Annie (Chapter 17) - Wed 14 Aug 2019

I can not wait until Rai tells Kagome who he really is and why he with held the truth from her.

Jasmine (Chapter 17) - Sun 11 Aug 2019

Really enjoying the story, makes my heart burst thinking of all the good real people could donwitht their money.

Samara (Chapter 8) - Wed 10 Apr 2019

I saw you didn't have any reviews yet and I was super surprised.  This story is great.  I like how you gave Kagome a realistic struggle. Having no choice in leaving her kids behind.  Ugh, I couldn't imagine.


The whole 500 Billion Yen is a bit much, but hey, if she's going to win the lotto, might as well go big.  That much in USD would roughly be about $5B.  So you have really set her up for the future and her goals.


I cant wait to see how this develops.  How long is it going to take for him to tell her.  If her mom could pick him out how come she couldn't?  Is she going to figure it out before he tells her?  Maybe a ghost tells her!! So many possibilities. 


Happy writing!





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