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The Everlasting Priestess by Minami

Lost 'n Found

A/N: I’ve been wanting to work on this story for ages. Deciding on either to make it a fanfic or a doujinshi took way too long. So I decided to do both (?) haha. Throughout this series I’ll be posting drawings of a few scenes from each chapter. I’ll keep an open mind to any recommendations of what you guys wanna see along the way. I hope you enjoy~

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Just the fan work.                                                                          


The sound of cries wasn’t far from where I stride. I paused in my movements as my ears twitched to the faint sound of sobbing. Scanning my surroundings, nothing but trees and moss that covered them stood tall around me. Tilting my head up, a strong scent to salt drifted in the breeze.  

‘A ningen…’ was the conclusion I came to. I looked towards the direction where its cries could be heard the loudest.   Their presence was near as I looked among the tangled up forest. Looking down to my feet I debated on either walking away or investigating. Sobs grew louder as my right foot paused in it’s motion towards the opposite direction. A sigh slipped passed my lips as I began to sprint towards it's direction.  

Following the scent of tears, I continued to dodge trees that laid in my path. After running for about 6 miles, I notice that the scent of salt began to grow farther away. Confused, I slowed down to notice that the ground was slightly shaking. Now with the smell of tears in the air, was the stench of a demon. My patience was starting to slip away as I increased my pace once again.                                                                              


“K-Kaede! Kikyo! Please help me!” I screamed against the wind that attempted to push those words back into my opened mouth. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore as I ran through the unknown parts of the forest. Reaching a large tree root, I placed my small hands upon it. Before I could climb over it I looked behind me to see multiple trees tumbling down. Which soon followed a horridness oni with skin that matched the forest hue.

“You puny human! You think you can outrun me! You’ll pay for what you’ve done!” his roar was mighty as he continued to run toward me. With his hand covering his left eye that was gushing thick red liquid.

Out of breath and face full of tears, I struggled to lift my body over the tree root that blocked my path. “I can’t. I’ve lost so much strength just from using my reiki.” Looking around there was nowhere to escape.

“You die here!” the oni screamed from behind me. His weapon raised high in the air ready to take away my last breath.

Not wanting to see my life coming to an end. I faced the large tree root with my eyes shut and hands gripping bark. Bracing myself for what lies in the next life. ‘Kaede, Kikyo, I’m so sorry.’   A huge gust of wind came upon me instead of sharp pain. Suddenly I felt something wet other than my tears fall onto the side of my face. Opening my eyes in confusion, I slowly turn to look behind me. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion as I watched what was unfolding before me.

A boy dressed in all white, or what use to be white, seemed to be floating in the sky above the oni. A sword in hand which pierced the oni deeply in it's chest. My face spoke shock as I watched the oni fall to the ground with a howl. The ground shook from the oni’s lifeless body. My legs began to give way as I trembled down to the ground. Eyes never leaving the white figure as he gracefully landed beside the oni.

His long white hair swayed in the cool breeze while his movements were slow and precise as he reached over to his sword. Grabbing then forcefully removing it from the soundless oni. Slashing the air with his blade, blood sprayed across the forest floor before he wiped it with the sleeve of his kimono. Not until he sheath his sword did he look my direction with a blank stare.

The boy beard a blue crescent moon upon his forehead and golden eyes that shined through his pale complexion. ‘A-another demon?’ 

A shiver shot down my spine as I watched him take slow steps towards me. The closer he got the more alluring he became. I refused to blink from fear and awe. Before long, he stood directly in front of me, blocking out any sunlight that warmed my skin.                                                                                        


It was but a little girl. That sat in front of me; hands that were glued to the side of a tree’s root. Her blue eyes were wide enough to pop out of her skull. Her clothes, ‘ A priestess.’ were slightly ripped that showed fresh scratches. Her face, stained with tears and blood droplets.  

Suddenly her bottom lip started to quiver. “Please…” My brows frowned as she began a sentence she could not finish. Her face grew pale while her body went limp and drifted to the floor.

With a long inhale, I kneeled beside her motionless body. “She seems to have fainted.” Reaching out a hand, I brushed away some of her hair from her face. “Some miko you are.”

“Kikyo—.” her words were almost hard to hear. “Hn, Kikyo?” ‘Does she mean that human’s village, Kikyo's village?’ Looking over my shoulder to see the path of damaged trees, I turned back to see her sleeping face again.

Closing my eyes I slipped my arms underneath her back and legs. Lifting her with me as I stood to my feet. “So be it.”

Making my way back from where I came, I began towards Kikyo’s village. I’ve heard many stories of that village over the span of my life. From the beginning of it's colonial era to presently. From what general Sho taught me. Currently Kikyo, the eldest priestess, along with her sister Kaede protects all that take shelter there. Recently they’ve been bestowed with the shikon no tama.

“No wonder why there’s been an increase of negative entities in the area.” “They must be killing demons on a regular bases.” I sighed, ‘I wonder what they’ll think of this situation.’ Scanning the girls face once again I smirked ‘Looks like your next in line.’                                                                                      


‘What’s this? I feel like I’m floating.’ I turned my head to the right to feel something warm pressed against my cheek. I smiled, not wanting to open my eyes from such a dream. ‘This smell…of iron and metallic?’ 



‘Kaede—?’ I gasped as I opened my eyes to the sound of my sisters. Memories started to flood back into my brain. Looking up, I was able to see him again. Yet this time he was different. The skin between his brows was creased and between his lips were sharp fangs. Confused as to what he was staring at. I looked over to see my sisters standing in a clearing in front of us. They looked undeniably angry as they both had their weapons drawn. A purplish-pink aura surrounding both of their arrows.

“Release her now!” Kaede said with a stern voice.

“To think we could have placed our trust in the hands of the West.” Kikyo practically spat towards the boy.

Unaware of the tension within the air, I leaped from the boy's arms and made my way towards my sisters. “Kaede! Kaede!!” I wailed with tears leaking from my eyes once again. Slamming my body into Kaede’s with open arms. We both slid to the ground in an embrace. I could hear her shooing away my sobs while patting my head.

Kikyo without moving an inch away from her target spoke softly. “Are you okay Kagome?”

“Mm-hmm.” I replied. “A nice boy saved me from a terrible oni.” each word drawing energy for me to say.

“Hm. Is that so?” Kikyo eyes squinting at the demon child before us. Withdrawing her reiki from her arrow she slowly began to lower her weapon. Along with her weapon did the boy’s demonic aura withdrew.

“Perhaps next time I shall leave her where she lays,” he growled.

“There will not be a 'next time'…Right Kagome?” Kikyo scorned me.

Gloom filled my heart as I looked away from her “Yes Kikyo, I’m sorry.” ‘I just wanted to help, but I just caused more problems, didn’t I?’   

With that, Kikyo turned and started back towards the village. “Let us be on our way.”

Kaede helped me back onto my feet. After assuring her that I could walk on my own I looked back to where he would have been standing. However, he was no longer there. Eyes clouded with sadness from the empty tree line.

“Kagome! Come quickly.”

“Hai!” I called back. Giving a hasty bow to the nonexistent presence beyond the trees. I ran to catch up with my sister ‘Thank you very much.’ I smiled as I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks.

To Be Continued


Aftermath: And that was Chapter One~ I hope you guys had just as much fun as I did writing it. I love comments and if there're any questions, review away!~ Also, I’m still working on my writing so any grammar nazis out there, mercy!~ I can’t wait for the next chapter of Everlasting Love. Much love, Minami.


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