Reviews for Safe Haven by SabraJane

Nile (Chapter 51) - Sat 25 May 2019

I can't wait to read more. Sesshoumaru has been very warm towards Kagome, without seeming out of character. Hopefully Bokusenou will be right and Sesshoumaru's poison will be the ticket, without killing Kagome.

Nilee1 (Chapter 51) - Wed 22 May 2019

A playful Sesshomaru- I love it. 

Unfortunately, I think the next step of her treatment is going to be extremely painful. 

Thanks for the mention??



Nilee1 (Chapter 48) - Thu 16 May 2019

I suspected that something had happened to the crew. Sesshomaru is stepping up, why? Is it out of love, duty, or friendship. Where is his crew? I love this story; it always leaves me wanting more.

KShadeslady (Chapter 45) - Thu 09 May 2019

This story is wonderful! I’m all caught up. Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks so much. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 39) - Thu 09 May 2019

This is really great! I love how this story is progressing. Love your author notes. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 30) - Thu 09 May 2019

I am loving Tamotsu! Sweet boy! Yeah...I’m a dog girl! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 26) - Thu 09 May 2019

I’m really enjoying your story. That was a nice moment. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Thu 09 May 2019

I like this story so far. A different approach is always fun!

Nilee1 (Chapter 10) - Tue 07 May 2019

Why is there no mention of Inuyasha and the others. What has Kagome forgotten? And why is Sesshoumar so devoted to her?

Nilee1 (Chapter 40) - Tue 07 May 2019

I love your story. I am always glad when I see the new chapter alerts. 

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 33) - Tue 30 Apr 2019

I love love love your story by bits, there's no need to rush the pace 'cus I'm loving those cute little moments about those three are so heartwarming (Tamotsu is so adorable!!! )

Ree-san (Chapter 24) - Sun 21 Apr 2019

That was a puny apology and thanks from Kagome! She didn't even give him a chance to speak! 

Osiris Mongua (Chapter 21) - Sat 20 Apr 2019

YAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Thank you sweetie! I will be impatiently waiting for the storm of updates!! <3 <3 

Neelixonee (Chapter 3) - Sun 31 Mar 2019

I like the concept and snippets keep us hungry!  Looking forward to more!

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