VS (Chapter 7) - Mon 17 Jun 2019


I would never had guesses that it would be Reo blushing like that! XD What a nice surprise! And your bonus part made me only more interested to know about his story! ;)

I'm not quite sure why Kaede decided to keep the indicent a secret, though I think the way she handled things and that she said that they all share the blame, is something I look up to!

The father-son part was really sad. Touga sure didn't handle the situation well. Did he even recognise what a strong son he has? The tear at the end was a nice detail. And Kagome's letter came just in the right time! <3 Maybe it's time for them to meet again? Or is Sesshoumaru going to write back and open up a bit?

I'm looking forward to your next update!


Orotami (Chapter 7) - Mon 17 Jun 2019

I can't wait for more! Fantastic story so far! 

VS (Chapter 6) - Tue 11 Jun 2019


this story is freaking adorable!!! It has been a while since I read a fic where they were kids...I kind of forgot how much I enjoyed them! So, thank you!!!

Sesshoumaru is such a grumpy but he has a big heart. You had me squealing when he sent a private message to Kagome, how sweeet! The Tessaiga and the half-brother issue was unexpected. I'm curious to see what you will do with it though I hope you will continue to focus on the two kids.

The relationship between the three sisters is just beautiful! They would die for each other. Your characterisation of Kagome is relly nice. She is quite wise for her age and tries to help her sisters were she can but she is still a mischievous little girl. I'm glad you decided to give her both sides and not just the I-know-my-destiny- part.

Your OC's are hilarious and I'm glad that you are involving them into the plot and are not using them just as fillers.

This is a story I will definitely follow.

I'm looking forward to your next update!

SmilingFool (Chapter 5) - Sun 26 May 2019

Hi love the story, the plot is new and I can't wait to see where it goes.  Anyways just wanted to point out a misstake most authors make when referring to youkai.

Youkai (Yoki) is as it is as the word sheep you don't add an 's to the end its just wrong same thing for the word youkai.  

There is no such word as Youkai's....  Just thought you should know.


Thanks again for a writing a wonderful story.


Update soon.

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Sun 02 Dec 2018

Nice beginning.

LOL...yeah a few grammar and spelling errors but I'm no 'grammar nazi'.  :)

I think I am going to love this story,

How old are my fav couple in this chapter?

So looking forward to more chapters to come.

I hope you continue and do not abandon it.

Great job and welcome back!!!

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