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Safe Haven by SabraJane

In the Waking

          Waking sluggishly from her doze, she first noted the weight of fur pelts blanketing her and then the familiar pressure of a warm, solid form curled protectively against her back. With a sleepy smile she slowly opened her eyes, blinking to focus her vision.

          Her gaze immediately landed upon the back of a white form outwardly leaning against the narrow cave opening in an almost casual manner. To any other, it would appear as if he was occupying himself by simply watching the rainstorm rage outside. She, however, acknowledged the stance for what it was: a predator on silent vigil.


 A/N: Hey guys! I'm here with another story idea I've been playing with, and just simply couldn't set it to the side! To be honest, when compared to the other story I'm writing--The Sons of Inu no Taisho--this one is so much more fun for me to create and is much easier for me to work on given my irregular work schedule. Lastly (as an FYI), since I like the premise of 'The Rule of Three,' each post/update I make for this story will include three, 100-word chapters. Enjoy!

Much Love My Darlings,

*Sabra Jane*


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