. Kagome huffed a sigh.

"Inuyasha, please, I have to restock on everything." Kagome began to plead.

"You can forget it, wench, I'm not taking you back, just so you can leave!" He stated as he plopped down against a tree, making to not move.

"Come on Inuyasha, stop being so selfish," Kagome complained as she went over and grabbed his wrist and tried to pull him up.

"No, I want you here, don't leave Kagome." She had almost thought his words were truly meaningful, but he had to ruin it by continuing.

"We can't hunt the shards without you, your the only one who can see them." He added, smiling at her like that should make her happy. She glared at him as she released the arm she was trying to pull up.

"I'm not just your jewel shard detector, Inuyasha!" Sometimes he just made her so angry. His head cocked to the side and his ears flattened against his head before he shook it.

Why can’t you just understand that I need to go home sometimes?” Kagome asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Kagome, I'm sorry, but you can't go home." He tucked his hands into his sleeves and looked away. Kagome frowned, feeling heavily disappointed. She thought they were over this.

She pointed her finger at him.

"Inuyasha, you can't keep me from going home!" She put force in with her words and he responded just as haughtily.

"Keh. Well, no ones stopping you, wench!" He said and immediately he knew it had been the wrong thing to say. Unshed tears began to form in her eyes and he was about to apologize, but he opened his mouth and nothing came out. Why did this always happen? He could never say anything right, he might as well put his own foot in his mouth. It would be better than not only seeing Kagome cry, but knowing that he was the cause of those tears as well.

"Sit!" He should have expected it, but as always, he dove face first into the ground completely caught off guard. She turned quickly only to run into the forest and Sango glared at Inuyasha's form before chasing after her sister-like friend.


Kagome was sitting on a rather large log. Tears streamed down her face no matter how hard she tried to will them away. She felt so embarrassed. Sometimes, Inuyasha frustrated her beyond belief. All she wanted was to go home and get everything situated so they could have ninja food and more medical supplies. Kami only knew that Miroku seriously did need more of that pain killer and she knew Sango and her own 'time of the month' were just around the corner, she needed more 'time of the month' supplies for the both of them. She just couldn't understand why Inuyasha insisted she shouldn't go.

"Kagome." Sango's voice startled her and she practically jumped. As soon as she saw Sango, she felt guilty. How dare she sit here, rolling around in self-pity over something so stupid when her friends have gone through so much worse. She wiped her eyes and sat up straight, trying to appear strong to her friend.

"I know, Inuyasha is a jerk," Sango said as she sat down and Kagome sighed.

"We'll still get you home." Sango gave Kagome a small smile and Kagome couldn't stand to look into her friend's saddened eyes.

"Why does he always have to do that?" Kagome asked as anger began to take her over again. Sango shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't know, but everything will be okay." Sango wrapped her arms around Kagome and the darker haired girl couldn't help it. She let her tears flow freely down her cheeks as she buried her face into the other girl's shoulder.

"Maybe we should make camp for the night and continue on tomorrow," Sango said as she could tell by the sun's position that it would set in a few hours. Kagome pulled away slowly, wiping her face free of tears again.

"Your right." She sniffled with a nod of her head and Sango gave her a small smile.

"Let's go tell everyone then. That we’re going to set up camp," Sango said as she stood up and offered a hand to Kagome and Kagome took it.


Kagome had been tossing and turning all night. She felt restless and sleep wouldn't take her away from her worries. She turned on her side to face where Inuyasha was and cracked her eyes open just slightly. He was leaning against a tree. His hair was bathed with a warm amber color from the reflection of the flames contained within a circle of stones; it licked the sky with a jet of reds and oranges.

Inuyasha looked peaceful, holding his Tesseiga with care. She was just about to get up and sit next to him as she did sometimes when she had nightmares or couldn't sleep. He would do this strange rumbling thing and it relaxed her immensely.

Instead, she watched as he stood up and looked around quickly. Kagome's heart stopped for a moment. Was there danger nearby? It wasn't till Inuyasha had whirled around so that his back was facing her that she saw it. One of Kikyo's soul collectors hovered at the edge of the forest. Kagome watched as Inuyasha took an unsure step towards it and as it began to retreat into a denser wooded area, his pace quickened so that he could keep up with following it.

Kagome felt the tears from earlier welling up in her eyes again before she shook her head. No, she was done with this! She was done with giving her heart to Inuyasha when it wasn't the heart that he wanted. Kagome felt anguish and a dead weight feeling reached up, into her chest, to which she did her best to ignore.

She shakily sat up and gently moved Shippo so that she wouldn't wake him. Then, she stood as silently as she could and realized her hands were shaking, she was so upset. She shook her head as she crouched and fumbled with her back-pack. She decided that even if it was the middle of the night, she would return to journeying home.

She already knew that if she stayed, she would lose it when she saw Inuyasha again. She decided it would be better to just leave and cool down. She grabbed her pack and gave a long look at her sleeping friends before she stepped into the forest alone and began to walk.


She didn't know how long she had walked for, but a few hours later and the moon was already hanging high up in the starry darkness, taking the form of a waning sliver in the cloudless sky. As Kagome continued on, the sight of the sky disappeared with the overgrowth of the thickly weaved treetops that she traveled beneath. Even so, it wasn't all that dark because her eyes had adapted enough to see at least what she reckoned was ten feet ahead of her.

Kagome kept going from sad to angry and although she was alone, she wasn't being careful. She had failed to reach her aura out and feel for any presences, not that she really knew how to anyways. Perhaps she would have at least tried if she had known exactly what awaited her just ahead.

Kagome really wasn’t been paying attention to anything as she walked. She could feel steam blowing against her face from a nearby hot spring and she kept on towards it. The idea of a soothing, hot bath was more than tempting to her aching feet and body, to which she hadn't allowed proper rest to.

When she got there though, her oblivious feelings were shaken off with haste. the sight of someone in the hot spring really caught her off guard. When she tripped and landed right on her face, bashing her nose against the earthy ground, it was completely unexpected. She hadn't exactly gotten a good look of whomever was in the spring and she began grumbling as she stood and held her nose. Luckily, it wasn’t bleeding.

She finally looked up and her brown orbs met golden ones. Her eyes widened as she flushed with either embarrassment or shock, of which she wasn't sure. She quickly stood back up and began to back away as quickly as her abused feet would allow her at a backward pace.

Sitting about only five feet away from her, lowered in the steamy water of the hot spring, sat one of their greatest enemies. Sesshomaru's silver hair was drenched with water and when he stood up for her to take his whole form, she stumbled backwards and fell yet again. She knew she had already failed in getting away at this point.

"Inuyasha's wench." The words rolled off of his tongue with what she could only describe as the same poison that resided in his claws. She could barely move and could only avert her eyes as he exited the hot spring in all his naked glory. She couldn't help her repeated blush as she struggled to make her body work. She had to run away right this second or else she knew that she would be injured by this daiyokai whom she so rudely interrupted as he bathed.

She was practically sputtering when she saw a clawed foot take a step on the ground in front of her and her eyes raised upwards. He had apparently put his hakama on quickly, but had yet to put on his haori or armor.

"Yet Inuyasha is not here." His words sounded cold and she could feel his glare without looking.

"You will be punished for the crimes you have committed against this Sesshomaru." As he spoke, her eyes raced up to meet his and she felt anger surge through her again. Why? Why did all these horrible things always have to happen to her?

"Crimes?" She was barely in a position to be questioning him, but she couldn't help it. His eyes only narrowed at her.

"You have insulted this Sesshomaru, tried to kill me, ruined my chances at taking and wielding the Tesseiga that is rightfully mine, and possibly the worst offense, you have never addressed me with a proper title. Not once." His eyes were like ice and she knew this was the most she had ever heard him speak, but she felt even more rage wound tightly through her veins. Calling him without title, that was the worst offense? That was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard in her life.

"What are you..? Going to do to me?" She asked bluntly as she scooted back, but he only stepped forward.

"I am having a good day, Miko." He stated and she wondered where he was going with this. Her heart thundered against her rib-cage as he took a pause to look down at her frightened form.

"Normally I would just kill you, but perhaps if you beg, I will only cause you pain, but not death." She felt surprised at his words and almost started to hyperventilate from them.

"But you must obey this Sesshomaru." He told her and she could see a glint of something in his eyes.

The demon lord himself was proud of his idea. After all, this human had caused quite a bit of trouble for him. All he knew about her was that she was a Miko and that she was headstrong, brave, and defiant. So he would break her by making her comply with his wishes and begging him to stop hurting her or perhaps, in the end, she would beg for death. Either way, he thought it was a suitable punishment to first break the ningen girl in front of him.

Kagome stared at him nervously. He wanted her to obey him? That was... Again, ridiculous, but the look in his eyes told her that he wasn't joking. Of course, she had never seen the demon lord make a joke before, why would he start now?

She didn't know what to say or do, she only cursed herself for being so stupid. She had been so upset and in a rush to leave that she hadn't even bothered to grab her bow or quiver of arrows. Then again, would that have even helped against a daiyokai like Sesshomaru?

"Beg for your life, ningen." He commanded and her eyes met with his. Even now, she gave him a look of defiance and he knew that she wouldn't give in so easily. But she would give in.

The demon lord stepped forward and his leg moved so quickly that Kagome hadn’t seen it. Kagome's body was thrown back a few feet as she felt the painful ache spread across her chest as the air was knocked out of her. Her hand came up to hold the front of her right shoulder that he had met with his foot to send her flying only a second ago.

She glared at him, but his eyes out-glared hers by a long shot. It was then that she realized she could not win this, no matter what she did. Her only hope would be that Inuyasha somehow found her. She had to stall time without pissing Sesshomaru off too much. As she sat there, staring at him with at first a glare and then a dumbfounded look, he found himself becoming more annoyed.

"Beg for your life ningen, or die." He bellowed out again as he took the few steps to reach where her body had landed after his blow. Her face began to twist with disgust as she stared at him and finally she seated herself on her knees and pressed her palms flat against the ground on either side of her. She slowly lowered her torso downwards and pressed her nose against the earth as she felt her ego being torn to shreds.

"Please don't kill me..." she whispered it out and as she faced the dirt, she had missed the look of amusement in his eyes.

"And what is my name, ningen?" He asked coldly.

"Sesshomaru-Sama..." she knew that he had wanted her to say it with the proper title and she was in no position to refuse at this point. What else could she do, but give in to his embarrassing demands? Would it be better to die or humiliate herself?

"Good, ningen, now stand and walk over to that tree." He ordered and her face slowly rose to look up at him and when her eyes met his, he gave her another cold glare.

"To look in my eyes is an offense of its own." He snarled at her and quickly, she averted her gaze and stood before turning around. She slowly made her way to the tree and once she reached it she began to turn around to face him once again, but was interrupted by his voice.

"Hold that tree tightly, for if you fall to the ground, I will not hesitate to kill you." Sesshomaru's voice was soft, but was filled with such ice and hatred that it sent a chill down her back. Kagome said nothing as she did what he told her.

'Hurry up, Inuyasha.' The thought was repeated like a mantra in her head as she tried to somehow will herself out of this situation. Once she had a hold, he gave her no warning. Something burned a stinging line into her back and it left her in a breathless daze, for it had been so sudden she hadn't even expected it.

A gasp left her lips, but now that she knew the feel of it, she resolved to bear endure it.

Her grip tightened as she clenched her teeth together and narrowed her eyes at the bark of the tree. She had seen Inuyasha take much more pain than this and she wouldn't be weak now. She had to be strong if she wanted to live, he had explicitly said that if she lost her grasp and dropped to the ground... He would kill her.

The burning sting of his whip came again, lashing against her lower back and her legs buckled, but it didn't matter. She held her weight with her arms and pressed her cheek against the bark. Again, again, and again and eventually after eleven lashes to relatively the same spot on her back, she stopped counting and let her eyes close tightly.

She could feel hot and thick wetness dripping down the back of her legs and knew it was her own blood. The thought sickened her and bile collected in the back of her throat. She could feel her cheek painfully digging into the tree and she focused all of her energy to that insignificant source of pain. It was better to feel that than the intense burning sensation on her back. When it came again, she couldn't help the strange guttural noise that flew up, out of her throat from her chest and escaped through her lips.

Sesshomaru couldn't help as his eyes lit up. Finally, he was breaking her. Her ego had sworn her to silence, but finally, she was crying out in her pain. He threw another strike at her with his whip, but she was even more silent than before. So he struck her over and over with no rest in-between and watched as her body betrayed her mind by writhing in pain, yet she did not cry out again.

He felt deep annoyance making its way back into his system as he came forward and decided to inspect the wounds he had given her. She had done as he told her and held on, so he would not allow her to die. Yet, he wondered if a ningen could even survive so much blood loss. His seething hatred for her kind had blinded him when she would not cry out, but he was a man of honor. Even to a filthy human like her, he would not break his agreement.

He had been leaning down, trying to glance at the slashes on her lower back better as they were obscured by shreds of her once orange... haori thing. He admitted this onna had always worn strange attire and every time he'd seen her, he hadn't a clue what to even call them. As his face came closer, the scent of her blood became unfathomably strong in his nose and something strange began to happen.

Her aura began to rise up and his own yokai greeted her challenge as he tried to overtake her. His eyes had widened ever so slightly in shock when he realized that his yokai continued to expand as did her reiki, and neither were backing down. He continued to push his yokai out in bounds and was surprised by the expanse of a simple human's aura. A short amount fo time passed by in a whirl and he realized he had never unleashed so much of his own yokai except to change into his true form. As their aura's clashed, it completely filled this entire part of this forest and further, with their spiritual presence.

He reckoned he had released at least half of his yokai and wondered when the onna's aura would end as there was no way she could be more powerful than him. However he could still barely believe it, the power this seemingly useless human girl had was unfathomable and he couldn't imagine why such a powerful creature would associate with that of a lowly half breed.

He reckoned he had spilled out at least seventy-five percent of his yokai and she was still coming on strong. She was un-moving and he too, was un-moving as he could not do anything except focus on pushing his yokai out in bounds as he wouldn't back down from her battle for dominance. He would make her submit completely! Plus, to back down would mean to be burned with the purifying reiki of her aura.

His eyes widened once more when something he hadn't expected happened. He was pushing the aura of his yokai out completely which only meant that from here, he would begin to transform, but as her aura began to overpower his own, his yokai began to dwindle and his body began to weaken, making the transformation impossible. If he didn't retract his yokai he would be vulnerable for weeks, but if he suddenly retracted, her pure energy would most certainly purify him, as he had thought of earlier.

He would admit that he had a new found respect for the girl, he had found no other to match his strength against. For her to be the only one he had found that he could match up against... This human girl was much more to the eye than she seemed. He had to retract his yokai, he would be destroyed either way and honestly, as her reiki still only continued to rise and began to envelop the entirety of his yokai, he decided he didn't want to waste any more time.

If she was going to kill him, then she was going to kill him. He would have thought it laughable only moments ago if someone were to tell him that a simple priestess would overpower him, surely he would have taken insult. However, there was no laugh to be had now, not that he would have partaken in laughter in the first place. Perhaps Tenseiga could save him again, yet he didn't know if that was even possible against the powers of a priestess. He pulled his remaining yokai back into his being and awaited for the inevitable burn of purification, but it never came. Instead, he felt... Relaxed?

A strange warmth tingled throughout his chest and down his legs and every muscle in his body un-stiffened and felt loose. He gently opened his eyes to see that she was still turned towards the tree and he wondered why she didn't kill him.

"Why did you not kill This Sesshomaru?" His voice seemed to startle her. Kagome had jumped slightly at the sound of his voice being just behind her. She turned her face to look at him with widened eyes.

"Wha? What are you talking about?" Was he mocking her? However, she found herself becoming very uncomfortable with the slight amount of shock given away in his golden-hued eyes. She had never seen him give an expression of anything but un-interest, maybe amusement here and there, but if she had known this was his third time being surprised, she would have believed all of hell must have broken loose.

Sesshomaru couldn't believe the girl had been oblivious to the battle of wills that she had not only partaken in, but had indeed won. However, his shock was overridden by the relaxation that her aura had for some reason sparked within him instead of the painful, excruciating death he had expected. Her wide brown eyes were staring at him with confusion and anxiety and he just felt like he could fall back and take a good nap. How long had it been since he had gotten to take a proper nap?

'She is the one.' The voice was heard from the back of his head and he hadn't really listened for a moment.

'She is our intended mate.' The voice beckoned again and Sesshomaru's eyes widened.

'She is not intended for us at all, she is human!' He fought with his beast. He couldn't believe this. This was just ridiculous, this was not the time, place, and definitely not the right person for this to be happening with.

When the beast of an inuyokai chose its mate, it accepted no one else. Especially with the explicit agreement he had with his own beast. You could even try to mate with another, but the mating would not take unless it was a second mating after his beast's chosen female. How could his own beast turn on him in such a way!? A human was despicable, she would be dead before the blink of an eye. Her body would rot and he would still have the same appearance he had now.

'Our mate is more powerful than us, we will be lucky if she would even allow us the honor to mate her, now hurry and beg her that she let us take her!' His Beast was beyond reckoning at this point, that much he had decided. There was no way he would mate with a human girl.

'You are mad because she is a human, but things are not always as they seem. A human cannot withhold such immense spiritual pressure, we both know it is physically impossible.' His Beast added and Sesshomaru backed away from the girl before he did something he regretted... Like losing control and mating to her, it was definitely something he had no desire to partake in.

'So, therefore, she can't be human! And you're supposed to be the level-headed one.' His Beast continued on.

'Silence you..! Animal, you are not in control of this Sesshomaru's body, I am.' Sesshomaru scolded.

'You will not keep us from our female.' The voice of his beast had grown dark and before he knew it, Sesshomaru's control had slipped away from him. Something within him had just seemingly snapped as his beast began to take presence throughout his body. Never before had his control been so blindly ripped from his grasp and worse yet, his beast sought to blind him by shutting him out from their bodily senses. It was something that they both had long ago agreed never to do. Was his beast so willing to defy the trust they shared over some pathetic excuse of a human girl?

Then again, he knew why his beast sought to control as he backed away from the little onna in denial. The agreement had been that his beast does not vie for control unless requested by this Sesshomaru, so long as when his beast found the perfect mate of his choosing, they do just that and court her and mate her. However, how could his beast fail to realize a human would be unworthy of them? Rather, how could he have trusted the competence of an instinct-driven animal within him?

Kagome silently waited for some sort of response, but the demon lord stood there, staring into space, which was kind of creepy all on its own. However, when his eyes began to turn red, that's when she began to become much more worried than she had previously been. She couldn't help but wonder... Was Inuyasha even coming?

"Miko." Sesshomaru had growled the words out, his beast putting as much restraint against him growling his warning out as demonly possible.

However, he was a strong-willed individual and would not give in without a fight. Kagome was staring at him as he seemed to be fighting with himself.

"Run." He snarled out and she didn't need any more commands to kick into high gear. She wondered if somehow his blood-lust had gotten to him and now he would kill her. She knew that some demons could lose control to a lust for blood, but had never thought Sesshomaru would be one to do such. Then again, she didn't really know him at all except from what their previous encounters had consisted of.

Even if he had sent her off running, it was only a moment later that Sesshomaru knew that sending her off to run was very much in vain. His beast had chuckled as he cracked his knuckles and scented the air. It was often that the male gave chase to his chosen female before taking her. He was fine with skipping the courting process if that is what his chosen female so desired. It was usually a playful moment and he was excited that even if it was not what his rational side had wanted, it only helped him. He gave her a five-minute head start before he raced through the woods, tracking her beautiful, enticing scent.


Miroku had been startled out of his sleep. He looked around trying to find the cause, but soon found that it was what was unseen that had awoken him. He could feel a large swelling of a demonic aura and the pure reiki of a Miko, clashing against each other, enveloping a large amount of the land. They both felt familiar.

He looked over to Sango. It had woken up even her. She sat up and they shared a look with each other blankly. Miroku craned his head around, but he didn't see Inuyasha or Kagome... Kagome, that was the person to whom the reiki belonged to, that he was sure of.

"It's Sesshomaru..." Shippo sat up to find that the warmth of his Kagome was gone and he could feel her aura and Sesshomaru's clashing. The amount of power being distributed must have been massive as the fox, even at a young age, could sense their spiritual presences in the surrounding area and further. He wondered how far away Kagome was.


Kagome was running as fast as her legs would allow her, however, they were not fast enough. She could almost feel him on her heels and she let out a small scream as she stumbled over a tree root and fell face forward against the dirt. All the times she had cursed at women in movies for being stupid enough to trip as they were pursued crashed down against her. Now she was the stupid idiot who had tripped and fallen and she wasn’t even wearing heels. This was the turning point that meant she would most likely die or so most of the movies in which it happened had concluded for her. She was trying to pull herself up off the ground when she felt herself become pinned down.

His clawed hand held the back of her neck down in place and his body pressed against her back. She could feel the rise and fall of his bare chest, which scorched her back with heat. However, the pain was too much for her, with his skin against the slashes along her lower back. Her arms gave out and her face hit hard against the ground as tears finally streamed down from her eyes. Would he kill her now? Another small scream turned whimper escaped her lips, echoing into the chilled night air.

No longer the rational Sesshomaru and only the pure instinct of his beast, he had leaped upon his intended female and pinned her down. However, he knew something was wrong when she did not fight and squirm under his touch as he had expected her to. When she had let out a shattering scream that died down into a sound of hopelessness and her face fell forward, his heart had stopped for a second.

Did he hurt her when he pinned her down? He slowly got off of her and looked her over. In his excitement of finding his perfect female, he had forgotten about how his other half had injured her and he could see the deep slashes in her back that still left her bleeding profusely.

He cursed his rational side as he secured her down with Moko-Moko and used his hand to gently tug the blood-soaked, orange cloth away from her wounds to get a better look at them.

"Please, stop playing around and just kill me if you're going to do it. I don't want to play your sadistic games anymore." Her voice was choked up and he felt a sudden fear he had never felt before. What if she rejected him? He had hurt her and now she would reject him... However, even his fears couldn't keep him from cooing at her lovingly.

"Let This Sesshomaru soothe you." His words were whispered into her ear and she turned her head to the side to glimpse at him with one eye. His eyes were a blood red with teal pupils gazing at her. The usually perfectly shaped stripes on his cheeks were jagged. She could still feel him messing with her wound.

"You're hurting me!" She cried out and watched as his expression became one of shame. She really couldn't understand anything that was going on at this point. Shouldn't Sesshomaru be downright feral when losing his control to his demon? Why did he lose control anyway?

Then his head dipped down and she could no longer see him, but she felt something so soothing run across her open back wounds that she couldn't help as she relaxed and even let out a little sigh of contentment.

"What are you-?" She began to ask, but instead, she heard a deep low growl, but it wasn't intimidating. Rather, it was soothing and as that soothing thing touched her again, she could feel the light vibrating rumble against her open flesh and her body gave in to what it seemed to be asking her for. Rest, her body was tired and needed to rest.

She calmed down and as she calmed, she decided that she didn't want to annoy him with questions. She didn't want to annoy him with anything that might stop him from whatever it was that he was doing, because she had never felt such a nice, warm, and tingly sensation in the entirety of her life.

She felt the soothing thing run over her again and again and then she heard the tear of fabric and she realized he'd clawed the rest of the back of her shirt open. She would have blushed if she had known just how intimate this was, but as of right now, she thought he was still out to kill her and was merely messing with her before the finishing, yet painful blow.

Either way, she continued to feel that warm soothing thing run up from her lower back to her neck, running slowly and smoothly up her spine. Her traitorous body for some reason liked the feeling as her back arched up towards him and a soft, breathy sound escaped from her lips. She was cursing her body for even thinking for a second that this was some sort of intimate contact.

She didn't know what he was doing, but she long admitted that it felt good.

"What are you doing?" She finally struggled the question out, completing the statement this time.

"You are mine." His voice was so low it was more of a growl and she felt the light pinch of teeth and that soothing thing brush against the back of her shoulder. Another unintelligible sound of approval escaped her lips, not that she meant for it to. However, her sound quickly changed into a gasp. That soothing thing... it was his tongue.

Her entire face heated up and she almost stuttered on the words she didn't have.

"Wh what? I mean, Sesshomaru... You were just... Sama, Sesshomaru-Sama, we've been enemies all this time!" She was babbling and she knew it, but she was becoming a nervous wreck as each minute passed by.

With those three little words he had spoken to her, every inch of her body became more sensitized, every touch from him whether deliberate or not was now felt with a blazing intensity. She could feel his cold, drenched hair against her legs, dripping all over her and she could feel the heat of his skin that was so close, but didn't touch her. All of her senses that involved him seemed to become more heightened. She felt the faint trace of a claw up her back before he brushed her hair over the side of her neck and he dipped back down planting a long, sloppy lick against her.

"Can I... Can I please get up?" Her voice was still meek and he hoped that his rational side hadn't caused her a permanent fear of him. He dreaded her fearing him, especially when it was he who should fear her. This, the beast realized and he smirked brightly. His intended mate was so powerful, it was nothing like what his father had done.

Izayoi had been a normal human, she had no spiritual powers whatsoever. She could not defend herself and therefore could not even be accepted into the demonic customs of his people. It had been such an outrage, but this female, she was so powerful. She could easily give many demons a run for their money, so therefore he found that she would be more than worthy. His rational side would just have to learn how to agree.

There was no way he was passing up not only an unclaimed, but completely unmarked being with spiritual stamina that could overpower even his own. Beauty was in the eye of the beholder and he beheld beauty in the measurement of power. Surely she would be the only female who could challenge him, who could possibly even pacify him and he found that even more attractive.

"Tell me your name, beautiful onna." He had slipped his singular arm underneath her stomach and pulled her up, allowing Moko-Moko to secure her rightfully up and he used it to pull her against him, into his lap where her back became flush with his chest. Kagome blushed deeply at the feeling of her now healed bare back against his unclothed chest.

She could still feel the moisture on his skin from his previous bath and her face proceeded to heat up all over again. She turned to look at his face and found his eyes were still as red as ever.

"Kagome." She answered and was actually surprised that he didn't even know her name, but she was more confused about his actions to really wonder about that right now.

"Be my mate, Kagome." He cooed it into her ear and if she thought her face couldn't get any redder, she was wrong. What felt like fire had erupted against her cheeks as she began to pull away.

"Mate? That's a big commitment." Kagome said nervously. She understood that mating was the equivalent of marriage to demons, but it also had its differences. From what she understood, it was much more intense than marriage. Mating with a lord... Even if she did actually like the male who currently held her in his grasp, which she didn't, she didn't know if she would ever want to be in such a position. She couldn't imagine how terrible being a lady at some stupid court would be, her freedoms being stripped of her and her rights taken away. She was no one's property and even though she didn't know if that's what mating entailed, that seemed to be what human marriages of this time entailed. She wasn't willing to give herself up to a life of servitude to a man who would never love her. Yet, luckily months of being enemies were surely enough to reject his strange proposal.

"This Sesshomaru would commit to you." He had grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into his chest. He just knew she was the one for him. He could still feel the calming effects of her aura and he found her scent intoxicating.

He was surprised he hadn't noticed it earlier, but this was his first time seeing her without her scent being marred by others. He pulled her back against him with his Moko-Moko so that she was as close as close could be and he ground his hips up against hers, his newfound interest for her had already sparked his arousal as he rubbed his erection against her. He wanted her so badly in every single way and he wanted her to know just how much she had affected him. Kagome's entire body froze. This was the first time she had ever touched anyone's... thing.

It was awkward, to say the least, and somehow embarrassing, but as he continued his administrations, her body seemed to protest her mind’s objections as a gasp was let out from her lips and her hands pushed against his legs for support and her fingers clenched the fabric, her blunt, but grown out nails digging through the silk to his leg. She heard him release a feral sounding growl that only seemed to ignite the feeling quickly spreading from between her hips and radiating throughout her entire body.

"Sesshomaru..." She had meant to protest, but he had begun a feather trail with his index claw at a tortuous speed from her knee towards her upper thigh. However, Sesshomaru's beast knew he had to act quick. Already his rational side was clawing his way back to control and he had to assure that this female was his. However, he couldn't have his rational side killing her to keep him from mating her either.

He could tell her reluctance to his question and knew that in the end, he would have to win his female through courtship. That courtship would prove interesting as his rational side would gain control and be much more on the guarded side against him for pulling such a stunt. Yet, his other half denied him of his wants and so he would rebel until his other half respected his one and only wish. On the thought of wishes, by living within the subconscious of their body for a few hundred years, he knew of long-forgotten secrets that he intended to utilize.

"Kagome, I wish to share my blood with you." He whispered to her and she stared at him, her eyes clouded with an innocent lust. She didn't seem to know what exactly she was supposed to be doing in this situation and her naivety only served to further stir his arousal for her.

"Will you share blood with this Sesshomaru?" He eyed her with what she could only describe as the most seducing, yet predatory reddened eyes she had ever stared into. His head dipped towards the crook of her neck and she gasped when she felt a piercing sensation there.

His fangs pressed into her skin and it was painful, but as he began to lap up her blood with his soothing tongue, she realized that his tongue was indeed wicked. The prodding of his tongue against the bite marks slowly began to draw her blood as well as soft mewls that slipped from her lips, even if completely by accident on her part. It's what got to her the most, drove her insatiably wild, although she tried to desperately stop her bodies reaction to the intimate sensation. She couldn't stop the soft moan that left her lips and one of her hands stayed clenched to his pant leg as the other rose up to catch a handful of his hair. Yes, his tongue was beyond wicked.

"Share blood with me, Kagome." He whispered her name seductively in his baritone voice, against her ear and she had at some point become much more compliant. She shivered at the sensation of his heated breath brushing against her ear.

"What do you meannn?" She had purred the last word out as he made new entry wounds, the previous fang marks already sealed by the healing properties of his saliva and he began to prod at the new bite marks and sucked greedily against the small protrusions, drawing her blood to his lips where he greedily tasted her life essence.

She felt Moko-Moko turning her around to face him and his blood red eyes stared down at her hungrily and she felt like a sheep being stalked down by a wolf. She felt like a sheep and the wolf looking down at her was on the prowl.

"Taste my blood as I taste yours." His words were gentle as he moved a stray hair away from her throat, before rubbing small circles with his thumb against the back of her neck. Kagome felt herself relaxing into his touch. Even though she knew she should be afraid, she felt he wouldn't hurt her anymore. At least, she hoped he wouldn't hurt her. At this point, he might have been fucking with her and she was just giving in to it.

Then again, who could say no to those chiseled abs, his warm, perfectly clawed hand, not to mention his silky, silvery white hair that was still damp and made him look even more irresistible. His golden eyes were otherworldly compared to Inuyasha's and with every touch he gave to her, she could feel the care he put into not hurting her with his superior strength. He was almost too gentle.

"I don't want to mate with," She had begun to say, but his finger to her lips shushed her.

"You do not have to mate to share blood." He cooed.

"Please, Kagome." Was he begging her to do this? Her blush made it's way back to her face.

"O-okay." She stuttered and watched as his hand pushed his hair to the other side, leaving his neck bare to her. She felt her heart thumping in her chest, she felt like her own blood was burning in her veins. She lifted one hand up and gripped his shoulder and as she began to lean in, she trembled.

"Please, Kagome." He repeated his words to encourage her and she inhaled so close to his neck to find that he smelled pleasant. He reminded her of the scent of pine and wind and she closed the distance between his skin and her lips. She had brushed her tongue very lightly against him at first. She felt so embarrassed, but the delighted growl that left his lips had her more confident.

She began to lick small circles against his neck and when she grew a little braver she nipped at his neck.

"Kagome, please, I need," He had started to say and she knew what he wanted. He had said please for it multiple times now so she grabbed a good amount of his sensitive neck skin between her teeth and pressed down. There was a point where she was biting so hard, but his skin had yet to be broken, but she feared she was hurting him. However, his hand tangled in her hair as he pressed her closer to him.

"Harder." He said it breathily and she wasted no time in acquiescing to his request.

She could finally taste a warm, sweet liquid leaking from her bite to her tongue and she was surprised at how much it pleased her taste buds. It wasn't the usual coppery taste like her own blood, but she supposed it had something to do with him being a demon. The taste was sweet, yet spicy, not to the extent that it was overbearing. It reminded her of the heated ting of high-quality beef jerky from her time without the meatiness and more of a honey sweet flavor.

She was using his example as her guide as she prodded the bite with her tongue to draw more of his blood to her lips. It was at that moment that his own head tilted more and then he bit into her neck as she was still lapping up his own blood and both of them felt the electric-like current of shock that went through their bodies. Kagome pressed the front of her body against his chest as his hips ground up to meet her own and her hands found their way to his hair where she gripped his silken locks tightly. He could hear a snarl-like sound escape from her lips that amused him so. He could feel his control slipping now, he didn't have enough time to complete the act of mating her, but he had found a way to make his rational self be more attracted to her. As he tried explaining earlier, she was much too powerful to be a human, but his other half only smelt decaying human blood and couldn't get past that. It was annoying, really.

When Sesshomaru blinked his eyes open and he took in his surroundings with golden eyes, he found himself in a very bad situation. He was heavily aroused... Painfully aroused and he could feel the hardened nipples of this ningen pressing against his chest with seemingly only a thin layer of her chest clothing, that was already torn to shreds from the back. He found his canines buried into her neck and could feel her blunt human teeth digging into his skin, drawing blood. Had his bastard beast really tried to mate with this girl? As far as he could tell, he hadn't succeeded.

He would be able to tell if he were mated to her, his scent would not fail him. However, a growled groan erupted from his lips and he realized that as this ningen yanked at his hair and ground her hips against him, as she bit into his neck, he felt himself only becoming more aroused. It was complete lunacy as a human should disgust him, a human touching him like this should enrage him. So why was it that he felt like a puddle of mush, melting into a ningen girl? Why was he allowing this? Why couldn't he make her stop?

'Because it feels too good.' His beast purred out and he accepted that. Yes, he couldn't make her stop, because it just felt too good. His senses felt like they were magnetized by tenfold when it came to her touch. Her tongue had trailed a blazing line across his collar bone and he had whimpered for her like a pup. Whatever this was, he couldn't stop because she had somehow bewitched him. He could not pull himself away.

'You don't want to pull away. She is our intended.' His beast growled at him and he growled aloud and as it was not a pleasurable growl, more threatening than anything... He watched as she pulled herself back and stumbled off of his lap, looking at him wide-eyed. As soon as he saw that bit of fear in her eyes, he regretted it.

Had he really broken her? She had been so fiery-tempered and strong-willed. Had he apparently succeeded in teaching her what he'd wanted, where her place stood? He found that now, he hated that fearful look in her eyes and immediately regretted letting the warmth of her body slip through his hand.

"What do you want from me..? I don't get it." He could hear her heart pounding and her eyes were scrutinizing him as he watched her chest rise and fall with her heavy breath, her hair now completely a disarrayed mess.

He could still taste her blood and smell it's thick, suffocating scent in the air and he could smell her. Her scent was indescribable, foreign to him. He had never smelt such a scent before and it made him wonder if she was somehow foreign herself. Her aura was ablaze and at this point, he was sure she was unaware of it, but it was only a tiny fraction of the power she had unknowingly displayed to him before.

It was as if her soul was simply just so strong-willed that she didn't even have to try. Everything about her in this moment, a word that could sum up a perfect description of her entire being...

'Irresistible.' His beast spoke out and again, he couldn't help but agree. The word had been on the tip of his tongue and yet he couldn't find it, but that was the correct word.

"Or you can keep creeping me out with that staring into space and not saying anything bull" She was angrily beginning to babble as his eyes seemed to bore down into her soul, but not with a glare. She couldn't describe the expression he gave her, but it made her more nervous than his usual indifference. Usually, he paid no mind to anyone unless it was at the end of his claws. At this very moment, he was staring at her with what seemed like heightened interest and she didn't like that one bit.

"Inuyasha will save me." She blurted out as she looked at the ground and he couldn't explain exactly why the seething anger ran through his veins, but it did.

"That half-breed will not be rescuing you." He had said it coldly before he scooted forward, closer towards her and she watched him cautiously.

"There is nothing to save you from." He leaned in so that his lips were close to her ear, something he immediately realized she liked. Every time he breathily whispered into her ear, she shivered with arousal. He could smell it permeating the air and knew that she wanted him.

He did not care at this point, he was the lord of the west and he took whatever he wanted and right now, every fiber in his body screamed at him to take her.

He had at a point believed she was Inuyasha's whore, but with the scent of her arousal, came the scent of her virginity. Her arms had wrapped around her knees as she looked at him and then away, a blush on her face.

"I've never..." She started to say, but his tongue found its way to her neck and she began to mewl softly, quietly as though she was shy or embarrassed. He didn't mind as that only made it more intimate, those noises of her pleasure were for his ears only and she wanted no one else to hear. It was too bad he planned on making her scream out his name later.

"Sesshomaru..." she began as she tried to pull away, but his arm had already tangled its way behind her back and kept her in place.

"Sama." She added the title as she tried to gather logical thoughts, figuring that was a good way to start, right? Since that was apparently the worst offense she had caused him.

"You realize I'm a human and that you hate humans?" She questioned as she eyed him seriously, crossing her arms across her chest like she'd won some sort of argument.

"I have also thought of that and find that I still cannot resist you, powerful Miko." He cooed at her as he resumed licking pleasurable spots on her neck and nipped at certain points, which clouded her thoughts all the more.

However, she snapped away again, stopping his administrations and he stared at her with lust-filled eyes that she would admit, drove her wild. She had admitted long ago to herself that there was no doubt that Sesshomaru was the most appealing man she had ever laid her eyes upon, but his personality was just so ugly. He was cruel and had a black heart or so she believed. However, having those cold eyes on her, staring at her with such intensity, it made her feel ablaze. Knowing how easily he could kill someone with the same claw he gently traced against her skin, it sent shivers through her and she tried hard to maintain her focus.

"I won't just give it up to you, so don't expect to go all the way with me... I'm not ready for that." She was being serious. She was still a virgin and she and her friends back home had made a deal that they had to be in a relationship of at least six months before they lost their virginity. They figured, what man would wait six months for you if he wasn't serious?

"You will beg me to take your innocence, Kagome." He whispered as his claw wandered up and ghosted against the peak of her nipple through her torn shirt and her mouth fell open as she let out a strange little hiss. She'd never felt anything that he was making her feel. It was like a sensory overload. Plus, the use of her name had been much unexpected.

"Will you truly deny my advances, Miko?" He asked as he pressed his face into her hair and breathed in her scent. She smelt so good.

"I..." She turned and looked at him and realized that to lose her virginity to Sesshomaru probably wouldn't be all that bad. She might never have the chance ever again and hadn't she already admitted he was the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen?

She let one of her hands come up and placed her fingertips over where his heart would be and she placed her palm against his chest and could feel his heart pounding, just as fast as hers. She gave him a meek smile before she pressed the side of her face against the spot that her hand had been and she listened to his heartbeat.

It was mesmerizing in a way, she couldn't understand the comfort she found in it. It was like he was this god-like demon, yet... His heart was beating the same as hers. She pulled back slowly, if not reluctantly.

"Please, I can't. If you truly wanted me, then you would have to show me you deserve to take that first from me, I will not give it freely." She decided to stick by with the ideal, but she did not specify how long exactly.

Sesshomaru blinked at the girl. Was she demanding him the quest? He didn't know if he wanted her hand-in-mating... Did humans require a quest to give their virginity? Wasn't that a little too much?

"I couldn't give myself to someone in that way unless I really trusted them, so please understand that I just can't." She averted her gaze from his.

"How could I ever trust you after everything you've done to Inuyasha... even to me." He frowned at her choice of words and realized that he was becoming emotionally unstable around her. Her aura was just too relaxing for him. His mask of indifference had long slipped and he hadn't even noticed it until now.

'Tell her we will prove our worth to her, tell her!' His beast was screaming over and over in his head and he found himself getting a horrible headache. He put his singular hand to his temple and rubbed, wishing he had the other hand to do so on the other side.

"This Sesshomaru will prove his worth to you." He let out so the racket his beast was causing would end and it did.

Kagome stared at him, almost confused, but shook her head.

"Whatever trick your trying to play on Inuyasha won't work. I won't give it up to you so he can smell it and hate me and you even more." She looked as though she was starting to get angry. As though she was connecting puzzle pieces, too bad there were no puzzle pieces. He cared not of the half-breed's opinion, this female was his.

'Yes, she is ours, our intended mate.' His beast was happy that his rational side was starting to see things his way. Sesshomaru gave an inner growl to his beast. He had no intention to mate the girl, only to rut with her till his heart's content, much to his beast’s displeasure. He would do whatever it took as he felt such iron-willed lust for the onna within this moment, but he would not give in to mating with a ningen.

"This Sesshomaru will prove his worth to you if it takes many moons to achieve, you will beg for it." He replied cockily and she glared at him.

"I will never beg to you!" She started when she saw his lips tug into a ghost of a smirk.

"You already have." He told her. She was about to say something back, but he turned around and in only a second, he was gone. Kagome squinted into the night, confused. Did he really leave just like that? She was about to sit down, but then as quickly as he had gone, he was back. He came close to her with his haori and obi in one hand and he began to tug her shirt off much to her embarrassment.

"What are you!?" She began to heave out.

"You are completely revealed with the back of your shirt ripped, you will change into more suitable clothing." He was commanding her with explanation and she glared at him.

"Well, you're the one who ruined my clothes!" She yelled as she pulled away from him. He wanted to sigh in frustration, but held it in. He needed to appear completely confident to her. Which he usually was confident, but she made him nervous as of now for some reason.

"Surely as a human, you do not want to catch some sort of sickness." He told her and she gave him a very cautious look before she turned around so that she was facing away and shrugged her now open-back shirt off. She held her hand out for the garment without looking at him and he handed it to her.

She slipped the haori on that was more like a short kimono on her and she felt his chest against her back as soon as she wrapped it around her front. His hand came forward from the side of her, holding the sash out to her. She took it after a moment's hesitation.

"Your friends are approaching Miko, I will catch you alone yet again, soon enough, until then..." He laid a sloppy lick against her neck and up her face to end at her temple which made her blush and when she turned around, he was gone yet again. His inhuman speed had gotten the better of her and so she could not see him off in any way.

Her hand reached up and brushed against her neck where the residue saliva of his lick still resided. She blushed again and wondered if he really would appear the next time she was alone. The whole thought of it made her hot and bothered all over again. She was only thankful that Sesshomaru had gained control of himself. Sango had done some research about inuyokai and when their eyes went red like that, it was because their beast was in control. That much she knew and she also knew that Sesshomaru's beast had been irresistible.

He had showered her with compliments and loving caresses. However the more tame version of Sesshomaru seemed to dislike her to some extent, saying things that were even somewhat insulting, yet he didn't seem to notice. She assumed that was because he believed humans to be under his feet.

She did not believe she was under anyone's foot, yet she called him by title and it annoyed her beyond belief. Where does he get off on doing all those things!? Trying to kill her, punishing her one moment and trying to jump her bones the next, to pledging that he'd make her... 'Beg for it' as he had so put it. She didn't like what happened one bit and her traitorous body couldn't even move as she was still glued to the ground with jello for legs.

She thought for a moment about when they ground against each other and it had made her want him so much. How could her body betray her mind so much so as to be turned on by him? But she already knew the answer, he was so beautiful, handsome, and sexy. How could any girl resist him? Let alone her, who admitted to already having quite a thing for inuyokai, hanyou or otherwise.

All at the same time though, she hated herself for it. How could she be so weak-minded to fall for his tricks? She knew that Sesshomaru cared nothing for humans. It was obvious to her that his sudden liking of her was probably just some spur of the moment plan to torment her best friend. She would not allow it. So as irresistibly sexy as he was... She would resist him, she would be bulletproof to his advances. She would have to be as she would not risk her friendship with Inuyasha.


It didn't take long for the group to act. Immediately Sango and Miroku agreed that Kagome must be in trouble and Kirara was up along with the rest of them. The fire cat transformed in an instant and they didn't even bother to pack up camp as they all hopped on Kirara and she started towards where the burst of power had pulled back towards when the battle of auras had ended. They feared for the worst.

"Do you think Inuyasha?" Sango started. Why else would Kagome be fighting Sesshomaru if it wasn't for Inuyasha losing against him? Miroku gave her shoulder a tight squeeze before setting his eyes on the horizon with a hardened, albeit, determined look. He prayed to the kami's that they weren't too late to save both Inuyasha and Kagome.


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