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Living in a Fantasy world by zodiak023

Chapter 1

After Kagome came back from the feudal era she had a hard time accepting her life without her second family, of course the modern day era was making her an outcast as well. Sure she had her boyfriend Hojo but she had only agreed to date him to move on and make her see that Inuyasha would never see her more than a jewel shard detector.

Even in the fight against Naraku she had gotten hurt because he had chose to save Kikyo. Kagome was never the same after she returned to her own era, but Sesshomaru didn’t have to give her her life back, Kikyo could have wished the jewel away. So Kagome decided to make the most of her life.

She started out with focusing her energy on her school work, yeah she had missed a bunch of days of school but she had notes from her girl friends which she had brought all her school books and notes and her homework with her to the feudal era, she had tried in vain to keep her grades up, her friends in the feudal era were even helping her study and they had learned some stuff on what was going to happen later on in the future.

Sesshomaru had scoffed at the years missed,

“Humans do not want to let the world know of yokai, they must still fear us in your future,” Sesshomaru stated in a monotone voice.

“Actually, Lord Sesshomaru, yokais are known as just myths and legends, I have never sensed a yokai in my time,” Kagome softly.

“I see,” Sesshomaru closing the book, he had seemed rather displeased that he wasn’t in history books, or maybe, perhaps he had been displeased that he of all yokais wasn’t even around in her future.

“Hey Kags, earth to Kagome?” Hojo trying to get her attention,

“Huh?” Kagome confused.

“You spaced out on me again,” Hojo gently rubbing her arms,

“Oh, sorry Hojo, I’ve just got a lot on my mind, I’ve missed way too much of school, my grades haven’t slipped too much but I have a bad feeling they will make me repeat 11th grade over, I am lucky to have even made it this far,” Kagome sadly.

“If you aren’t failing anything maybe you can go to summer school to make up for your days missed, you have been sick a lot, you never really got to take in the whole high school experience, maybe next year you wont be so sick and we can go to prom together, we could all get a limo to share if you wanted to,” Hojo explained.

“I don’t know Hojo, unless I get a job I don’t think I’ll have the money for a prom dress or shoes and I really need to focus on making it to the 12th grade,” Kagome softly.

“Of course, if you are having any trouble with anything I could help you, you know, tutor you,” Hojo explained. Kagome smiled,

“Thank you Hojo, I mean you have done so much for me in the past and even now, I am grateful to have someone who really cares about me,” Kagome giving him a peck on the cheek. He blushed,

“You are a great girl Kagome, you deserved it, I mean everyone needs someone to care for them or they turn into criminals, or worse, they turn on themselves,” Hojo babbling.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Kagome mumbled, she wondered if that’s why Sesshomaru had turned out to be so cold hearted because he never had been cared for properly. Her mind wandered back to the day she saved him, why had she chose to save him when she had always saved Inuyasha?

“Kagome, hey Kagome!” Hojo shaking her arm a little,

“Hmm?” Kagome snapping out of her thoughts again.

“Are you okay, are you sure you want to go to the movies?” Hojo concerned,

“Yes, I just, it will help keep my mind from thinking,” Kagome sighed.

“Look Kagome, don’t stress okay, you have me and your friends, we are all here for you, you will graduate with us, but you cant stress about it, it will make you sick,” Hojo explained.

“Right, okay, fresh start, clean slate,” Kagome trying to smile,

“There’s Kagome we all know, just take it one day at a time, my mom has some bathing oils that I will bring you tomorrow, it will help you relax,” Hojo holding her hand as they walked to the movies.

“Hojo, if you keep bringing me healing things from your mother’s store then she wont have anything to sell,” Kagome seriously,

“Mom grows everything she sells, besides she likes you and cares about you as well,” Hojo smiling.

“At least let me pay her for it sometime,” Kagome seriously, Hojo laughed a little,

“Kagome, when are you going to learn to care more about yourself than others around you? One day you are going to wind up getting yourself hurt for caring more about complete strangers than yourself,” Hojo seriously.

~Been there, done that.~ Kagome thought to herself,

“Come on, lets get to the movies before we miss the previews,” Kagome walking in the direction of the movie theater.

“I’ve never seen someone so excited about watching previews,” Hojo explained as he flashed her a small smile.

“Because I want to know what other good movies may be coming out,” Kagome giving him a smile. Hojo gave her a smile back and kissed her cheek,

“You are even more gorgeous when you smile, you should smile more often,” Hojo explained, Kagome blushed, they bought their movie tickets, Hojo got some popcorn and got two drinks,

“Would you care to share some popcorn with me?” Hojo asked,

“I’d love to, though dinner filled me up, but I will have a little,” Kagome smirking, she laughed a little inside at Hojo, he was the cutest boy at her school but he was so shy and innocent around Kagome, he must really like her or that he was intimidated by her. They took their seats and the previews started, once the movie began her mind was running back to the past, back to her second family. She was recalling the first time she had met everyone.

~If it hadn’t been for the jewel breaking I would have never met any of them, I wouldn’t be having this problem.~ Kagome thought to herself.

~But if it had not have happened, it wouldn’t have made you the person you are right now, look at all the great things you shared with them, you became a friend, a sister, a battle companion, and a great loving mother.~ her consciousness explained to her.

~Oh god, Shippo, Rin.~ Kagome thought, she put her hand to her mouth, Hojo found her crying,

“Kagome, are you…” Hojo being interrupted by her running out.


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